Sony Summarizes The PlayStation 4’s New Features And User Interface

This summer was packed with plenty of exciting news regarding next-generation consoles, which includes Sony’s upcoming hardware, the PlayStation 4. During an event called “The New Age Arrival: Gentlemen, Let’s Make Games!” that took place during CEDEC 2013, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia’s Kensei Akiyama summarized the PlayStation 4’s specs and features.

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fardan851685d ago

Next Gen looks promising with PS4. I'm feeling it, I'm ready for it.

sincitysir11685d ago

Sony learned. They grew. And they will prosper. They have truly.grown into what i hope my son willgrow to be one day. A f**ken rockstar

Animal Mutha 761685d ago

You could argue that it was MS and the success of xbox who have forced them to refocus and up their game with PS4, and likewise Sony who forced MS into dumping the DRM and making the X1 a better product.

Competition keeps them on their toes.

Looking forward to seeing if PS4 is as good as they say.

gaelic_laoch1685d ago

SONY has truly restored my fate in gaming!

They have jumped in with two feet and have showed us the future while other companies may have wanted to make us prisoners of our passion for gaming SONY has showed that big companies can be passionate about my favorite hobby!

thereapersson1685d ago

Not sure how I feel about that menu system, though. I sort of liked the simplicity of the XMB. Hopefully there is a compromise between the two designs.

strickers1685d ago

The horizontal XMB is there. Just now each game etc have own pages with all info in one place. Vertical part of XMB could be better. I like XMB but this looks like a good evolution

kidhero991685d ago

Never lost my faith in them.

pyramidshead1685d ago

mmhhpph. Now all I need is money.

prodg521685d ago

I agree. I made a list of PS3/ Vita/ PS4 games I want, then said "how am I going to pay for all this?" Now add in Vita TV. Sony's getting all my money this holiday.

Tooly1685d ago

Vita Tv omq i need that now

tarbis1685d ago

Remember what Ken Kutaragi said regarding having 2 jobs? He lied. We need 3 or more jobs to support the Playstation. lol

THC CELL1685d ago

Wonder if u can voice chat to smartphone?

fOrlOnhOpe571685d ago

I just love all the interconnectivity. I bought the 55" Sony Bravia W9 earlier this year and it plays nicely with my xperia z phone.
Cant wait to throw PS4 into the mix :)

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