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Kingthrash3601443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

cell phone sized vita+ps4+psp+netflix in one!!!! $100....**head implodes**
whats a 2ds?....not trolling but this is a great answer to 2ds. vita games will fly if this goes well.

SonyNGP1443d ago

I would say the NOLED Vita is a good answer to the 2DS.

kwiksilver991443d ago

it would be if it is considerably cheaper than a regular vita.
wonder how their gonna price it .

Kingthrash3601443d ago

vita 2000 is answer to 3ds.
vita tv the answer to 2ds.

devwan1443d ago

@Kingthrash360 - Vita TV is the answer to AppleTV, Amazon's game/TV droid device (and the rest) and also that rumoured mini360 gaming/streaming device.

It's also the answer to expanding the Vita user base. It's also the answer to expanding the Vita games library. It's also the answer to deciding whether to buy a 2nd ps4 for a 2nd room. It's also the answer to people like me who get hand cramps trying to play button & stick games on Vita after 20 minutes or so :(

And it's $100...

so for me it's pretty much 42 - the answer to *everything* :D

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TongkatAli1443d ago

I hope they both do well.

Kingthrash3601443d ago

me 2 but nothing wrong with compitetion.

sAVAge_bEaST1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

and M$ was spouting, Apple TV and google... hah..

They just got Massacred . -Casual's will Eat this Shiz up.

Insomnia_841443d ago

New games and hardware for PlayStation at press conference. Tokyo Game Show next.

Meanwhile MS is talking to NSA, NFL, Time Warner, Comcast, Doritos, Mountain Dew, destroying humanity with Monsanto, lies, lies, lies and...yeah more lies.

Sony and PlayStation all the way!!!

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badboy7761443d ago

can someone breakdown and tell me what this thing does?????

lashes2ashes1443d ago

It lets you play vita,psp,ps one games. Use the playstation store and let's you stream ps4 games to a different tv. My ps4 is going to be in my media room so this will be great to let me play ps4 in my bed room with out unhooking everything.

Kingthrash3601443d ago

will also let you play ps3/2 thru gaiki in remote play

The_Infected1443d ago

How do you stream PS4 games? Go insert what disk you want to play then go back to Playstation TV and play it?

nix1443d ago

they truly need to show a demo for this gadget..

badz1491443d ago


you don't have to change disc if you go digital

Bundi1443d ago

People say the cloud will be useless because of average internet speed but jazz themselves over this? I don't understand.

badz1491442d ago


Wow...way to show your ignorance there, dude! You're clearly here just to troll but if you have EVER use remote play, you would know that it works even on average internet speed. I know this because I use remote play on my crappy 2Mbps connection. Gaikai should works too, that's why Sony bought them.

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Monkeycan81443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Shes playing her PS4 on her PS Vita. that's about it.

at 1:25

badboy7761443d ago

But she's playing it at school. so does that mean you can take it anywhere???

ABeastNamedTariq1443d ago


Yeah, if I'm understanding this correctly, you can take it anywhere.

devwan1443d ago

@badboy776 she's not taken her Vita TV anywhere, that's still at home with her ps4. She's resuming a game she was playing on ps4 or ps Vita TV streamed from ps4 via her 3G Vita.

Monkeycan81443d ago

If you have 3G Vita I believe so.

vigilante_man1443d ago

It seems you can play it using DS3 as well as DS4. This is great for older games PS1/PSP that may not work straight away with DS4.

They were showing a bundle with DS3 and a memory card. Great news for all those DS3 controllers out there.

Need more demos and explanations but potential is massive!!

kwiksilver991443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

its basically a vita but no screen,so it uses the tv as the screen or a controller-uses the ds3
has all the features of a vita in general except that you cant use it without a screen or tv.
its an indoor vita:)

JackVagina1443d ago

It's a vita without a screen, it still has Memory card and game card slots but it also has a HDMI and Ethernet port

it still has the full Vita UI and PSN store also

So you can play Vita/PSP/PS1 games on ANY Tv

Also it will have remote play PS4 games via Internet streaming

It's pocket sized so you can take it to a friends, and play off their TV

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majiebeast1443d ago

This was a 1 last thing moment for the ages, nobody saw that coming.

Good conference with a good flow and awesome game announcements and hilarious dubs.

SonyNGP1443d ago

I really hope this thing won't be HDCP encrypted when it comes to gaming.