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Submitted by eezo 814d ago | news

PS VITA TV Releasing on Nov 14 in Japan Only, "Plays PS4 Games via Remote Play" confirms Yoshida

Today Sony Japan at their Tokyo Press conference revealed PS VITA TV a small box that allows your TV to "evolve" with digital content. Its basically a little tiny console based on PlayStation Vita hardware that you hook up to your TV.

Yoshida has revealed some new details about Playstation Vita TV related to PS4 games and remote play feature (PS Vita, PS4)

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badboy776  +   814d ago
Some Explain This to me at the 1:25 mark???
black0o  +   814d ago
Remote-ply throw the Internet

edit: if i guess i'd say yes, and i think it depends on ur internet speed
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badboy776  +   814d ago
abzdine  +   814d ago
so i can control my PS4 games on Vita by plugging it on a screen???
This is so sick!! i want that box NOW
take this sony: http://static4.businessinsi...
bullymangLer   814d ago | Trolling | show
bsquwhere  +   813d ago
@bullymangLer you have no idea what this does do you ? Sad little troll. You wanna cookie, it's a Xbox cookie? Nope sorry no cookies, another 180°. I know your not a Nintendo fanboy, they have some common sense.
Kayant  +   814d ago
Wifi gives you amazing powers to control your PS4 from anywhere :)
badboy776  +   814d ago
Does this mean we can use our Vita's to play and control our PS4's anywhere through wi-fi???
Kayant  +   814d ago
I guess since you can control PS4's UI and switch it off with remote play iirc but this will need a decent connection to work well probably.
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ErcsYou  +   814d ago
@badboy. anywhere through wifi unless your rockin the 3g version then you dont even need the wifi
adonis183  +   814d ago
@badboy776 wow people are still confuse!( yesss of course you can remoteplay any game from anywhere, that's why is a beast feauture!!
The_Infected  +   814d ago
So it's not coming to US?
tiffac008  +   814d ago
House already mentioned in the streaming that there would be a global release. Unless I heard that wrong because my net is slow and the stream kept on buffering. We should expect this maybe next year.
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BLow  +   814d ago
Yes its coming just to Japan first. Fair trade-off. We get PS4 first and they get Vita TV first. I can live with that.
Jeff257  +   814d ago
He did indeed mention a global release for it. However it is hitting Japan first and I expect with it coming out in Japan in November we will see it in Europe and NA in Feb.
vigilante_man  +   814d ago
Japan first and then world wide!
sAVAge_bEaST  +   814d ago
the "translator" said global,..

I don't see why not.. This thing is going to be nothing short of Revolutionary. Especially for the casual Apple Tv crowd, like my brother, and parents.

(I know what I'm getting my Parents, and Brother, for Christmas,. {plus a way to play my Ps4, when visiting at their homes} win, win)
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LOGICWINS  +   814d ago
Sometime next year due to Sony wanting to sell out of the current Vita models before introducing the revised Vita and PS Vita TV in the States.
bullymangLer  +   814d ago
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THC CELL  +   814d ago
Killzone has clan matches???
black0o  +   814d ago
kz2/3 had them so SF as well does and it was confirmed
THC CELL  +   814d ago
Yea I remember cause u can gamble lol
ABeastNamedTariq  +   814d ago
I'm nitpicking, but shouldn't it be "releasing in Japan first"?

Ah, I don't care.

This is a FANTASTIC. It's like having a portable PS4.

Can't wait till it comes West.
Narutone66  +   814d ago
So, we still have TGS to look forward to later this month. I hope they will announce The Last Guardian.
jonboi24  +   814d ago
And this was their pre-tgs conference, just imagine their actual TGS conference. Head explodes.....
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Stsonic  +   814d ago
Being able to take this thing around with you and play PS4 games at a friends who does not own one is genius.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   814d ago
Exactly! That's gonna be awesome.
vigilante_man  +   814d ago
It spreads the word of just how good PS4 is. What a great idea!
sAVAge_bEaST  +   814d ago
Yea, and you can use your ds4 controller, while streaming Ps4..

(way to spread this thing -word of mouth- school kids will love it.)
Jeff257  +   814d ago
This is a great example of Sony continuing to push gaming to a more digital future without forcing it on people. Just another great option for people that want to be able to access their games from anywhere at anytime.
izumo_lee  +   814d ago
I guess this was Sony's apology to Japan for releasing the PS4 next year for them instead of this year for almost everyone else. A neat consolation prize.

Either way this new device has a boatload of potential & something any PS gamer will love to's only $100 too!
cloud0381  +   814d ago
i think people need to slow down with praises and think about it for a second
whats the point of playing vita games on ur tv, the whole reason of buying a vita is to play on the go, if u want to play on ur tv then play ur console
also do u really think that streaming the ps4 is going to work everywhere correctly, places like hotels and family house's that dont have higher tier internet wont be able to stream without downgrading the quality and that would suck
now having it in ur house for a second tv is really cool plus do we need another box to play hulu and netflix and everything else
plus do u really want to play ur ps4 games on ur vita
its nice to play around the house maybe but the whole point of buying a ps4 is to play on a big screen not a 5in screen
now they want u to pay 700 hundred dollars for ps4+vita+vita tv and that's not including ps plus and a game that's over 800 hundred dollars to get all of the perks from this announcement
what do u guys think im i wrong for being cautious?
sincitysir1  +   814d ago
The masses will lovee it. I like the idea of playing my cool games anywayi want! In bed? Check. Toilet ? Check. Road trip? Check. Kitchen sink while.bathing? Check. Underwater? I can witthsonys xpheria! Check. Check. Check.
kwiksilver99  +   814d ago
1-it gives us the option of playing vita games on the t.v,especially those that we cant play on a t.v other wise:)
2-regarding whether you need another box to play hulu and netflix-are you saying you rather not have that feature?
3-according to you -the point of a ps4 is to game on the big screen-the ps vita tv doesnt deviate from your point and those with a vita dont mind one bit that they can stream ps4 games.
the vita tv isnt necessarily catering to the portable crowd but it does make the games on the vita available to those who are not-why is that a bad thing?
cloud0381  +   814d ago
so u think 700 dollars plus is worth doing all of this
LordNikon  +   814d ago
$700? PS4 costs $400, this things only costs like $100 dude.
kwiksilver99  +   814d ago
here's the thing.i have a vita n i will definitely be picking up the ps4.i live alone at the moment so i probably wont be getting a vitatv anytime soon.
but other's who have a family with multiple tv's in the household who plan on getting a ps4 ,the vita tv would certainly appeal to them.

$400 gets you a great next gen console.the psvita is a great portable at $200 and the vitatv is, in my opinion reasonably priced at $100 ,if so.
if you're just gonna look at the whole price ,you make it sound like the ps4 or ps vita are impotent by themselves.

like i said -people who dont generally like portable consoles now have a way to enjoy the vita games(though the touch controls issue will need a workaround).
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Williamson  +   814d ago
Im liking this whole connectivity between the ps4, vita, and now the vita tv. If this is just one of the things that come from this new gen, then I can hardly wait!
TheGrimReaper0011  +   814d ago
I dont really get it, can someone please help?
So it's a seperate device, that emulates the vita on your tv
But can you use the memory cards of your vita?
ALso, that remote play, i know you can remote play games, but you actually remote play ... the PS4 completely?
Will this also be for everyone or just japan?
sincitysir1  +   814d ago
The. Whole. UNIVERSE =D
RiPPn  +   814d ago
It's a vita without the screens, so yes you can use your Vita memory cards and games. It has the PS Store just like the vita so all your digital Vita games will be available on the machine. It has a Vita memory card slot as well as a Vita cartridge slot. It will remote play PS4 games. And releasing in Japan first and everywhere thereafter. Hope that helps.
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   814d ago
Okay, that clears up alot of things.
Thanks! Just one more thing. I saw this youtube video where they show some remote play
The video is from japan, where a girl starts an app on her ps vita and then controls the PS4
Is that also how it will work for everyone?
Or is it a service only for japan?
(I know remote play for games will be for everyone, but remote play the ps4?)
Megaplaynate  +   814d ago
I'll buy it if I can play a game from the memory card with multiple accounts. Otherwise I'd rather buy a vita, though I'm not too sure about the new version, I thought the oled screen was supposed to be better.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   814d ago
It is, but the OLED screen is apparently way more expensive to make than an LCD screen
I kinda understand that, but I just luv the OLED screen of the vita so much
christrules0041  +   814d ago
This is a reply to your other comment. Remote play works without Vita TV. If you have the regular Vita we need wifi but if we have the 3g model we should be able to use it where ever we go unless 3g hasn't been installed in your area. I'm pretty sure that hasn't been globally installed yet so might want to ask a internet company in your area.

Vita TV lets us play the Vita on the big screen if we wish or we can stream the PS4 to another TV. So say if we have our PS4 in the living room and someone wants to use that TV we can just stream the game to the bedroom or where ever else has a TV. Even bring it to a friends house and play games without the console even there.

I got to say though it looks like a really nice piece of tech. It does make digital games a lot more appealing though. With physical discs we can install it onto the HDD but we need the disc in the tray for that game to work. With digitally bought games we don't need the disc so we can swap games where ever we play games with that thing.
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Salooh  +   814d ago
Your PS4 in your home

You go to a friend with the PSV TV and controllers > Plug PSV TV to his TV > control everything in the ps4. Basically it stream the ps4 on any tv in the world as long you have a fast internet .

You also can Put Vita memories on PSV TV to play vita/psp/arcade on tv . That's not streaming..

You can stream PS4 games on your vita too with remote play WITHOUT PSV TV.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   814d ago
Pure megaton!
Spontogical  +   814d ago
Absolute Megaton.

This generation has already been decided imo. Sony is angry with Gen 7 - despite finishing second haha :p
J@D  +   813d ago
Now an USA announcement will be great... Sony?
GdaTyler  +   813d ago
November 14th? Same day as God Eater 2. Smart decision.
jjb1981  +   813d ago
My laptop has an hdmi in so I could hook this up and play my ps4 on my laptop while I'm away?

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