Official HQ Shots of Redesigned Vita

Here are the first official HQ shots of the new Vita in 6 different colours.

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DarkBlood1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

huh wait theres no red one? i guess i have to wait even longer again

miyamoto1387d ago

I love upgrades and redesigns
this redesign reminds me of this PSOne

mewhy321387d ago

Sony is really taking the bull by the horns. The remote play feature of the Vita and the release of Killzone Mercernary will sell more units. I may even pick one up too, for the remote PS4 play feature.

ShinMaster1387d ago

I like the pink/black one.

Arnon1386d ago

Just sold my Vita and my 360 to pay off a PS4 with an extra controller and Killzone. Looks like I made the right decision, because I'll definitely pick up a Vita again when PSO2 comes out.

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BullyMangler1387d ago ShowReplies(2)
R3DRAIN891387d ago

felt the same way, was looking foward to seeing a red , but this is japans conference,maybe us one will have different colors.

hiredhelp1387d ago

It will launch in Japan on October 10th. It is not clear if it will release anywhere else at this stage. Ca Mon you can't do this what about the Rest of the world.

Muffins12231387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Theres red,pink and yellow and grey.Red was not shown in the pics but at the conference there was a red one.

3-4-51387d ago

That Grey/Bronze/tan one looks really nice.

yeahokchief1387d ago

I'm a bit disappointed that it will be a step down from the standard vita.

Wish it wasn't an LCD instead of OLED. I wouldn't mind replacing the one i've got for something lighter/better battery.

Guess i'll just hold onto the one i've got. Someone needs to do a comparison video on youtube asap.

TBONEJF1387d ago

me want the HOT YELLOW PSVITA glad i waited for this to come out very hot

LackTrue4K1387d ago

no joke, the white one reminds me soooooo much of a WiiU controller!!!

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TheFamous11387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

What if I told you there are ladies who play video games.

_QQ_1387d ago

What if i told you not all girls prefer the color pink.

memots1387d ago

↑↑↑ Mind blown !!

Conzul1387d ago

I'll wait till they give it the Xperia treatment. I want a waterproof Vita (Play Everywhere, much?) with an HD, HDR shooter and battery stamina that's slightly better than a horny Mayfly.

Narutone661387d ago

OMG, Sony just announced the Playstation Vita TV!

Williamson1387d ago

Already have a vita but was thinking of picking up the new one....that is untill ps vita tv showed up!