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Submitted by TheGenkz 885d ago | news

New PS Vita Announced With Multiple Colors

8CN: The new PS Vita titled the PCH-2000 will be released within the next month. It's smaller, lighter, and comes in more colors. It will also include WiFi. (PS Vita, Sony)

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Starbucks_Fan  +   885d ago
Hell yeah! 64GB memory card too!
Hatsune-Miku  +   885d ago
buying the new vita day one in blue and a 64gb card. i wish it had a 6inch screen but hopefully next year.
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Kingthrash360  +   885d ago
same here! sony on a roll....they showing terrania rght now....i wonder whats in store for ps4
Vitalogy  +   885d ago
The 64Gb got me hooked up I just hope they don't screw the price :s
ZodTheRipper  +   885d ago
Now a PS4 / Vita bundle might actually happen :D
sincitysir1  +   885d ago
100 bucks for.the 64 if u convert it from yen! Sony on a roll! The.colors are nicethough!
EeJLP-  +   885d ago
These changes are mostly negligible. A couple ounces lighter? A couple millimeters thinner? A whopping 1GB internal storage?

They needed to add physical L2, R2, L3, and R3 for better remote play with PS4.
bullymangLer   885d ago | Trolling | show
HammadTheBeast  +   885d ago

It's OK, PSV is almost always one spot above Wii U on the charts, meanwhile PS3 is almost always beside the 3DS.
miyamoto  +   885d ago
could be priced at $150 here in America


LED LCD has some advantages over OLED though:
LCD has proper RGB color profiles
LCD screens are more brighter indoors and outdoors under direct sunlight
LCD screens lasts longer lifespan
LCD now has good viewing angles, and deep blacks

I have a Galaxy S3 and new Nexus 7 so I know
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GraveLord  +   885d ago
Improvements in specs will only happen once the Vita is selling well. The switch the the cheaper LCD technology and smaller form factor most likely makes it feel cheap.(Same thing happened with the PSP)

I suggest those interested in the Vita to buy the original as the with each redesign the handheld will only become cheaper and cheaper.
ohiostatesman  +   884d ago
Pachter said multiple colors won't save the Vita. I have to agree with him. Vita needs better games and a more substantial price drop.
wishingW3L  +   885d ago
no more OLED though. And that was like the best part of the Vita! ;_______;
ooooooh...that suuucks, i was all excited, oh well, can still buy the old ones
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Thisisjuju  +   885d ago
I wonder if this is how they increased the battery life? I like this new Vita a lot but not sure if I want to "upgrade" and lose the OLED though.
Soldierone  +   885d ago
Oh wow, I was jealous till I read that. Keeping mine for sure haha
Thirty3Three  +   885d ago
to one guy, The current wifi model is being discontinued

to the other dude, it increased one hour, roughly
PrimeGrime  +   885d ago
Calm down everyone. They said it was new LCD tech. Meaning that is very likely to be a super LCD which is almost identical to super amoled plus screens other than the darkness of black.

They aren't using some ancient LCD tech I can promise you that. If so then it would be much cheaper.

It isn't any cheaper really. So its easy to assume its some type of super LCD tech, you could also see the screen well, it was pretty detailed on the conference even from a distance. Which if they were old LCD's they would have looked terrible on video. I can't say which though but S-LCD 3 just came out a couple months ago, would say its good timing and probably ended up in these new Vita's.

To validate my point further the PSP used old LCD's. Do you really think Sony would go back to that exact LCD? Of course not, that is why they talked about the advancements of LCD technology when they spoke about it on the new remodel.

Gonna have to wait for official spec sheet to see exactly what type of new LCD they are using.
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miyamoto  +   885d ago
not really its the new HD LCD we are talking about here
Blaze929  +   885d ago
So this is the news we've all been waiting for eh?


did i say something wrong? Smh you all really need to grow up.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   885d ago
Very, very, very dumb of you I must say.
Majin-vegeta  +   885d ago
*Facepalm*the conference just startes.Refrain from posting dumb comments -_-…
KwietStorm  +   885d ago
I'm gonna assume you were being facetious.
sincitysir1  +   885d ago
People probably took your eh wrong. Like meh vs.aye.
ProA007  +   885d ago
Seeing as the conference is now over...I'm with Blaze on this one, this was the news we all been waiting for? smh
Etseix  +   885d ago
ummm i don't see any news that ( at least me ) was expecting, i mean, i have a ps vita, so, its cool abotu vita, ps3 games, okay, ps4 games, deep down was not necessarily the ultimate thing that i was waiting for ( but looks sick <3 )
but still... i thought they where going to show the last guardian on ps4, <- this, only this <- remark that, it was the only thing i stood awake 2 hours in the morning to see . oh dear, i felt dissapointed when it ended
Vitalogy  +   885d ago
If I heard correctly it has 1Gb of built in memory and it will cost 19,929 JPY (€151,75). But this lower price must be due to the LCD screen which leaves me thinking, not sure of the quality in comparison with the OLED.
Knushwood Butt  +   885d ago
Yeah, 1GB built in.

Micro USB type 2 (?) is now the connection interface.
dredgewalker  +   885d ago
I'll still be sticking with my old Vita. The oled is just too good to give up. Though 64gig i truly dig. I'm curious how much will the new Vita cost, probably a less than the original since the revisions made are to lower costs.
Otoshigamisama  +   885d ago
I believe they said its roughly 190 bucks
considering the price,a Ps4 bundle is possible in the near future maybe at TGS?
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dredgewalker  +   885d ago
Let's hope they can bundle the new vita and the ps4 for $550, that would be sweet deal $500 is a steal if Sony can pull it off.
Otoshigamisama  +   885d ago
We can only guess at the moment but it is a possibility, Just like you I'm sticking with my OLED screen Luna :)
3-4-5  +   885d ago
Glad I waited. That is a lot of color options.

Upgraded Vita for the same price $200 = awesome.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   885d ago
Upgraded? I don't think so... Or at least I'm not personally interested in switching from OLED screen to LCD, even if it get 1 extra hour from battery.
whats weird is the OLED is more energy efficient, probably not near as cost efficient as the LCD though. But hopefully we'll see its comeback in a 3rd gen vita.
miyamoto  +   885d ago
could be $150 here in NA
TomShoe  +   885d ago
Sony, I would kiss you if you weren't a multinational corporation.
TBONEJF  +   884d ago
That does it I'm moving to Japan.
LOGICWINS  +   885d ago
Impossible! All the disagrees I got for saying this would happen LMAO. So many people are eating crow right now!

Just cancelled my Walking Dead bundle from Amazon. Glad I didn't jump the gun right after Gamescom like so many others!

EDIT: For all those concerned, Amazon just cancelled my order. It only took em a couple minutes. THANK GAWD FOR USTREAM!
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Vitalogy  +   885d ago
Why would we be concerned with your preorder and/or cancelations!?
LOGICWINS  +   885d ago
Obvs you're concerned. Why take the time to comment about something your not concerned about?
Vitalogy  +   885d ago
I just commentd that nobody cares about what you do, I don't see there a concern about your choices. Oh well...
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CaptainPunch  +   885d ago
Because he's allowed to express his opinions & thoughts...why do you leave comments here?
#2.1.3 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
LOGICWINS  +   885d ago
I just wanted ta share my experiences with my N4G peeps....dawg! =D
TomShoe  +   885d ago
Congrats man, you get kudos for calling it.
PrimeGrime  +   885d ago
Doesn't matter because many still prefer the OLED. Although I am sure they are using new super LCD's so it won't be a noticeable difference anyway but some are making it out to be one.

Tons of people have called this, revisions of sony's portable have always happened within a two year span and seeing the Vita is almost two years old now. Is it that surprising?

Months ago I would have disagreed also because months ago people kept saying at every conference or event there would be a remodel but I knew it would be a little longer.

Looks like that time has come. I predicted it would be around this time, it probably won't release in the U.S. till 2014 or very late in 2013 anyway which is a good two years.

Hopefully its earlier than that, still deciding if I want to switch mine out. I do like the design a lot better now, the 1GB memory and the longer batter life is kind hard to pass up.. Just for truer blacks on an OLED because if I am right in that they are using new super LCD's that is the only difference you will see, is black may not be as black as it is on super AMOLED plus screens.

I also am wondering because new super LCD's usually have higher pixel density (ppi) than OLED's. It may actually be sharper than the super AMOLED.
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ErcsYou  +   885d ago
Hope it releases in the US this October, i NEED one.
friedricr  +   885d ago
anyone know if these are coming stateside!?
LOGICWINS  +   885d ago
Of course it is, Sony I'd be crazy not to now that everyone around the globe will be holding out for the revision.
Vitalogy  +   885d ago
What makes you so certain, did the other ps vita colors (besides white) came to EU or US? No, they didn't.
LOGICWINS  +   885d ago
The revision will come stateside for sure! Neutral colors like white, gray, and black are a shoe in as well. Thats all I care about.

Obvs colors like pink and yellow won't make it since there isn't enough appeal for them in the U.S.
M-M  +   885d ago
Can't wait to get a Vita, but if isn't an OLED screen then I'll pass and get the original.
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radecGaming  +   885d ago
extra 1gig internal memory YAY???
and its LCD!!????
#6 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
GraveLord  +   885d ago
Better than nothing. Its more than enough for game saves and small game patches.

You'll need a memory card regardless though.

3DS is LCD as well. I saw not one person complain about it. If you don't like it, you can still get the OLED Vita.
SonyNGP  +   885d ago
No point in getting the NOLED if you already have a Vita. But the built-in 1GB storage is a good move.
Knushwood Butt  +   885d ago
Looks like they are keeping the original 3G spec version, which looks like it is the 'current' Vita model.

Bundling it with stuff and a 32 GB stick.
AwesomeMan   885d ago | Spam
TongkatAli  +   885d ago
: ) gravy. No OLED is disappointing, but blue is my favorite color.
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Williamson  +   885d ago
The different colors look cool but im most likely to stick with my original white vita, love that oled screen. Atleast people can save games without having to buy a memory card now.
CaptainPunch  +   885d ago
I'll take a grey one, been waiting to get a PS Vita for a while now. Glad I waited.
Sevir  +   885d ago
Probably Releases next year in the states though with less colors... The US and European releases will prolly not get those colors. Still can't wait for this the colors look awesome, and the inclusion of aan HD LCD screen is nice which increases battery life! That 64gb mem stick is awesome
RytGear  +   885d ago
Lets pray that she mistranslated OLED...
ColeMacGrath  +   885d ago
yellowgerbil  +   885d ago
collaboration battle
collaboration battle
collaboration battle
r21  +   885d ago
No OLED is disappointing. The redesign looks comfy though.
4logpc  +   885d ago
Why in gods name would you get rid of oled screen........
Mustang300C2012  +   885d ago
Probably one of the most expensive parts of the device. Don't see it selling either way though.
mike32UK  +   885d ago
I can't watch this conference. It's so weird!
Goro  +   885d ago
Not exactly what you want to hear when you just bought a Vita yesterday...
NotALegend  +   885d ago
I know exactly what you mean, Sony and I have a bad history with exactly that. Though of course I got my Vita day one, many other Sony products I purchased (PS3, PSP, CyberShot, VAIO) all either had just price drops or new versions accompanied by price drops just days to months after purchase. Thankfully Sony's products are well worth it either way, though it does still leave you with that sour taste in your mouth.
#18.1 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
dredgewalker  +   885d ago
Not me, I still love the psp1000 compared to the newer ones. And the vita's oled screen is worth it.
IronChefWong  +   885d ago
Well if you've already purchased a memory card larger than 1GB you'd be good. Just did a conversion from the 18,980 Yen (pretax) comes out to $190.45. So it's not like you're getting shafted on pricing. The OLED you got is probably still better than than the LCD on the new one. Only stuff you're missing out on is the slightly slimmer profile, which I have concerns about how comfortable it may be. I don't think you should regret your purchase.
johny5  +   885d ago
I wonder how big the quality difference is compared to LCD? either way I with get me this version of vita when it comes out state side but we all know VITA PCH-3000 is where it's at just like the PSP!
DarkBlood  +   885d ago
well i was holding out for a red one, didnt think it was going to get it through a slimmer model lol nice :P
AceBlazer13  +   885d ago
Just as I was certain the 3ds would be the handheld for this christmas sony just put a momentary halt in my plans.
GeneralRaam93   885d ago | Spam
cell989  +   885d ago
Is the screen size still the same?
johny5  +   885d ago
i'm getting the Final Fantasy 10 version! Yeah!
IronChefWong  +   885d ago
Sony sure is on roll lately. It was only a matter of time. With Sony pushing it's PS4 remote play capabilities it was a no brainer. Will be holding out on my purchase though until I get my PS4 in Nov. Let's hope the screen is not too nerfed.
DarkBlood  +   885d ago
anyone having trouble with the link its not even loading
NotALegend  +   885d ago
I sure hope this isn't the "news I've been waiting for". If it is, I was really hoping for something more. I got the First Edition Vita that came out a week early with a special case and am very satisfied with it.
Blaze929  +   885d ago
funny, i said the same thing above and got slapped with 30+ disagrees. wtf....
#27.1 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
lashes2ashes  +   885d ago
The news we were waiting for was for the Japanese market. In Japan everybody wanted to know the release date.
Otoshigamisama  +   885d ago
Sticking with my original It's my beautiful babe!!,though I might buy my sister this Christmas the pink one!!! :)
MultiConsoleGamer  +   885d ago
Desperately trying to counter the 2DS + Pokemon combo. If you think otherwise you are wrong. Just look at the timing of the release.

Still the new colors are a great idea as is the price drop.
DoomeDx  +   885d ago
This was already in development before the 2ds was even announced. Making a new smaller model doesnt take a few weeks. it takes months.
xKugo  +   885d ago
Is this a joke? My vita is already Wifi capable. I'm actually typing this comment from my Vita RIGHT NOW. I'm confused....
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