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The ultimate PS4 guide – everything there is to know & every question answered

OPM: The next PlayStation is just over a month away. Take a deep breath. And prepare yourself for launch with our new, improved essential guide to PS4: from where and what to buy to the future of gaming in your living room. Every question answered. (PlayStation, PS4)

TomShoe  +   806d ago | Well said
PS4: Buy it.
gaelic_laoch  +   806d ago
I second that comment!!!!!! BUBBLES +1
Mikelarry  +   806d ago
skydragoonity  +   806d ago
Real gamers go for the best choice. And the best choice is the playstation 4
Tornado  +   806d ago
PlayStation, The Best Place to Play :)
Infamous298  +   806d ago
"Is Playstation the best place to play, without a doubt" Andrew House.
andrewsqual  +   806d ago
Does it support digital and physical PS1 and PS2 Classics?
FamilyGuy  +   806d ago
It will definitely support PS1 games, PS1 games are easily emulated at this point, but not PS2 "classics" or any other game designed to work on the PS3. Only through Gaikai.

This article is not as thorough as it claims to be; "Every question answered", yet it's only 18 notes long. Questions are infinite anyway.
The Meerkat  +   806d ago
53mm high, wow that's tiny.

The Manny Pacquiao of this console generation.
aksmashh  +   806d ago
More like mike tyson bec its raped the xbox!
buynit  +   806d ago
I would love to see a comparison between both cameras! What one can do that the other cant and which one looks more promising for support by devs..

I think this is going to be a amazing time to be a gamer, I can't wait for both consoles...
DJMarty  +   806d ago
Well Camera is optional on PS4, it's forced on ya on PAYBOX ONE.....:)


Greatness awaits
buynit  +   806d ago
A genuine comparison with games, tech specs and what plans are for the future..

Not a fanboys perspective on what greatness waits for..
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Regis  +   806d ago
But if you buy the Killzone bundle it comes with a camera whats with that? Anyways only in Europe and well it doesn't matter to me PS4 day 1!!!
DarKnightDave  +   806d ago
Does anyone know if you can play online ps4 games with people who have the ps3 version? Like Battlefield 4. I seem to be the only one in my group of friends thats getting a ps4 atm.
naBs  +   806d ago
Don't think it's coming to BF4, as it's up to the developers to enable cross platform play but some other titles might support it, I think there was some but I can't remember!
jackanderson1985  +   806d ago
does anyone know if that 25% needed to be completed before you can jump into downloading games is correct? because depending on the game size that could still be a decent wait
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Sadist3  +   806d ago
Real gamers don't comment on what they're buying. They just buy it.
Shad0wRunner  +   806d ago
1) WTF is going on with PlayStation Home? Sony's version of a Second Life, for PlayStation. Those of us who actually DO use it regularly, have invested thousands of hours and money into the social platform, since it's debut in Dec 2008. And for a service that serves to promote 3rd party dev's, market products and merchandise and rakes in countless amounts of cash in microtransactions...I find it funny that Sony has not commented on this service all year, even at ANY of their major events; E3, Gamescom, TGS or the great PS4 reveal back in Feburary. In fact...Sony has been so tight lipped about PlayStation Home, that a lot of it's users are beginning to think the entire project has been scrapped and will never make it to the PS4; only running it's course on PS3, until the servers close for good. People keep saying "It's still in Beta, so it's possible they will bring it out of Beta for PS4." Okay...if thats the case, why not make an announcement and include that little piece of info in your confrences and events? As it stands...Home users are basically forced to keep and use their PS3's for Home and their PS4 for next gen gaming...and we DONT wanna do that, man!

2) Will the PS4 support themes, dynamic themes or wallpapers like PS3? Or are we gonna be forced to stare at the same old ugly dashboard for the next 10 years?

3) What about media playback? The PS3 was marketed as a multimedia hub, back in the day. Will the PS4 be able to play avi's, mp4's, wmv's, Divx and Flv files? What about MP3's or animated .gif images? I have a 1TB external HDD chock FULL of media content, from movies, tv shows, cartoons and music. Will the PS4 ALSO accommodate these needs? I've heard no word of it's media capabilities, so far.

4) What about the web browser? We havent seen it shown off, yet. How will the interface look like, work, and function? Will it be better than the PS3's piece of crap excuse for a web browser? Or are we lookin at another Mozilla based browser, again? Are we gonna see pop up messages like "Do you wish to run the plugin?" everytime we try to load up a page?

5) Will the PS4 be able to communicate with friends on a PS3? Lets say your friend chooses not to buy a PS4 and sticks with his/her PS3. Will you still be able to send and recieve messages, text chat and voice chat on mic via PS4 to PS3 cross chat? Nothing of this has been mentioned yet.
Shad0wRunner  +   806d ago
6) Explain exactly EVERYTHING up front before the PS4 launches, that will fall behind the paywall for PS Plus. Including services, apps, online gaming, video services, any special features, etc... What we know, as of now...is not really much at all. Except you wont have to buy Plus to play "free to play" online games and for P2P you will. Will Gaikai be behind the paywall, for PS3, PS2, PS1 games? Little is known about this "paywall." We need MORE info.

7) When PS3 came out, some of it's features were quickly removed due to hacking and piracy concerns. When the PS4 faces the same disasters in the future...and it will, how many, if any features will be removed from the PS4 hardware? When you advertise and market your product to feature certain things...and you later remove them. People tend to get p!ssed about that kinda thing.

8) Speaking of hacking. If youre a PS3 owner and user, you probably remember the great PSN outage of 2011, where a group of Lulzsec/Anon affiliated hackers allegedly took PSN offline for approximately one month. In this time, an estimated 12,000 credit card numbers and additional information from 24.7 million SOE accounts were assumed to be stolen, costing Sony a whopping $171 MILLION to restore. To the point...are we to expect better security measures in place, this time around? Or are we to assume another attack may be imminent, in the coming future? How safe are we, behind this new hardware and it's revamped network?

9) Game sharing. How will game sharing work? As of now, on the PS3...you can gameshare with up to 2 different consoles. It used to be 5 back in the day. So if I buy a game on the PS4, how many PS4 consoles can I tie that game to, if any?

10) How many user accounts can you create on the PS4 until you max it out? 50, 60, 100? How many people can your block list hold, maximum? Will there be similar set of privacy settings on the PS4 as PS3 for reporting inappropriate behavior, blocking, muting, ignoring, turning off notifications, blocking messages and add requests? Not much about this is known yet, either.
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NeloAnjelo  +   806d ago
Perjoss  +   806d ago
*Vasquez voice*

"I just to know 1 thing man. Where, they, are..."
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   806d ago
You left out "need"....but it's still a classic line from a timeless flick!

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