PlayStation Vita TV Gets Official Fact Sheet, With Details and Some Fine Print

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just released the official fact sheet for the newly announced PlayStation Vita TV.

It includes a lot of details and some concerning fine print on PS Vita games.

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US8F1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

A non portable vita that connects to TV and allows for remote play. Very interesting indeed even though not all Vita games work do to touch features not being present. Still, 1,300+ total games to play, there is no shortage of games to enjoy.

Ps4 + PsVita TV= $500

This is a better value for the money than Xbox + Kinect, for a gamer atleast.

sobotz1716d ago

It's almost 80% of Vita's library that using touch features. I'm curious why they didn't use the DS4's touchpad

Williamson1716d ago

The ps4 touchpad would make a good enough substitution for the vitas touch sceen imo.

MakiManPR1716d ago

Sony hasnt said anything yet. You might be able to sync the DS4 with the PS Vita TV for those games that need Touch Controls.

RiPPn1716d ago

The promo video shows a kid using the DS4, likely the DS3 is included because this thing releases before the PS4 is available.

jonboi241716d ago

Maybe one reason is that this will be released in Japan first and before their PS4 launch. So unless they import a dualshock 4, it'll be pointless to have it associate with it. I can see this being fixed with a patch or something else prior to an international release.

ohiostatesman1716d ago

Doesn't make any sense. PLus 150-200 dollars?? Do not want. Rather get another xbox 360 for that price.

TimeSkipLuffy1716d ago

probably because it would involve the games to be patched to support this kind of touchpad. Probably wouldn't work as well, too.

dj3boud1716d ago


why so.. because your x360 RRoD'ed?

ShutUpDonny1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

My guess is that one of the triggers will be use to switch to finger mode that can be controled with the thumbsticks, like a mouse. Not ideal, but it's better than nothing.

hkgamer1716d ago

its cheaper to release it with DS3 since they are aiming for the $100 bracket.

I'm just wondering what they will do for games that uses the touchscreen and touchpad. I know PS4 can roughly simulate the touchscreen, but what about the rear touchpad? Would we need to hold on to L2/R2 to switch between front and rear?

Another question is if it would be displayed in 720p/1080p. Watching videos or playing PS4 with remote play would benefit having this device support those resolutions. Would be the perfect PS4 companion tbh.

SilentNegotiator1716d ago

Apparently, the L3 and R3 can activate the touch features. But then it's weird that Sony would announce a limited number of games being compatible then.

Kevin ButIer1715d ago

Sony should address the input issue ASAP... DS4.2 anyone... lol

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Stsonic1716d ago

Being able to take this thing around with you and play PS4 games at a friends who does not own one is genius.

mixelon1716d ago

If your friend has a high bandwidth low latency connection..

It does sound awesome though.

hkgamer1716d ago

Have you noticed that they have not mentioned remote play PS4 games over the internet.
As far as I am concerned they only have said PS4 remote play is for indoors. Not saying i won't work, juust saying they have not once mentioned that remote play over the internet yet.

If it is not available day1 it may be added later, but just saying that there is no official mention of being able to play PS4 games remotely on the Vita via the internet. Unless i missed it.

Hicken1715d ago

@hkgamer: The very definition of Remote Play states that you can play it wherever there's an internet connection.

Since Remote Play was established as a feature on PS3 that used the internet to control your home console via the PSP/Vita, there was no need to reassert that it would be using the internet on PS4.

It's "as far as you're concerned" because you want to make something out of nothing. And really, it's nothing, because it's an already-known quantity that's right there for anybody to have information on.

Of course, you don't have to believe it just because it's got a wiki page, but it's got 39 links for references.

Any questions, or do I have to upload a video of me accessing my PS3 from work using my Vita?

vigilante_man1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Can support up to 2 Dualshock 3 for PS1 multiplayer. Play PS1 and PSP and Vita games with Dualshock 3 but not games that use touch screen!

Can use the new Dualshock 4 to remote play PS4 games in another room to your PS4 or even at a mates house on their TV even though they do not have a PS4!

So its a Vita without the touch screen that connects to TVs via HDMI.

Edit: It can receive firmware updates just like the Vita and the interface is the same as the Vita only controlled by the dualshock controllers.

Its only £65 (not including all those import taxes) or $100. £65 would be a great price!

THamm1716d ago

Thanks dude, I wasn't understanding but the way you put it makes sense

Mike134nl1716d ago

Having a television in the living room and bedroom. I really hope that the ps3 will also support remote play of ps4 games to other televisions that would be awesome. If the psvita tv is capable of that why not the ps3.

GraveLord1716d ago

This is much better than the Roku or Apple TV set top boxes. Really, its a no-brainer if you're looking for that $99 impulse buy.

It's also a great way to get non-gamers introduced to Playstation. Here's hoping Sony continues to support this device. It's a great idea.

bromtown1715d ago

In the fact sheet it says that Dualshock 4 will be supported in a future firmware update. Makes sense because this comes out before the PS4. So front touch might work on Vita games. Still, I'm it's not a big deal for a lot of (particularly first party) games to be patched to allow DS3/4 control instead of touch, such as Uncharted Golden Abyss.

mark134uk1715d ago

streaming ps4 to another tv in the house i think is a great feature,doubt id play the vita games but still a nice bonus to have

dj3boud1715d ago

did not anyone think about this device competing or overshadowing the ouya? i know the platforms and OS are so different with ouya also having emulation and media capabilities but overall.. vita tv is better value with higher quality games. this thought crossed my mind the second i saw the trailer.

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SonyNGP1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

"Since PS Vita is equipped with special features that cannot be supported on DUALSHOCK®3, such as touch screen, rear touch pad, motion sensors, camera, electronic compass and microphones, not all PS Vita games are playable on PS Vita TV. Supported titles differ by country and regions."

Well this blows :/

Yeah, but I already play those PS1 games on my PS3. As for the PSP games, most of the ones I wanted to play have been re-released as HD remasters. So this thing is pretty pointless to me since I'm not planning on playing the PS4 anywhere outside of my room.

ABeastNamedTariq1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

We just have to wait and see.

Plus, there's apparently 1,300 PSP and PSone games available, if I read that correctly.


Ah, I see.

majiebeast1716d ago

It will be compatible with DS4 so all those touch screen games will work.

SonyNGP1716d ago

That's only for the PS4 remote play according to the "fact" sheet.

TimeSkipLuffy1716d ago

Only for PS4 now. It will be hard to implement the features of the rear touchpad and front touch screen on that little pad on the PS4 controller.
Probably the games need to be patched as well to support it and I don't see that happen a lot.

But still this thing is an attractive pieace of hardware especially for PSP, PSOne and PS4 titles. And games that don't need the rear or front touch functionality and have alternative input :3

XANDEO1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

they could do touchscreen with the dualshock 3 via the l2 and r2 buttons. keep your finger on r2 and a curser come's on screen for front touch sceen play and move it with the right stick and l2 for the back screen, could work that way.

six axis could also be used for the games which require the camera to move such as gravity rush and fine aiming in uncharted golden abyss.

TimeSkipLuffy1716d ago

@XANDEO and which developer is going to implement that functionality for their games? For future games maybe but for all existing games? Don't see that happen. Only when Sony is making that happen themselves...

RiPPn1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

@NightmareLuffy: probably an easy patch that Sony will write the code for and just has to be patched in. I imagine the code will also have to detect if it's on a Vita or Vita TV and then adjust accordingly.

Or it might get coded directly into the Vita TV and will require no additional work from the developers. Going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

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LOGICWINS1716d ago

Thats the price you pay for only paying 100 bucks. Sonys plan is for everyone to own a portable Vita, Vita TV, PS4, and PS3. They want to give you a reason to get them all.

GribbleGrunger1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

OK, this is the first time I've seen Sony miss an obvious opportunity. Why the hell not allow the Vita to be used as a controller for this device? People will still buy this just so they can play their Vita games on the TV

@sobotz: It's not weird at all. People who have got Vitas or will buy Vitas in the future would love to be able to play those games on their TV, so why not enable them to play ALL THE GOD DAMN GAMES instead of just a select few. This is one Mother of a missed opportunity.

It's still great, don't get me wrong ...

sobotz1716d ago

This device is meant to Vita to be a home console with a much, much cheaper price.

It's kinda weird to play PSVita games in PSVita TV, with PSVita as controller

Soldierone1716d ago

At least provide a docking station or something so you don't need to take the game out and could browse the other content.

rainslacker1716d ago

It's weird, and likely not the norm, sobotz, but there are many gamers who would do just that. Most games don't have compulsory touch screen anyhow. The ones that do, it's possible that DS4 touch support could be patched in later, it seems pretty logical to use it like that.

I'd imagine future game releases will take this kind of thing into account to maximize sales. Alternatives to touch will be offered in games that don't center around it. The reverse could actually be true, where the developer doesn't implement meaningful Vita-specific controls because they don't want to alienate the home-version of the market.

Stsonic1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

I think games that use the touch screen will mostly be playable but some for obvious reasons would break the game.

Also I don't think they have missed an opportunity, they would have included a hdmi port on the new vita if they wanted to but that kind of under minds this product.

EDIT - I mean if the new vita model had a HDMI port it would compete with this vitaTV which would not be good. As for including the vita to be a controller for the VitaTV it is something that could happen in the future but for now they prefer it to be controlled with a dedicated game pad.

GribbleGrunger1716d ago

I'm confused ... why would it undermine this product to allow the Vita to be used as a controller? You'd need both the Vita and VitaTV, so I'm at a loss to understand your logic.

rainslacker1716d ago

I think the Vita TV actually bolsters the regular Vita myself. If people that buy the system enjoy it they could be very tempted to purchase it's portable counterpart.

I don't think adding an HDMI to the regular Vita would undermine this product though. Either way it would be a Vita sold for Sony, since in essence they are the same thing, sans controller support for Vita. They essentially target different markets.

GribbleGrunger1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

@Stsonic: Oh I see. Yep, I agree, they can't add an HDMI out for the new Vita model because, as you say, it would compete directly with the VitaTV. If they allowed the Vita to be a controller, they could also sell a Vita/VitaTV bundle.

TimeSkipLuffy1716d ago

I tend to agree with you a bit.
With the Vita as the controller itself, it would allow 100% compability with all VITA games.
VITA Home will never do that even with PS4 controller supported.

I wish they would offer a new VITA model with all the capabilities and interfaces.
So you can use it like a VITA Home OR a VITA that streams the content to the TV via HDMI (wireless).

Ju1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Vita/VitaTV is pointless. One of the benefits of this thing is playing Vita games on big screen with a physical controller. If you want to stick with the (mobile) Vita controls, a TV out alone isn't enough - you'd most likely synch up to a DS controller, too.

I am not sure what to think of it. $100 is a nice entry level console - would it include a controller. Or an add-on if you have a PS3 (or better PS4). But TV+DS3 is almost costs what a PS3 costs.

Anyhow, I was hoping for a $100 Netflix box at some point. This might as well be it. More interesting after the PS4 releases if you can also remote play all those games and can use the PS4 controller - thin client for $100 bucks more is nice. When - or if - this thing will release in the west remains to be seen.

Some AC or Merc on the big screen might be nice; I agree. PS3 controller doesn't cost the world. What it should have, though, is a USB HDD support. Yet again we have to buy expensive memory cards to store the games. With a HDD it could be my back up host for the Vita.

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Biphter1716d ago

@SonyNGP, I agree. It seems pointless in that respect. I'm wondering why they didn't just simply provide a HDMI out port on the new Vita, or even better, NFC with screen mirroring function. Remote Play from PS4 to Vita to TV upstairs via Screen mirroring = Wireless bliss.

GribbleGrunger1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Because that tiny PSVitaTV box will eventually be your portable PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4/PSP/PSVita hub for Gaikai. Once Sony include phones, laptops, TVs and pads, developers will be falling over themselves to support Sony.

kingPoS1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Uhh motion sensors... six axis (ever so glad the DS3 has it)

Touch screen microphone use... well the Dual Shock 4 won't be sold in Japan till Feb. I hope that explains why DS4 support won't be present before the PS4 is released over there.

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kwiksilver991716d ago

yay.killzone merc on the tv

sobotz1716d ago

There's a QTE-touch in KZ merc

kwiksilver991716d ago

guess i wont be using my knife much .lol
hope it works on the vita tv.
maybe they could do it such that pressing triangle would be in kz3

rainslacker1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

It does have a built in memory of 1GB it appears. So no need to get a memory card depending on how you want to use it.

Also has CEC support to control other devices, although it's not guaranteed.

wingman32x1716d ago

Seems like a natural condition concerning game compatibility. It'll be interesting to see how they determine what would be playable or not. Don't a number of Vita games use touch in some way? Then again, the ones I've played had button commands for the touch actions as well. Games with touch-only controls would be the problematic ones, I assume.

Soldierone1716d ago

Pretty much all of them can have the touch screen controls turned off. Other ones just need the touch screen as a substitute for buttons the Vita doesn't have (analog and shoulder buttons)

The only thing really holding it back is the VR stuff or motion controls, and there are not many games the absolutely need those either. At least none worth playing on the TV.

RiPPn1716d ago

DS3 has motion built in so that's not an issue, but the camera and touchscreen are, however if you can use a DS4 and they just program l2 and r2 to be the rear touch and the touchpad emulates the touch screen then the only thing missing will be camera support and very few games use it.

Soldierone1716d ago


DS3 has six axis, which isn't as great motion control wise as the Vita. It would need to use the Move in order to work, or DS4 controllers. Six Axis doesn't have as many points and isn't as fluent.

TimeSkipLuffy1716d ago

@RiPPn with they do you mean the developers of the games? It is already hard to push them to implement trophies in their pre trophy games... X'D