Vita TV; A painting of the future of console gaming

Digitally Downloaded writes: "I see this as being a brave first step into the idea that the handheld console can also be the TV console. This is the kind of product that a company like Sony needed to help boost its Vita."

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sobotz1684d ago

Technology these days never cease to amaze me, This device it's so small yet it can play a decent graphic games.

I hope the next, next-generation of gaming will be much more like this, or even better. (PS4 already doing it with its small size yet powerful)

black0o1684d ago

and with gaikai I think we may not need another ps again

abzdine1684d ago

Vita TV seems so promising.
being able to remote play PS4 on big screen is completely insane. now if that little box is compatible with at least 2 controllers then it's a game changer for good.
Sony ftw.

snitch_puck1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I accidentally 'agreed' to bullymanLer's comment. lol I'm ashamed. @bullymangLer really dude? you come here to profess your fanboyism? I don't think THIS kind of tech is 'sniffing' Nintendo's failing ass. Better yet, why don't you go back to 'daddy' and never come back to this section again.

FamilyGuy1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

@ abzdine
Vita tv supports 2 controllers, the promo video at the end of the conference showed two guy playing the PS1 version of tekken on the Vita Tv

@bully, in what way is this similar to anything Nintendo is doing? :/

abzdine1684d ago

you made my day thank you..
I haven't seen any videos yet i'll do it when i get back home.

WhiskyWhiskers1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )


Can you at least speak coherently when you try troll you moron..

The history of the entire portable gaming system that could interact and be played away from consoles didn't start with Nintendo you buffoon.

It started with the Dreamcast's VMU and Sony's Pocketstation which were released back in 1999.

The N64 could be connected to a Gameboy but it was only to transfer information. It was never used to play games, like you could in Sonic Adventure or Toro for the Dreamcast and PS1.

It wasn't until the Gameboy Advance which wasn't made until 2001, that Nintendo did it with Wind Waker.

Pull your head out of Nintendo's ass already. They didn't invent gaming or start everything on their own.

No idea how the fuck you even have any bubbles left.. Those submissions must be paying off eh.

cleft51684d ago

This is definitely something I want. Being able to play Vita games on my TV would be amazing.

Otoshigamisama1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I guess @bullumangLer is the new @slasher Troll around these parts ehh, Better troll harder because Sony is about to burst your bubble you fantard, SMH

solidjun51684d ago

"and with Nintendo sony will never again thing for themselves ?

BullmangLer, if you're going troll, at least speak English!

"freaking shame sony always sniffing nintendos Kingdom . . . . Nintendo is their daddy . .simple as that ."

Did you check that on

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Yep1684d ago

I'm a Nintendo/PC guy (I have to state this because I know how Sony fanboys are on here), but how does this effect Xbox One in any way at all?

In fact, why would anyone want play, say, Borderlands 2 on the big screen with PS Vita when they can play it with better graphics on a PS3, 360, or PC?

gaelic_laoch1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Its all about options and the choice to choose between those options!

I'm afraid the Wiiu has very little options and the xbone has but took away the choice to choose and stuck a dollar/euro sign on what was left!

Although I concede the PC is the KING of the Free Gaming World!

snitch_puck1684d ago

Ugh, another narrow fanboy again. Uhm, don't you get the point? Borderlands 2 portable? want me to emphasize? POR-TA-BLE.

NateCole1684d ago

Why would you want less options?.

FamilyGuy1684d ago

Well this thing is $100, add that to the Price of a PS4 as a bundle of sorts and compare it to what you're getting from MS for that same $500 total.

As far as your second question. Once Gaikai is running full steam ahead it'll let you play PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, Psp and PS Vita games on this thing. All for only $100 (if you've got a PS3 controller lying about already). That's a big deal on its own but as far as playing one a system with better graphics: This thing is made for convenient portability, you use it if you're going somewhere or if someone is already using the tv your PS4 is hooked up to. It's not really for playing PS Vitas ports of PS3/PS4 titles though if you can't afford a PS3/PS4 it's a nice option to play Vita games, including those ports, on a big screen.

WhiskyWhiskers1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I can bet that doesn't stop you from using Off TV play but you will sure talk shit about the Vita when its completely portable remote play is more practical.

Better question, why would you want to only stream something to a game pad that can't even be outside the range given by the Wii U? Other than the TV being hogged, there is no real reason that is any better than the Vita's.

The Vita makes much more sense as remote play is portable and can be used anywhere. Not just your home.

If I am at home chances are I would rather use the big screen, not the game pad, unless someone is just using the TV. Other than that not much reason to use it.

Yep1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Lmao. Wow, I ask a simple question that just about anyone in real life would ask and I get called a fanboy of all kinds. It's the only word in people's vocabulary around here.

It's not about options as you actually have to buy the thing. PS Vita TV is pretty much a watered down PS3 in almost every way, which you can already get for $199 at least.

@snitch Can you read? I'm talking about PS Vita TV. PS Vita TV is not portable as it needs to be hooked up to a TV. You might as well bring your entire PS4 with you (which people like myself do anyway if we're going on extended vacations).

@Family_Guy The price of this hasn't been announced yet, but some have been suggesting around $150. Thanks for actually answering my question though.

@Whisky What the hell does Off-TV play have to do with PSV TV? I was just asking a simple question, but fine, I'll take you on if you're that butthurt. Off-TV play is a feature for the GamePad which is a controller for the Wii U. It's purpose is to be used when you want to use the bathroom or if someone else is using the TV (OR if there is no TV!). Also, you're not paying extra for the GamePad like you are with PS Vita TV so no, it's not the same. Between the Wii U and the 3DS, I'm only paying $468. Between PS Vita TV and PS4, you're paying $500-$550 (If PSV TV ends up costing $100 - $150).

It might look like I'm shitting on the system (even though I'm planning on getting one with Freedom Wars 2014), but I was simply asking how PS Vita TV effected the potential sales of Xbox One. Nobody answered that question (Except for FamilyGuy as he doesn't seem to be a fanboy).

stuff1684d ago

I'll attempt to answer your question. It's simple. This may have a dramatic effect on those who are still on-the-fence about whether to get Xbone or PS4. I doubt it will cause any major waves, but it does provide great benefits to those with big families, multiple entertainment rooms, or who travel often (or for long periods).

Yep1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

@stuff But are big families going to be playing Killzone Shadow Fall or even want a PS4? PS4 doesn't seem to be the type of console for families.

I see the points being made here and they are valid, but it's very hard to point out a clear and available market for this new device.

stuff1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Only time will tell. I think you are being too specific and narrow by stating only BL2 or Killzone as examples. Other than Knack we certainly have to look beyond the launch window as I'm sure Sony is doing. If this is truly to be the rebirth of the PS2 era, then there will be many more family oriented titles to come. That was just one example. There are lots of big families out there who's kids are allowed to play more mature games as well. Imo, it seems Sony is on a mission to be sure every type of gamer can find something he wants on a Sony platform.

Yep1684d ago

I sure hope Sony can nail this generation. Perhaps they do have more in store that will include family oriented games.

FamilyGuy1684d ago

"I see the points being made here and they are valid, but it's very hard to point out a clear and available market for this new device. "

"It might look like I'm shitting on the system (even though I'm planning on getting one with Freedom Wars 2014)"

You, me and many others are the market for this device. Not just as a remote play device either. It does much more and with Gaikai it'll be invaluable (priceless).
I personally have no interest in playing a portable, handheld gaming device. I was intending to wait for a PS Vita with TV output functionality so that I could play the Vitas exclusives. Games like Soul Sacrifice look really good to me but I don't want to play on a small screen.
This device 100% caters to what I wanted and still has those extra vita functions that make it even better. All this while only being $100 compared to the price of a Vita. $100 is an extremely enticing buy-in price and we're getting that $100 number from converting the announced price in Japan.
It's actually less than $100 but $100 is a nice round number and Sony likes giving americans round numbers. $99 is the most likely sale price, no where near $150.

People, LOTS of people, were asking Sony for a PS4 bundled with a PS Vita at the price range of $500. In a way this device is directly meant to cater to them. It's not a portable in the sense that the real Vita would be but it's portable in the sense of being easily taken with you anywhere, fitting in your pocket like a phone.

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ceedubya91684d ago

I'll be sure to buy one of these! All of these consoles makers are making this an exciting time.

r211684d ago

Same here, its dang cheap. Was actually going to buy a 2DS, but this vita device is considerably cheaper than it.

sincitysir11684d ago

I think thats what sony is going for

NateCole1684d ago

Complete came out of nowhere. Amazing it was not leaked.

No question i am buying this.

Sony have been really smart with this. Console holders get money from software so this will help the sales of Vita games which in turns helps Vita as well with more support from devs.

boybato1684d ago

A Stand alone device although it greatly benefits from having other ps devices specialy a ps4.

buynit1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I'm not going to need it to play ps4 games on the vita right! I fvcking swear I will be pissed and selll the damn vita!

boybato1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )


Dude relax. Lol

You do not need this to remote play ps4 games to your Vita. Matter of fact, what the ps vita tv's reveal translate to me is how connfident Sony is with their psv/ps4 remote play feature. -therefore keep the much superior SKU. :-)

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