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SonyNGP1531d ago

More like NOLED Vita :P

vigilante_man1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Should of gone 4G. Won't give up my Super OLED for anything else!!

Happy about 64Gb Memory Card!

NewMonday1531d ago

with the internal 1G flash memory those who buy physical don't have to worry about memory cards anymore.

PoSTedUP1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

omg :O :'D so beautyful. hope they have controller case for this, the vita cramps my hands without one (im on it litterally all day).

Army_of_Darkness1531d ago

The happiest person on stage looked like the dude with the pink vita?! LOL

minimur121531d ago

This translator really effing annoying-

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


*long pause*


ohiostatesman1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

With Vita TV - This device doesn't make any sense to have. Why would anyone pay 150-200 dollars to play vita games on their tv when they can just get a ps3 or xbox 360 for 200 dollars. Those console offer superior gaming experiences on your tv. This is beyond ridiculous. Plus you gotta buy a 32gb memory card for 100 dollars or a 64 gb card for 160 dollars. what??

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sincitysir11531d ago

Might buy another one for the nice colors ! When my oled battery dies ill just switch to my other one =D

come_bom1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

This dampened my interest in the new Vita: Vita's OLED screen has been replaced by an LED one.

minimur121531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Thought it was LCD?

miyamoto1531d ago

LED LCD has matured in terms of display tech. Its why Apple and many OEMs sticks with it. They have good saturation and contrast and black levels and wide viewing angles now.

I have a Galaxy S III with AMOLED screen and a Macbook Pro with LED display and an new ASUS Nexus 7 with IPS display and I can tell you they all have excellent display screens.

jcnba281531d ago

Why didn't they announce this at Gamescom when they dropped the price?

Sucks for the gamers who just bought the original model.

PrimeGrime1531d ago

Not really as you can see most plan to keep those old models or even continue buying them because most people are over reacting about this LCD.

It isn't old LCD's like used in the PSP, that would just be asburd. These are new super LCD's that easily rival OLED screens. Which is why I have said too many times now Sony pointed that out during the conference "the advancements of LCD's" they didn't say that for nothing.

A lot of new stuff these days is using these new super LCD's, they are just as good as TFT and Super AMOLED Plus screens. The differences are extremely minimal and not important enough to say one is worse than the other just a matter of which looks better to you really cause they look so similar anyway.

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Relientk771531d ago

So many colors to choose from, awesome

FullmetalAlchemist1531d ago

Yeah really like the red one...or is that pink? Well anyway the grey looks good too!

RytGear1531d ago

I SINCERELY hope that OLED is a difficult word to translate...

colonel1791531d ago

Me too. Hope they release the tech specs soon to know for sure.

tubers1531d ago

Yes! No more MURA, Black Crushing/Clipping and it's cheaper too! (returned 4 VITAs because of this)

1GB internal does help for saves.

64 GB card was also announced!

Hope both gets an international release soon. :)

ZodTheRipper1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

All the right moves to make Vita a success =)
Too bad I already got one :S

tubers1531d ago

Well, unless you don't like it's OLED then it's still mostly good!

r211531d ago

You've returned 4 vitas? What have you been doing to them D:

GrandpaSnake1531d ago

i dropped mine four times and its still kickin

TongkatAli1531d ago

I'm scared their jaws are going to break from smiling so hard, lol.

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