The ultimate PS4 guide – everything there is to know & every question answered

OPM: The next PlayStation is just over a month away. Take a deep breath. And prepare yourself for launch with our new, improved essential guide to PS4: from where and what to buy to the future of gaming in your living room. Every question answered.

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skydragoonity1532d ago

Real gamers go for the best choice. And the best choice is the playstation 4

Tornado1532d ago

PlayStation, The Best Place to Play :)

Infamous2981532d ago

"Is Playstation the best place to play, without a doubt" Andrew House.

andrewsqual1532d ago

Does it support digital and physical PS1 and PS2 Classics?

FamilyGuy1532d ago

It will definitely support PS1 games, PS1 games are easily emulated at this point, but not PS2 "classics" or any other game designed to work on the PS3. Only through Gaikai.

This article is not as thorough as it claims to be; "Every question answered", yet it's only 18 notes long. Questions are infinite anyway.

The Meerkat1532d ago

53mm high, wow that's tiny.

The Manny Pacquiao of this console generation.

aksmashh1532d ago

More like mike tyson bec its raped the xbox!

buynit1532d ago

I would love to see a comparison between both cameras! What one can do that the other cant and which one looks more promising for support by devs..

I think this is going to be a amazing time to be a gamer, I can't wait for both consoles...

DJMarty1532d ago

Well Camera is optional on PS4, it's forced on ya on PAYBOX ONE.....:)


Greatness awaits

buynit1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

A genuine comparison with games, tech specs and what plans are for the future..

Not a fanboys perspective on what greatness waits for..

Regis1532d ago

But if you buy the Killzone bundle it comes with a camera whats with that? Anyways only in Europe and well it doesn't matter to me PS4 day 1!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.