PS VITA TV Releasing on Nov 14 in Japan Only, "Plays PS4 Games via Remote Play" confirms Yoshida

Today Sony Japan at their Tokyo Press conference revealed PS VITA TV a small box that allows your TV to "evolve" with digital content. Its basically a little tiny console based on PlayStation Vita hardware that you hook up to your TV.

Yoshida has revealed some new details about Playstation Vita TV related to PS4 games and remote play feature

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badboy7761591d ago

Some Explain This to me at the 1:25 mark???

black0o1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Remote-ply throw the Internet

edit: if i guess i'd say yes, and i think it depends on ur internet speed

abzdine1591d ago

so i can control my PS4 games on Vita by plugging it on a screen???
This is so sick!! i want that box NOW
take this sony: http://static4.businessinsi...

bsquwhere1591d ago

@bullymangLer you have no idea what this does do you ? Sad little troll. You wanna cookie, it's a Xbox cookie? Nope sorry no cookies, another 180°. I know your not a Nintendo fanboy, they have some common sense.

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Kayant1591d ago

Wifi gives you amazing powers to control your PS4 from anywhere :)

badboy7761591d ago

Does this mean we can use our Vita's to play and control our PS4's anywhere through wi-fi???

Kayant1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I guess since you can control PS4's UI and switch it off with remote play iirc but this will need a decent connection to work well probably.

ErcsYou1591d ago

@badboy. anywhere through wifi unless your rockin the 3g version then you dont even need the wifi

adonis1831591d ago

@badboy776 wow people are still confuse!( yesss of course you can remoteplay any game from anywhere, that's why is a beast feauture!!

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tiffac0081591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

House already mentioned in the streaming that there would be a global release. Unless I heard that wrong because my net is slow and the stream kept on buffering. We should expect this maybe next year.

BLow1591d ago

Yes its coming just to Japan first. Fair trade-off. We get PS4 first and they get Vita TV first. I can live with that.

Jeff2571591d ago

He did indeed mention a global release for it. However it is hitting Japan first and I expect with it coming out in Japan in November we will see it in Europe and NA in Feb.

vigilante_man1591d ago

Japan first and then world wide!

sAVAge_bEaST1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

the "translator" said global,..

I don't see why not.. This thing is going to be nothing short of Revolutionary. Especially for the casual Apple Tv crowd, like my brother, and parents.

(I know what I'm getting my Parents, and Brother, for Christmas,. {plus a way to play my Ps4, when visiting at their homes} win, win)

LOGICWINS1591d ago

Sometime next year due to Sony wanting to sell out of the current Vita models before introducing the revised Vita and PS Vita TV in the States.

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THC CELL1591d ago

Killzone has clan matches???

black0o1591d ago

kz2/3 had them so SF as well does and it was confirmed

THC CELL1591d ago

Yea I remember cause u can gamble lol

ABeastNamedTariq1591d ago

I'm nitpicking, but shouldn't it be "releasing in Japan first"?

Ah, I don't care.

This is a FANTASTIC. It's like having a portable PS4.

Can't wait till it comes West.

Narutone661591d ago

So, we still have TGS to look forward to later this month. I hope they will announce The Last Guardian.

jonboi241591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

And this was their pre-tgs conference, just imagine their actual TGS conference. Head explodes.....

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