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Commentary: Sony, Microsoft continue to battle for best console title, Playstation 4 winning the war

War is coming, but not just any type of war.

In this war, sleep is diminished, grades take a steady decline and countless Doritos are lost to hungry soldiers. Red-eyed and shaggy-bearded, these soldiers are fueled purely by Mountain Dew and the strive escape to a virtual paradise.

It is not a familiar type of war fought on a battlefield, it is a virtual race through camaraderie and entertainment.

It is a console war. (PS4, Xbox One)

black0o  +   808d ago
Kingthrash360  +   808d ago
ps4 **see avatar
Skips  +   807d ago
"Playstation 4 winning the war"

As of right now...

Considering Xbone is getting completely massacred on it's own HOME TURF, and the track record of PlayStation outselling Xbox year after year every where else... Pretty much...


"So far Microsoft is firing with exclusives"
"Sony has the safety on still"

MS's 1st party = http://www.popularmechanics...
Sony's 1st party = http://cdn2-www.playstation...

Just sayin'
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NewMonday  +   807d ago
and the new PS4 exclusives anonced in Japan destroys the last argument haters love to repeat "indystation"

it leaves them looking like this


they are still recovering
mewhy32  +   807d ago
Come on. This thing was over the minute Don Mattrick stepped onto the stage at E3 and told the gaming community to buy an xbox 360 if they didn't like what was happening with the bone. Now the micro$oft execs are dropping like flies and reshuffling like a deck of cards. Sony didn't treat us all like sheep and didn't try to force a spy camera into our living rooms and micro$oft did. Now they're paying the price.
come_bom  +   807d ago
At this moment the PS4 is the favorite to win next gen console war and I believe they will win.

With the X1 100€ more expensive then the PS4, I don't believe X1 stands a chance. If Microsoft released a Kinectless X1 cheaper then the PS4, it would certainly turn next gen more interesting.
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MizTv  +   807d ago
I agree
I just hate the fact there is kinectless version
shivvy24  +   807d ago
No its PS4TW
RedHawkX   807d ago | Bad language | show
ZHZ90  +   807d ago
Since Sony cares about Customer Satisfaction, by the well of God, Sony will win.
Regis  +   807d ago
Do you mean by the awesomeness or goodness or screw it I'm done Sony FTW!!!!
thetruthx1  +   808d ago
Sony is only winning the battle

The war will be 10 years

So far Microsoft is firing with exclusives

Sony has the safety on still lol

It's going to be great for gamers in general
Angels3785  +   808d ago
Not gonna lie..that took me a second...that was world class stealth trolling.
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theBAWSE  +   807d ago
Like Microsoft catered to the xbox and Xbox 360 with exclusives throughout its lifespan?

one thing any gamer knows is Sony will provide exclusives and unique ips well into ps4 lifespan add beyond

two consoles in the same cannot be said for microsoft
Bennibop  +   807d ago
Half of Sony's first parties have yet to announce what they are working on and if you look in to it SOny actually has more exclusives announced than Microsoft now!!
first1NFANTRY  +   807d ago
no head start, $100 more with inferior hardware? dude i think M$ has already lost the war.

It's alright they can try again for the fourth time in another decade.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   807d ago
You seem to have quite a lot of faith in microsoft.Weird, considering they lost two "wars" with Playstation already.

sincitysir1  +   807d ago
What a joke. If anything I'd say Microsoft is winning a teeny tiny battle for that island inside the ocean of an island inside another island. Sony is like a turtle. Slowly but steady. And then BAM the turtle has a jet pack strapped on. Didn't expect that did u?
NeloAnjelo  +   807d ago
And who "won" between Sony and MS this gen?

I think we'll get a troll answer too.
CultOfPersonality  +   807d ago
And Microsoft will struggle with exclusives down the line and Sony has t even brought out the
big guns yet!
fghtrer3fb5erg  +   807d ago
lol@ xboners making random accounts to troll in ps4 articles, just like all those bots spamming tweeter, shame on you.
gaelic_laoch  +   807d ago
What War????

SONY's PS4 is the peoples console choice as their next gen console. The xbone will find a niche market and will no doubt have a few great games. But it is now time for many to just let go, put down your xbot pitchforks and move on with your lives...........the war is over, don't be some Japanese soldier hiding out in a jungle 30 years after WW2!
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Regis  +   807d ago
But before many people put down their pitchforks. People find new ways to ignite said, "war"
steve30x  +   807d ago
Microsoft is losing because of the ammount of stuff you have to have Xbox Live Gold before you can use it. I will still buy both consoles though.
SITH  +   807d ago
Yeah I know they are losing because it is the same exact amount* of stuff you had to have last gen! Amazing!
majiebeast  +   807d ago
Funny thing is that only 4 upcoming ps4 games are made by Sony first party studio's. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Dont forget
PS4+VITATV=price of the xbone
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sincitysir1  +   807d ago
That vita tv. I'm still blown away by that amazing playstation life trailer!
TheKayle1  +   807d ago
uniformed journalism...

still on drm
the cpu is faster on xb1
etc etc

who approved this shit?
majiebeast  +   807d ago
Shouldnt you be making a fool of yourself on gaf?
Crazay  +   807d ago
These "articles" are more than a little tiresome aren't they?
DoesUs  +   807d ago
Gaf has been having a good old laugh at him....Though, i've not chimed in yet!
pyramidshead  +   807d ago
You are crazy funny to read on Gaf. Much amusement.
TheKayle1  +   807d ago
sometime i come here to see how much u trolling guys :)

yes i know that u r used to laugh at everyone who isnt in line with ur thinkin way..like a sheep...
but my brain dosnt work ni that way sorry

ps still shitty journalism...im sure you approved this guys
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Knushwood Butt  +   807d ago
After today's bombshells from Sony, I do have to wonder what MS have left to get people taking notice of them.

Bundle another game?

Buy up rights to a 3rd party exclusive?

They are too busy backtracking on their previous blunders to be able to spend time on anything else. They are flat out just trying to get the thing out of the door while Sony are throwing punches that nobody saw coming.
Crazay  +   807d ago
Uhmmm....what Bombshell are you speaking of? A slimmer whiter Vita? A small set top box? Japan having to wait until February to get a PS4? The set top box is a nice idea sure but hardly a bombshell...
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5h4h4b  +   807d ago
Ps4+vita bundle can prove deadly for the x1. Well, even without it, ps4 is proving deadly for x1. :P
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xDHAV0K24x  +   807d ago
I agree. I am surprised they haven't announced this. Poor Vita smh
urwifeminder  +   807d ago
I don't mind the war I actually hope playstation dominates maybe it will shut some of the diehard up but some how I doubt it ungracious in victory defeat or draw.
xDHAV0K24x  +   807d ago
they been wanting MS out of the picture since 2001. when will they learn MS is here to stay?
AwesomeMan   807d ago | Spam
amiga-man  +   807d ago
AwesomeMan have you been living under a rock? M$ plans for DRM always online and always on Kinect were roundly criticised by gamers even before they were officially announced, yet M$ chose to ignore the consumer and continue with anti consumer plans,their arrogance was incredible and it was rightfully rejected by gamers and only then did they do their desperate 180's on pretty much everything they announced,

It is all Sony can do to try and meet demand, even in America pre orders are in favour of the PS4, you really are living in some fantasy world if you think xbox is doing any thing other than playing catchup,

M$ greed is biting them in the ass and is costing them big time, serves them bloody well right.
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MaverickStar7  +   807d ago
Winning the war? A single console hasn't even been sold. So far Sony is winning the propaganda campaign, but not as much as they were. Launch and the first holiday season will be your first battle. Lets look at the results after a few years. People forget how much things can change over one console cycle.
Wikkid666  +   807d ago
Just a GS4 fanboy statement
amiga-man  +   807d ago
"A single console hasn't even been sold"

Not true plenty of consoles have been sold none have been dispatched, but going by the numbers so far Ps4 has gained a distinct advantage.
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MaverickStar7  +   807d ago
Reserves are not sales, even if paid in full. The transaction is not complete until the item is handed to the customer at the store or is shipped in the case of a online order. All there are now are pending sales and reserves. Even then you are talking 1-2 million for launch day for the hardcore fans. The war is the full console cycle where consoles will sell 50-100million and things will happen in 2-3 years you had no idea would happen today. Yes the PS4 has the advantage, but lets not make this the "Dewey Defeats Truman" of the console race.
xDHAV0K24x  +   807d ago
I have a few BS4's on pre order and flipping them. ur welcome SONY
medman  +   807d ago
Belking  +   807d ago
Best console title? We all know xbox is winning that one.Even at e-3 their games won twice as many awards as the competition.
humbleopinion  +   807d ago
This is what I find weird here: While the article headlines mentions "battle for best console title", nothing in the body has any mention of the actual games. I wonder who approved this thing.

We won't know who's gonna win until the games are actually out - half of them are not even announced. But it's indeed crystal clear that the One has a more solid line up: In the battle for "real exclusives" Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5 and Killer Instinct are simply a better offering than Killzone, Driveclub and Knack. This is however just a numbers game, and quality wise things might play differently.

Launch lineup wise Microsoft simply slightly 1up-ed what Sony had to offer. Too bad Infamous didn't make it to launch because lineups are so close that such a title could have turned things around.
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Belking  +   807d ago
You are correct. Sony line up is really lacking IMO, and you should be prepared for lot of disagrees...lol
Evilsnuggle  +   807d ago
Ryse is pure garbage graphic and gameplay every game site and game mag said it sucks. Gamespot and IGN said ryse is trash . DR3 has bad frame rate and forza 5 is the best looking game for xbone one 80 .forza 5 looks cartoonish it has flat backgrounds Pre render lighted not real time lighting no nite to day lighting .killer instinct is struggling to do 720p and 60fps xbone is sad hardware. I don't think xbone is TRUE NEXT GEN NO 1080p 30-60fps .yes forza is 1080p 60fps but weak graphics All Xbone game have inferior graphic to the PS4.
humbleopinion  +   807d ago

I'm still not sure if you're talking graphics or gameplay... games are still all a work in progress.

I'm asking because Ryse graphics look better than any next-gen launch game. Expected considering how it's the tech gods of Crytek and their most sophisticated engine. Graphically it looks even better than Forza 5 which in turns looks better (and has a far better developer track record) than Driveclub which is supposed to be the equivalent offering on the PS4.

Gameplay wise we will have to judge after release. But from past experience I think we can count on Crytek: their previous games were all good to great. And contrary to your claims, the latest impressions from Ryse have been positive - especially after they dumped the big QTE buttons on screen.

Turn 10 are the best racing sim developers on the planet so we shouldn't worry there. Dead Rising I'm a bit more skeptic about that one but it still looks tons of fun and the past game in the series was also enjoyable. And as for KI... fighting games are not my cup of tea and the developer history is abysmal. But it's not like there's any counteroffer from the PS4 side. Having even a poor (but free to play) fighting game is still better than having none.

So overall that list is still better than what you get on the PS3: Knack never really caught wind (Cerny himself even admitted Knack wasn't a top-tier game but rather just a little side project), Driveclub impressions made Ryse sound like it's heaven on earth in comparison. Killzone looks as bland as always - the same space nazi FPS it always was, and multiplayer wise it will never have the mass following of the big sharks released alongside it: COD and Battlefield). You also talk about TRUE NEXT GEN 1080p/60fps games but unlike Forza which was already confirmed to run at this rate don't mention which game on the PS4 holds true to that benchmark. Can you name one?

The bottom line is that it seems the odds favor the Xbox One this time. People might have different tastes, but I don't really see how someone can argue with the numbers...
redcar121  +   807d ago
I want x1 to win cause sony let gta get hacked
jhoward585  +   807d ago
Sony has the most diverse game lineup compared to MS right now.

They've got dramatic games, actions games, fighting games, game for the little people, games for the big people, games one can play at home or on the go, etc.

Sound to me MS has a lot of catching up to do.
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xDHAV0K24x  +   807d ago
and every single one of those games are gonna be hits right?
jhoward585  +   807d ago
@ xDHAV0K24x

with Sony enormous fan base yes. Sony makes games for everyone, which I love. They're the reason why we have game like TLOF,Beyond two souls, and uncharted.

Sony's ambition is pushing the gaming industry to greater heights right now, they're the only one that's holding the gaming industry together.

Every day I smile because of Sony, they've given me so many option to choose from. I can now play my game at home, I can play my games on the go, I can play my game on another TV. They've got it all.


I was once an Xbox fan(true story) I guess you can say I divorced MS
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Evilsnuggle  +   807d ago
If there was a console war then SONY dropped a PS4 ATOMIC BOMB ON mircoSCAM .
#18 (Edited 807d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
xDHAV0K24x  +   807d ago
incredible! a winner has been crowned at least 10 yrs in advance!

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