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Presspauseradio at PAX Prime 2013: Hands-On With Ryse

"Back in 2011 during Microsoft’s E3 Keynote, The people behind the color green were desperately pushing support for their new peripheral: Kinect. Ryse, a Roman gladiator action game was one of the promotions for that hands-free hotness Microsoft wanted to jazz everyone up about.

Flash forward to 2013, where all of Microsoft’s previous enthusiasm for the Kinect is significantly reduced, Ryse reemerges as an Xbox One launch title with Kinect support being wildly scaled back, so naturally, I found the development intriguing and decided to scope out just how well Crytek transitioned that shift in development, and finishing the nearly finished build the floor didn’t exactly project any positive prospect for the finished product come launch day."

George; Presspauseradio.com (PAX Prime 2013, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

ZBlacktt  +   222d ago
Yep, seen it at PAX as well. The game didn't look very good either. Not like Next gen standards at least. Chunky type game play of swinging weapons over and over. That game play at PAX was like kind of boring actually. I would rent this before buying.
edonus  +   222d ago
Keep in mind you are looking at demo code and 9 out of 10 you w. And anything is boring if you arent enthusiastic about playing it. I would be completely bored playing Infamous SS. It looks like there is no challenge. The Main character seems way over powered he is sloppily running around bullet sponging and only fighting like 4-5 at any given time. I dont find that exciting at all, you probably do.
ZBlacktt  +   222d ago
More then aware, also keep in mind the games come out in less then two months. If you want to impress people to sell a game. This would be the time aye? Trust me, this will not be even on the same level as inFamous SS. Not even close.
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Jeff257  +   222d ago
The issue is that Ryse has been in development for years now and is only a few months from release. It was going to be a 360 exclusive at first and that is also an issue. Instead of having been focused squarely for the next gen on XBOX One it has been switched up quite a bit since it was announced and that hasn't really helped the game at all. Yes it looks good graphically but the gameplay shows that it really isn't going to fully utilize the XBOX One.
Skips  +   222d ago
Nothing like how completely boring Ryse looks. But whadya expect from a scrapped Kinect last gen game. : /

Not to mention all the AI look completely brainless and just stand there, letting the main character get all the hits in. But the AI in Infamous try and get out of the way. lol

The visuals look last gen as well, barely looking any better than GOW Ascension. : /

That atrocious looking environment, rehashed character models/animations, and not to mention floating bodies, is just down right embarrassing for a next gen game IMO. Don't know how low your standards are though...

"only fighting like 4-5 at any given time."

It's funny, because the same could be said for Ryse (although with less intelligent AI)...

^^^ Most gameplay we've seen have looked like this... Like 3-4 guys on screen...

All the environments in Ryse are static as well... Compared to Infamous with destructible environments... http://www.playstationlifes...

There's just SOOOO many things that are so wrong with this game... lol

Broken/uninteresting gameplay? Check
Tons of bugs? Check
Tacked on MP? Check
Mediocre visuals? Check
This is being made by Crytek, so a boring and completely uninteresting storyline is a given... lol

Ryse is a 60 or less meta game no doubt... Infamous on the other hand, with it looking better than the first 2 in practically every single way, will probably be 80-85+...
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Bigpappy  +   221d ago
They are talking about the repetitive nature of the game, but most action games fit that bill. God of war and Dynasty Warrior are good examples of repetitive button mashing with very little variation in AI. Yet people seem to play and enjoy those games. This game is not Ninja Gaiden with all the various rolling and jump moves, this guy is a heavily armored soldier. You use your shield and sword to wear the enemy down then you finish them. You unlock more finishes as you progress along with some other perks. Sound like a standard action game to me. Just with more devastation finishes and some limited ability to command your troops. This is not for Street fighter fans or Civilization fans. It is for people who don't mind a good repetitive hack and slash with some added flair. We have had Hack and Slash for years. Now this game gets a flack for using it. It will be used in many more games next gen and for the foreseeable future.
edonus  +   221d ago
Damn we were doing so good then your friends had to show up and turn it in to a Sony circle Jerk.

Devs optimize games until they go in to production and these days patches to fix things are all but to normal. I hope it doesnt come to that but the option is there.

And we dont know what build we are looking at or playing in these demos. They dont reset and give a whole new beta every time they fix a bug. So that leaves us not knowing how far along they or what version we are looking at. Demos like this are only meant to give you an idea of what things could be like. You see they changed the button prompts because people were confusing the chaining of attacks to QTEs.

It has been in development for years and in such has the highest poly count in a playable character on a console ever. And the length of its production is pretty much moot, especially since its for a new system all together. Its not like they have had the same stable hardware sitting there no they are pushing and prodding against a moving and changing environment.


I hate attacking games and normally try to just compare factual things but your clownery is too much. You are using doctored GIFs of a few seconds of gameplay to prove your point HA.... take it back to the Circle Jerk. Especially judging AI on a demo... pathetic.

Infamous SS is a sequel to a declining franchise. The last Infamous was luke warm and underperformed after much hype and this one is suppose to right the wrongs? In Ryse there are multiple enemy engagements and the difference is Marius Titus is not an over powered bullt sponge, he is not killing every enemy with a 3 hit fire combo, he is actually blocking attacking countering and chaining attacks while in Infamous Smokeman is one hit sneak attacks against an army with ineffective weapons. Why are they all so far apart from each other shouldnt they flank and focus shots to increase damage?
If I was going to fix Infamous I would add a major stealth component and let bullets actually kill. Something like a Splinter cell conviction or AC blend into the crowd and disappear type stuff, but I havent actually seen any real crowds of people in Infamous, there was a protest with like 10 static people then like 5 enemies spread out over a couple blocks. Less going on? You must be kidding. We have seen in Ryse either a giant war going on around you with a bunch of characters on screen at once, or an arena with a crowd surrounding you and a shifting environment and 2 people playing at once.
Skips  +   221d ago
"I hate attacking games and normally try to just compare factual things but your clownery is too much. "

And yet you bring up Infamous in a Ryse article for no apparent reason??? LMFAO!! HA... Such contradictory, it's not even funny... Nice job at making a complete idiot out of yourself. -_-

"The last Infamous was luke warm and underperformed after much hype and this one is suppose to right the wrongs?"

Are you stupid??? Infamous 2 reviewed practically the same as the first...


What "luke warm" response are you getting at exactly???

lmao... Going by you're completely idiotic logic. That like saying Halo is also in a decline considering it reviewed much lower than any of it's other predecessors...

Halo 3 = 94
Halo Reach = 91
Halo 4 = 87

Or are you talking about sales??? Because again, same could be said for ANY franchise with lower sales than it's predecessors. Halo, God Of War, Gears, Uncharted, Crackdown etc.... Again, another idiotic argument that you just pulled out of nowhere.

Infamous on a decline? HAH!

I cold say the very same thing as Crytek as a whole studio... After the first Crysis, the last two have been seen as MASSIVE disappointments (at least coming the PC community). If their last outings in a genre they've done a good job in once managed to become disappointing. What makes you think they'll do any better in a genre they know NOTHING about???

You can't fix broken gameplay, and coming from impressions. This game seems like a 60 or lower no doubt.

"he is not killing every enemy with a 3 hit fire combo"

Gameplay seems to say other wise... You could literally just mash away without blocking at the idiotic AI.

"Why are they all so far apart from each other shouldnt they flank and focus shots to increase damage? "

The hell??? I could say something similar about Ryse. lmao!!! Why in the world do those AI just stand around while there buddies are getting hit? XD Wouldn't it be more effective to all attack at the same time??? Instead of being completely idiotic, attacking one by one, letting the main character kill their buddies ONE BY ONE. lol

"We have seen in Ryse either a giant war going on around you with a bunch of characters on screen at once"

LMFAO!!! http://i.imgur.com/kVdry2Y....

You mean THOSE characters??? Literally the SAME exact rehashed characters doing the same EXACT animations... Not nearly as impressive as you're trying to make it out to be bud.

"If I was going to fix Infamous I would add a major stealth component and let bullets actually kill."

And if I was going to fix Ryse, I wouldn't even know where to start. Considering it's just a complete mess. -__-

Destructible environments in an open world > The mediocrity we've seen from Ryse
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Evilsnuggle  +   221d ago
Edonus*** here we go again the xboners disconnect with Reality .at this point in time all most ever game mag and game website has had negative previews of ryse. Ign and gamespot have ripped this game apart in 3 different previews I have read. Multiple game site have made negative comments graphic and gameplay of ryse. But to the X boners ryse is the greatest thing since sliced bread. How can x boners compare infamous who graphic and gameplay has received great previews and award to lamo ryse.You sound like a butt hurt fanboy.The following is a list of 2013 E3 awards this game infamous second son has won:

IGN Best PS4 Game Won

IGN Best Action Game Nominated

IGN Best Overall Game Nominated (runner-up)

IGN Best PlayStation Game Won

Game Informer Best PlayStation Exclusive Won

Destructoid Game of Show Nominated

Destructoid Best PS4 Game Won

Destructoid Best Action/Adventure Nominated

Digital Trends Best Sony Exclusive Nominated

EGM Best PS4 Game Won

Polygon Editor's Choice Selected

Laptop Mag Best PlayStation Exclusive Won

Hardcore Gamer Best PS4 Game Won

Hardcore Gamer Best Action Game Won

Hardcore Gamer Best Graphics Nominated

Game Chronicles Best PS4 Game Nominated (runner up)

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No_Limit  +   221d ago
Day One! Can care less what the haters on N4G say. For Rome! LOL

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Evilsnuggle  +   221d ago
Yes them haters at IGN and gamespot . Bad review = haters LOL LOL LOL

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