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Submitted by excaliburps 885d ago | news

Major Nelson doesn’t like the Xbox One being nicknamed “Xbone,” thinks it’s disrespectful

Major Nelson doesn’t like the Xbox One being nicknamed “Xbone,” thinks it’s disrespectful (Major Nelson, Microsoft, Xbox One)

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Angels3785  +   885d ago | Well said
Frankly I don't care what this guy says..I think what their company attempted and represents even after the change was not only disrespectful, but an out and out disgrace to the gaming community.
Tony-A  +   885d ago | Well said
I gotta agree with you there. People don't like that the third Xbox is called Xbox One. Therefore, you get a nickname as silly as the actual name.

Why would you think it's disrespectful? What respect does a console have? Especially one that isn't out yet and has gotten nothing but negative attention. Besides, the rules of nicknames are that you don't get to pick them. If it sticks, you're stuck with it.
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black0o  +   885d ago | Well said
they shouldn't named it xboxOne to began with .. infinity was way better or even x720
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PoSTedUP   885d ago | Immature | show
SanMarco  +   885d ago | Funny
BitbyDeath  +   885d ago | Funny
Should just do a 180 on the name then, one more 180 won't make or break anything at this point.
IVanSpinal   885d ago | Trolling | show
sincitysir1  +   885d ago
This guy is too much. He needs to get away from the social world because he is tainting the Xbox more and more. It's like dude go home already. No one likes u.
pixelsword   885d ago | Immature | show
ZodTheRipper  +   885d ago
I don't like the Xbone, I think in it it's inital state it also was disrespectful. And he's the last one that should be talking about disrespectful if you look at his comment history.
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cvflyboy  +   885d ago | Funny
let's ask the Rock what he thinks about all the name confusion..........
FlunkinMonkey  +   885d ago | Well said
I honestly think he is the most unlikeable person i have even seen attached to a console... ranging from his lack of knowledge of the system he represents (thinking MGS5 was an exclusive and 'the switch'), to his name 'Major Nelson', to his slimy persona.

Shut it Nelson, know one gives a furrrk!
ohiostatesman  +   885d ago
I won't ever purchase a PS4 based on what Sony did to the PS3. Released it at 599 with no games for the first 3 years. Told people to get two jobs to afford one. The arrogance. The entire basis of the PS4 is damage control for the PS3 but it is too late for Sony. I'm an Xbox fan now.
_FantasmA_  +   885d ago
Mitt Romney would say: "Consoles are people too!" If you say screw M$ corporate anti-gaming policies, he would say "Corporations are people too!"
mistertwoturbo  +   885d ago | Funny
Let's respect Major Nelson here and stop calling it the Xbone.

Let's start calling it the Xboner.
Army_of_Darkness  +   885d ago | Funny
If you say Xbone 3 times in the washroom alone while looking in the mirror.. . Kinect will watch you whenever you step in your house! It will withhold video entertainment from you until you give it your lunch money! And It will force you to keep what you have forever and ever! Wohahaha!
But that my friends is only a myth.. .. .. . So they say.. ..
FragMnTagM  +   885d ago
Xbone is stupid anyway regardless of what Major Nelson thinks.

It should be Xone if anything.

It is just as stupid as calling the PS4, PlS4.
7uff1  +   885d ago
Brix90  +   885d ago | Well said

Just stop you sound stupid the ps3 isn't perfect but to say your Xbox fan because of price, lack of games for three years, you sound like hypocrite look at Xbox higher in price range and haven't really supported the console for three years only a few AAA titles. Not to mention an Xbox Exec said if you didn't have Internet buy a 360 when the X1 had its 24 hour check in. Point is both made mistakes and your company have committed the same crimes you hate Sony for.

On topic:
How many Major Nelson articles are we gona get. We get it Nelson you like the X1 now get off the sack man and shut up already. Xbone Wow!
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gaffyh  +   885d ago
I prefer Xbone, it's easier to say and is more differentiated from the first original Xbox. I can't count how many times I've said Xbox 1 and meant the first Xbox, and I hate having to make that distinction. So Xbone it is.
pyramidshead  +   885d ago
Laughed out loud when I read the title for this article, no wonder it's three pages deep with 180 comments. I've loved this generations console build up, it's brought out some hilarious memes. Xbone ftw!
badz149  +   885d ago
What's next? He thinks he owns the internet or something? I think this is the perfect time for #dealwithit

Yeah STFU and #dealwithit
Ritsujun  +   885d ago
Aww, Mehjurr Pelsuhn's mad.
ravinash  +   885d ago
Surely when the managers, PR and marketing people sit down to think up a name for their product, they road test it to make sure people can't twist it round to make bad names out of it?
DragonKnight  +   885d ago
Would he prefer Xboned? Xboner? Xbox 180? The name Xbox One is stupid, the nicknames are better.
darthv72  +   885d ago
I wont take credit for it but after it was initially revealed...xbone was the first thing that came to mind when i commented about it. i guess from there it set a trend in motion.

No offense major but...whoever came up with the "xbox one" name was an 'xbone' head.
Rainstorm81  +   885d ago

It does work the same way Playstation is one word yet its called PS1-4 not P3 or P4.

No one including Sony writes out it out as Play Station
Silly Mammo  +   885d ago
Just like in real life, you rarely get to pick your nickname. rather its thrust upon you.
ShinMaster  +   885d ago
@ Reinstorm81

Actually it's not "Playstation". It's PlayStation.
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Withdreday  +   885d ago
Oh sooo disrespectful to Mr Nelson... Maybe we should all just stop...or maybe we should just Not buy the Xbox One.

Decisions, decisions....
YNWA96  +   885d ago
pOSTEDuP comment says everything about this site. Its an insulting piece, has no place anywhere, brings nothing good to an article and is totally childish. Look at his agrees, yet people offer well thought comments, and they get hammered with disagrees. Whether or not you agree with them, it deserves a little more respect.
crxss  +   885d ago
The people @ Microsoft who came up with Xbox one and thought XBONE wouldn't come up are idiots.
Rainstorm81  +   884d ago
@ shin

...Or like Microsoft its not MicroSoft.. yet we still use MS
rbluetank  +   884d ago
LMAO! very funny and true.
ColinZeal  +   884d ago
Major Nelson seems like a boring guy to bring to a party.
The_Con-Sept  +   881d ago
Next thing you know we will be calling it the bone console. You know... Bare bones when it comes to games? I will not feel any regret forgetting this console in a year. The bone console can rot in the deserts of new Mexico along with every copy of ET for the Atari 2600.
Godmars290  +   885d ago
I would have said consumers, point out that the original and some of the still current policies exclude and even punish anyone who puts down $500 for something they'll mistakenly think they'll own outright, but otherwise I agree with you.

"Nelson" has proven that he only says what MS wants him too.
vigilante_man  +   885d ago
He is right - people use the name in a dis-respectful way.

But what a daft name to begin with. Every one expected 720 or Infinity but some bright spark thought of this. It really does open you up to insults:

You've just been XBoned - by MS!
Is that a XBoner in your living room - or are you just happy to see me?

Moaning just makes it worse - has this guy got nothing better to do for the next 2 months?
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Thehyph  +   885d ago
A guy who is publicly known by his internet handle/online gamertag pointing a finger at an internet name/figure of speech.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot see a positive outcome.

Even people that I know in person who are buying an Xbox One call it X-Bone jokingly.
BlueBlood17  +   885d ago
I prefer Harry Lyrb @captainmandela on twitter! ;-D
GiantEnemyCrab  +   885d ago
Vigilante_man: It's not like the guy opened a thread whining about it. A commenter asked him what he thought about people calling it the "XBone" and he answered. I agree with him that it is disrespectful but that's life. I'm sure Sony doesn't like POS4 or PSBore or anything like that but kids will be kids.
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Godmars290  +   885d ago

The Sony nicknames aren't as widely used. Haven't become practically automatic.
Sarick  +   885d ago
"Nelson" has proven that he only says what MS wants him too."

I agree, it's no coincidence that he may have recently joined NeoGaf. He could even be a member on N4G hiding under an assumed name.

His job is to promote the Microsoft products. IMHO Microsoft must be placing him on a few popular forums and news sites to interact/sway people who don't follow/comment on his Twitter feeds.

I honestly think that's a mistake IMHO he needs replaced ASAP. Why? Even though he does what he's paid to do IMHO his reputation is all but destroyed. A lot of people despise him and the company he works for.

Having someone who's infamous for deception working at the top of the public relations is as far as I'm concerned a big negative. They need to get someone new in there that's fresh. Someone who isn't tainted by their past.

Sure people will still have negative views of the company and its polices but the stigma from a tainted public relations representative or CEO is something that can seriously hurt any company in it's market.

People are fickle, when screwed with most don't forgive or forget easily, especially with the internet and its social impact. If you have a representative that has high negative marks on their name they have very little respect from the community when they speak. In fact the most common reaction is hostile if the reputation is low enough.

Microsoft needs to replace this guy so they can at least get a fresh start on someone new. They don't need to fire him just put him someplace else or let someone else do PR until things settle down.

I know if I was in the public EYE caught on camera doing/saying something for a company that pissed people off the last thing I'd want is to add fuel to the fire. This is exactly why I think he needs to go on a long vacation.

Honestly, if I was as some would call a complete Sony fan I'd hit disagree with this comment imminently because it'd be in my interest to see him stay as a representative. If I was a complete Microsoft fan I assume my emotions would be split after reading this comment.

I really can't think to much about it because both companies have tickled my feathers. I suppose it depends on the current situation.

Comments. Just hit agree or disagree. If you strongly disagree send me a PM explaining why. I'm open to constructive criticism or I wouldn't be posting this LONG comment.
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aiBreeze  +   885d ago
Well after the original controversy of their own making, I think they got lucky coming out of that with the label Xbone.. could have been a lot worse.

Also another one for their long list of mistakes tbh.. nobody is going to call it the Xbox One constantly, they should have attempted to use a shortened version at their unveiling instead of going TV TV SPORTS TV TV. I'd have went with X1 personally.
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sincitysir1  +   885d ago
Yeah its easier to just say xbox. People know what ur talking.about anyway. Plus i.think x1 is too x-men ish
FragMnTagM  +   885d ago
Or we could just call it X1 for short. XBOX works too, but Xbone just doesn't fit even if you are making fun of it.
Mikeyy  +   885d ago
How does Xbone not fit?

Xbox One

XB One



Xbox 360

XB 360

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UltimateMaster  +   884d ago
On the next article, Penelo says the Xbox One can sell 400 million to 1 billion because it can do TV and therefore it can be sold to a wider audience than just gamers.

So yeah, don't call it a gaming console, that's an offensive term now, call it an Xbox TV.
dj3boud  +   885d ago
And what they did and try to shove down loyal gamers throats is not disrespectful?!
Deadpoolio  +   885d ago
It definitely sounds better than whatever mentally retarded Xbot came up with Pauperstation....

They should just 180 the name anyway they could call it the Xbox One80
Sarick  +   884d ago
Do you think he would've had the same reaction if gamers nicknamed it Xbwon?

XB is Xbox and the ONE is 1 or ONE. XB-ONE if they named the thing XB720 or XB3 like they should have done people would've abbreviated it the same way. The only difference is the number wouldn't have combined with the B to make the word "BONE." Look at these XBThree, XBIII, XB3, or XB720

It all depends on the reaction of the reader. If the writer is recognized as hostile or snarky xbone is seen as X-bone. If the writer seen as level headed, neutral and constructive then the reader might be seen it as X-Box-One.

At times of controversy/bias when people feel entitled or defensive they may overreact. They can and often do take offense no matter how subtle the context is written.

It's like those pictures where some people see faces while others see 2 wine glasses.
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BlueBlood17  +   884d ago

I always make sure to capitalise the 'o' ine 'one' to distinguish from the 'XB'. I thinks that's fair.
jgrigs09   885d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(5)
PSjesus   885d ago | Offensive
Bathyj  +   885d ago
I can wait til we get a report someone says XBONE ON!
and it actually works.
Tito08  +   884d ago
Lol, true. BTW, surrounding all of these MS bad press these past couple of months, where's Aaron Greenburg aka Annoy Greenburger, because he was totally annoying at the time, now he's nowhere to be seen,that was bragging about how awesome 360 and was and that Blu-Ray isn't needed, I would like his excuse this time.
AwesomeMan   885d ago | Spam
ChrisW  +   885d ago
It's the most intelligent thing that Sony fans can come up with...
BOLO  +   885d ago
Yeah...Because Microsoft naming the THIRD Xbox, Xbox One is even smarter...-_-
come_bom  +   885d ago
Xbone is disrespectful, but it's totally Microsoft's fault. With silly names (Xbox One) comes silly nicknames.

I would really like to know who the hell come up with such a "brilliant" name like the Xbox One? That moron should be fired.
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IcicleTrepan  +   885d ago
It's like naming your kid. Someone at the playground is always going to come up with an insultory version of the name no matter what you pick.
fattyuk  +   885d ago
"It's like naming your kid. Someone at the playground is always going to come up with an insultory version of the name no matter what you pick."

Not really my kids are named Bruce lee and Muhammad Ali and they do quite fine
Cloudyday71  +   885d ago
I think the way Microsoft treated gamers with their DRM policies is disrespectful.

The way they copied the PlayStation naming scheme is disrespectful.

The way they took the success of my favorite console the Xbox 360 and tarnished the entire brand with their arrogance is disrespectful.

The way Major Nelson spoke to Angry Joe and talked down to him like he was a piece of shit and lied to him and LIED TO ALL OF US is disrespectful.

I think the way Major Nelson tells me I can't call the XBone the XBone is DISRESPECTFUL.

#1.11 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
IcicleTrepan  +   885d ago
To be fair, Angry Joe was not being professional in that interview, he was being an ass.
HonestDragon  +   885d ago
@ IcicleTrepan

Angry Joe was being very courteous. He was asking hard and direct questions (some from fans), yes, but Nelson didn't conduct himself in a professional manner. The video shows it.

At 7:30, the Microsoft staff force Joe to switch his question because they were giving him dirty looks. At 11:35, Nelson takes the microphone away from Joe because he was asked a legitimate question. How exactly is Joe being unprofessional when the Microsoft staff and Nelson were treating him like so coldly?
MAULxx  +   884d ago
Well said & I agree. This should be common knowledge by now, at least to people who post here.
Sadly, it seems that even Larry doesn't get why people have went from pissed to not giving one rat turd about the "Xbone".
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ZHZ90  +   885d ago
I loled at Nelson doesn't ike Xbox One to be called Xbone. :D

Anyways well said.
IcicleTrepan  +   885d ago
Someone asked him about it and he answered honestly, geez.

If you spent several years working with teams that worked very hard to bring something to market only to have someone make a slang name for it, you'd probably be unhappy too.
MazzingerZ  +   885d ago
Haha while Yoshida and Kaz love the GIFS people create Major Nelson gets offended by the nickname X1 got...just funny
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hiredhelp  +   885d ago
I still wondering about why they come up with the name i have 2 reason.
One As in going back to old Xbox witch pretty daft as the old Xbox was great robust self upgradable console but looks nothin like New Xbox.
Two. XBOX ONE What if we miss seeing the name wrong they trying to actually make a statement by saying Xbox Won eaither way it's stupid.
But something to think about Old Xbox or a comment to Sony they won last gen or perhaps they feel they gonna win this gen.?

BTW he think hes EPIC Cliff with the Chaingun
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xREAPERxACTUAL  +   885d ago
It is being marketed as an "All in one" device...therefore, Xbox One.
gamer7804  +   885d ago
So if you don't like something, then its name calling. Ooook.

Whether you agree with past policies or not is not the issue. Lots of people put hard work into the xbox one and they deserve at least that bit of respect.
DragonKnight  +   885d ago
I don't even know where to begin with your comment. Respect just for the sake of respect is wrong.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   885d ago
Respect just for the sake of respect is wrong.


Are you saying you don't respect people around you? Or is this just the stance you take on the internet where someone can't pop you? If you don't have just a little respect for other people you must live a sorry life.
XB1_PS4  +   885d ago
Hahaha, I like the xbox and I completely agree. Major Nelson is some sorta special. He sounds like a whining little baby.
TheKiller9745  +   885d ago
Frankly, no one cares for your opinion. I also don't remember anyone going all the way to the PS4 forums and finding you specifically and asking you. Do you not have a life? Why be on Xbox One forums? Go back to the PS4 forums.
BallsEye  +   885d ago
What is your problem? I'll never understand people like you, complaining MS is disrespectful to gamers and whatever. MS brings a lot of awesome games, games we would never be able to play if they wouldn't put out money for it, for their own studios or ones they bought. If you don't like XO then don't buy it, stop bragging! You think sony or nintendo respects you more? Good for you get their console. Some of us like to have options and are not affected by things that concern you. You people have to chill the f out.
DragonKnight  +   885d ago
MS is disrespectful to gamers. Their policies proved they didn't give a damn about gamers. They only changed them because the casual audience found out how badly they'd be screwed thanks to Jimmy Fallon and the fact they were getting no pre-orders. The content MS goes for is largely 3rd party based, so it's not something that THEY themselves are bringing to the table. Nintendo and Sony show more respect to gamers than Microsoft ever have or ever will.
BallsEye  +   885d ago

MS, SOny and Nintendo don't care about gamers, they care only about profits. If being nice to a gamer give them profit, they are nice. Stop thinking Sony or Nintendo loves you. They love your money. If you think otherwise you are just silly. If you go to restaurant, you think the owners give a sh!t about you? They just want to get money from you that's all. Just because MS had other vision of future gaming (digital) doesn't mean they're any worse than other company. They still bring great titles and great innovation.
PSPMAN07  +   885d ago

Your claim is baseless, is an arguement over semantic. "No company loves you, they love your money". Who Cares? I've been pissed at all 3 (MS, Sony, and Nintendo) but in my experience Nintendo and Sony are the ones catering to people that buy their hardware. MS however entered the console designing business just to diversify their portfolio, and try to lockdown another market, which was enable by 360's success. However if any one cared to look at it, MS doesn't give a damn about consumers at all. Look at the 360 hardware, launched with critcal system failure bugs (RROD), why because MS only mindframe was to take down Sony and own the console market, not about innovation or consumers, about getting your money as you so eloquently phrase it. Too further that thought, when MS had the success could've capped off Sony, what did they do? Abandoned what got them there in the first place, going away from the Hardcore gamers that put them in the lead and starting going to a casual gaming market that is doing decent but not going to keep them in front.

Let's move to the Xbox One. The system doesn't look bad, however its the same MS policies that deter them. Going for the complete Entertainment system was put at the forefront. While this was Sony's claim for the PS3, MS adapted as well trying to take Sony down, smartly tho Sony started to shy away from the "Entertainment Station" and kept their 1st party studios banging out games people wanted to play, meanwhile MS took the "Entertainment Station" and ran with it. PS4 is announced and MS feels compelled to announce their system, instead of taking the time to make sure everything is in order, they come up with advertisements about X1 being able to watch TV, infuriating gamers everywhere.

The DRM policies show the lack of care for the consumer and thus I didn't speak on that but its quite clear, to me at least, that MS is solely about owning a market, not just getting money (They have tons of it already) and only competes with Sony, as instead of the Console market as a whole. MS throws money at their problems is why they can do whatever they want, but that thought alone should bring about the question what is "MS doing to further console gaming, giving they have resources to impact the market ?".

IMHO MS biggest accomplishment was Xbox Live, creating a smooth internet infrastructure, that gamers could play seamlessly. Sony and Nintendo didn't have that. To me ts the only thing MS did to improve console gaming. Its the biggest appeal to this day for MS. But even this isn't going to carry them through. But to touch base back on topic, MS plans are for markets however Sony and Nintendo, are for profits. They are catering to target audiences to in turn get their product sold true. The difference is tho, Sony and Nintendo are doing things for the future, planting seeds, cultivating the console market, while MS does things to seize the market, they want to monopolize it. And while we do see advances because of competition, Sony and Nintendo needs to stay relevant to keep movement forward. And lastly that is exactly what consumers are starting to see.
DragonKnight  +   885d ago
@BallsEye: The difference between MS and Sony/Nintendo is that Sony/Nintendo care about our money and try to get it by working for us. Microsoft act like they already own our money and our handing it to them is merely a formality.

You can try to deflect by saying none of the companies "love us" but of the 3, which one of the companies have put forth the message of being for gamers? Which of the 3 have put forth the work and effort to gain gamer confidence? Which of the 3 have put forth the effort to make developers happy so that they in turn can make gamers happy?

Basically, which of the 3 are going for the theme of happiness and which of the 3 are going for the theme of "we know what's good for you?"

Answer: MS is the latter, Sony (and to a lesser extend Nintendo) are the former.
ramiuk1  +   885d ago
i used to like this guy,cant stand him now with all the bull he spouts,cant trust the company he works for either.

the thing is what gets me is all this supposedly amazing stuff coming to XBONE is america only stuff,rest of world is gonna get shafted and half the features arnt there.
so screw minor nelson with ya xbone
mewhy32  +   885d ago
Right on!!!! Man that's what I'm talking about!!! micro$oft is lucky that they're selling ANY xbones. The sheep will buy anything that micro$oft sells and love anything that micro$oft does to them. The rest of us don't like having a spy camera in our living room nor do we like being screwed over. Man Angels you are spot on.
warczar  +   885d ago
Does anyone here remember window's vista? I know it's not there games division but it points to the thinking of the company as a whole. They have no problems with releasing the beta version of something and charging you full price for it. My favorite MS policy these days is to force windows 8 (an OS obviously created with tablets in mind) on to regular assed laptops and pc's that don't have any kind of touch screen functions.
BlueBlood17  +   885d ago
(X)-(B)ox (O)ne.

XBO, Or XBOne.
HonestDragon  +   885d ago
Without a doubt, this was a very rough year for Microsoft, but they only brought this on themselves. In the technological age we are in, there is a plethora of internet users who voice their opinion loudly and do so as they wish. Since the policies for Xbox One were unpopular, of course they would get criticized and mocked.

Personally, I don't believe anything that Major Nelson says. He isn't exactly a reliable source for Microsoft. This was the guy who tweeted that Metal Gear Solid V was exclusive to Xbox One and that the DRM for the system cannot be "switched off". Less than 48 hours on both occasions and he is proven wrong. He's like Cliffy B when it comes to tweeting; he should not tweet.
MizTv  +   885d ago
I think what m$ tried to pull was
dmeador  +   885d ago
So many teenagers drinking hatorade around here, haha. Let the Sony fans swoop! Its the cool thing to do right now. I hope to get to 100 disagrees
assdan  +   885d ago
Couldn't agree with you more. The shit they tried to pull is ridiculous so their console can now be called the X-BONE forever. Maybe they should have picked a better name.
Welcome2Die  +   885d ago
Hahaha! Doesnt this guy know you cant tell gamers what to do?

Xbone is never gonna go away and it is their fault.
nosferatuzodd  +   884d ago
oh look at the lil baby major whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stop crying its just a name nothing derogatory
about it
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Tito08  +   884d ago
I wonder about this other guy, Annoy Greenburger, I mean, Aaron Greenburg, bragging how 360 was doing this and that over any other console, and that Blu-Ray wasn't needed, I would like to see what's his excuse this time around, he was to me the most annoying Microsoft employee ever.
Gamer1982  +   884d ago
This guy really needs to shut up he is pure bad PR right now and making himself look like a fool. 360 generation he was a fan favourite but hes turning into a grumpy fool who's not doing himself nor Microsoft any favours. Sometimes you just gotta learn to shut up.
rockbottom3076  +   884d ago
If you don't like it ignore it. Putting that out there will just make it stick
3-4-5  +   884d ago
Does he not know of the disrespectful things Microsoft has said and done in the past 8 months ?

" You can't just flip the switch"

Remember that, you less than intelligent person who somehow gets employed?
JsonHenry  +   884d ago
Cry me a river, Nelson. Lol. "Disrespectful"? We're talking about a consumer electronic device. Not a Deity!!

FFS people and their brand loyalty goes way to far. Even as an employee this type of statement makes me think there is no hope for some people.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   884d ago
Who gives a flying fuck what Major Nelson thinks?
Kriandis  +   884d ago
Well, now I am going to start calling it "Major Xbone"
TBONEJF  +   884d ago
Frankly who even calls XboxOne Xbone? They should of called it Xbox 2
Enemy  +   885d ago
Lol they did it to themselves with that stupid name. Everyone should call it Xbone just to piss him off.
toxiichollow   885d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(4)
Kingthrash360  +   885d ago
why should i care about major nelson in the first place who the fu*k is he???
really tho, they tried to bone gamers so that name is fitting.
edonus   885d ago | Spam
BrownPowerzz   885d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Bigpappy  +   885d ago
He might be right. No?
MysticStrummer  +   885d ago
He's right that it's usually meant in a disrespectful way, but they should have thought of that when they picked the name. How long did it take for that nickname to appear? Not long at all.
Lovable  +   885d ago
Right when it was announced
OlgerO  +   885d ago
No, Xbone is a kinder name then the xbone deserves.
Deadpoolio  +   885d ago
I like Xbox One80...It kinda fits them....Hell I don't think I have had a conversation with any of the Xbots I know without just calling it the One80
King-Prodigy-X  +   885d ago | Funny
Oh well, Deal With It.
#4 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(70) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Avernus  +   885d ago | Funny
( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■


deal with it
I_am_Batman  +   885d ago
Don't know him.
shivvy24  +   885d ago
ziggurcat  +   885d ago
To be fair, he said "don't know 'em", not "don't know him"
LordMaim  +   885d ago
Judges would have also accepted "Boo Fucking Hoo"
Axonometri  +   885d ago
I'm going to crawl on top the fence here just to say this, You're company named the third generation MS console, Xbox One.

You guys didn't see anyone at all making fun of that?
Having said that, let's move on.
#5 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(39) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
BG11579  +   885d ago
I prefer to call it Xbox 1.80, just because of the obvious reasons.
iMixMasTer872   885d ago | Spam
ps3vita4life  +   885d ago
Do you know what's disrespectful? Lying straight to your consumers in hope you can gain their money. Sorry Nelson, Xbone is here to stay :)
TheFamous1  +   885d ago
#7.1 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
thetruthx1  +   885d ago
It is disrespectful but I just think of it as XB One lol

Microsoft has showed some great games and are looking out for casuals too. But gaming still comes 1st to them. They deserve respect

And before y'all give me that they abandoned the 360 crap they simply moved titles to the One. They don't have as many studios as Sony but they are buying more.
#8 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(54) | Report | Reply
M-M  +   885d ago
If gaming came first, their May 21st reveal would have been different.
thetruthx1  +   885d ago
They still showed a few games it was a hardware reveal to talk about the features. They showed great looking games at E3, bought 5 new studios, spent a billion on exclusives and spent billions on the modified graphics tech from IBM/AMD
sincitysir1  +   885d ago
Or so they say ;)
ziggurcat  +   885d ago
If gaming came first, they would not have focused on TV, and sports during the reveal.
Parapraxis  +   885d ago | Well said
"And before y'all give me that they abandoned the 360 crap they simply moved titles to the One. They don't have as many studios as Sony but they are buying more."

So..they didn't abandon the 360?
I'm not sure what your point is, Sony hasn't left the PS3 in the dust, some of the best titles ever to be released on PS3 have come in the last year, whereas on 360 there has been nothing.
If you think the fact that MS moved development from 360 to Xbone is anything that should be touted as being "pro gamer" you are sadly mistaken.
The 360 has been barren for almost 2 years, yet on PS3 there have been amazing games, and many amazing games coming to PS4.
All you hardcore MS fans go on about the deep pockets of MS, yet they dropped the 360 almost as fast as they did with the original xbox, If the xbone isn't a smashing success guess what.....
MS is clearly thinking short term, while Sony has shown they think long term.
#8.3 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
sincitysir1  +   885d ago
ding ding ding and we have a.winner!
JetsFool3500  +   885d ago
Sony is releasing fifa 14 & pes 2014 as the last games for ps2...just wanted to throw that in there
ziggurcat  +   885d ago
And technically they did abandon the X360... By moving X360 titles to the xbone.
dj3boud  +   885d ago
they deserve respect?! really. no man.. lost it and need to regain it is more like it.
M-M  +   885d ago
Well, he's kind of stuck with it to be honest, his fault. Playstation 4 = PS4, Xbox One = XBONE.
ZHZ90  +   885d ago
I was surprised seeing people saying Xbone instead of XBO, X1 or XB1...

But yeah no excuses PlayStation 4, PS4.
Axonometri  +   885d ago
You know, I think the entire gaming community should just call it Xbox Infinity. Predominately, people agree this should of been the name. If everyone wants to call it something different, why not Infinity.

I'm going to go look up PS4 news...
#10 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
M-M  +   885d ago
It would have fitted just as well as "One". They could have had something like "Xbox Infinity, infinite possibilities." since they want to convey their product as the center of everything.
SilentGuard  +   885d ago
I like that, sounds good. How about Xbox Fusion? So many better choices than One but still better than Wii U.
wishingW3L  +   885d ago
it's their fault for naming it the One. lol XBone/XB1
ape007  +   885d ago
Nelson, when u argue internet people, it make u and your company look a kinda weak
LordMaim  +   885d ago
Yeah, "looks like"

stuff  +   885d ago
Xbox = Xbox (couldn't be more simple)
Xbox 360 = Xbox 360 (360 just doesn't say enough)
Xbox One = Xbone (Thanks for naming it something we can abbreviate)
Redempteur  +   885d ago
indeed .

They should have thought about it when they choose that name.
And no , a message to the journalist doesn't work ...your surname comes also from what your consummers think of your product.
joeyisback  +   885d ago
i think it was disrespectful when u told customers who wanted the xbone before the drm changed to buy a 360 and to not care that soldiers wouldnt be able to play offline in some parts of the world or not care for what the customer wanted only changed because microsoft didnt want to lose money
toxiichollow  +   885d ago
LOL when did that come out of his mouth. I think you're talking about don mattrick, who no longer works there...
joeyisback  +   885d ago
im talking about Microsoft i meant to put Microsoft but wouldnt let me edit it don mattrick rep the company as a whole being the main guy at the time but didnt see major nelson not agreeing with him he didnt comment on it so i think its disrespectful of him not to
SEAN1617  +   885d ago
Disrespectful to bones?

Major Nelson I have a questions sir, "Why so Serious?!"
Narutone66  +   885d ago
Why do I see JokesOnYou when I read that? Strange he's not here defending his company.
SEAN1617  +   885d ago
have no idea who that is sir?
Remy_S  +   885d ago
Boo hoo.
duducus  +   885d ago
It's a plastic box... It can't have any respect...
GdaTyler  +   885d ago
Don't be hurt, Nelson. You know we mean Xbone as in:

X: X
One: One

... Just kidding, lol. We mean Xbone XD.
#19 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
KwietStorm  +   885d ago
Why is ol Nelly boy so emotional lately? He has to speak out over every little thing like someone is bullying his kid.
Schizoid  +   885d ago
Nelly? lol love it...
Majin-vegeta  +   885d ago
Ok how about we call it instead xbone 180 every other day?
Bathyj  +   885d ago
If you hadnt tried to force so much down our throats we wouldnt have called it XBone.

Calling yourself Major Nelson is disrespectful to the Military everywhere and I Dream of Jeannie.
#22 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(32) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
iceman06  +   885d ago
LOL @ I Dream of Jeannie!!!
coolasj  +   885d ago
It's really a progressional step in naming conventions. Due to it's stupid name.
X Box One
| | |
X B One
\ | /
nzbleach  +   885d ago
or we could just call it xbox none, xbox lost, xbox bone ya later lol
#24 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
GdaTyler  +   885d ago
If we called it Xbox None, he would implode.
LordMaim  +   885d ago
My favorite was always XBox Done.

kingmushroom  +   885d ago | Funny
Insomnia_84  +   885d ago

It's official! From now on he is MAJOR XBONE!!
kingmushroom  +   885d ago
he asked for it, thats what happens when you express your feelings to the internetz
#25.1.1 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
MultiConsoleGamer  +   885d ago
Whenever I hear someone say "xbone" I know right away that they are a fanboy, and I usually dismiss their opinions.

However, we're taking etymology lessons from a guy who calls himself "major" nelson? Oh the irony.
MAULxx  +   884d ago
Doesn't mean they're automatically a fanboy. It could mean MS "disrespected" them so badly & announced beforehand they would bone them; with no lube. So, they decided on a PS4, a console that embraced what they wanted & immediately took to the phrase "Xbone" (yes I did). I loved the phrase as soon as I saw it. It fits so well & explains the future MS wanted. It also fits now, in the shambled state its in. It is to me a bone. You can write me off as a fanboy if you want but MS drove me away & offered something repugnant.
#26.1 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   884d ago
If you're singling out just one company in the gaming industry for their evil deeds you're clearly a fanboy living in a glass house. I can write a laundry list a mile long detailing the obvious misdeeds of Sony, Nintendo, Sega, Atari and even Apple.
MAULxx  +   882d ago
Fair enough. But, I single them out because they have fallen so far, done about everything they could to drive me away from Xbox & XBL. Congrats to them.
I do realize Sony could 180 anytime but I feel alot more confident in casting my lot with them.
MS is getting exactly what they have brought on themselves. I don't feel sorry for them at all. Hopefully they will learn & do better with XBtwo. It seems Sony learned & tailored the PS4 accordingly; for the most part.
#26.2 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
RadioActiveTwinky  +   885d ago
How do you delete your comment?
#27 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DarkBlood  +   885d ago
"How do you delete your comment?" you cant lol
M-M  +   885d ago
You can't, but you can just edit it and leave a period or something lol.
kingmushroom  +   885d ago
You Silly Human... no such thing as deleting things specially your comments,
the internet knows it All.
ChickeyCantor  +   885d ago
Well has he tried deleting system32?
DarkBlood  +   885d ago
everybody freaked out when i said im going to turn off the internet, that was a long time ago but im sure they were just shitting around lol
DarkBlood  +   885d ago
jaren92  +   885d ago
Lol When I saw the reveal and saw the name I just smacked myself on the forehead the name is one of the stupidest console names I heard but idc if it was called the s**t box if it has good games and great multiplayer I will be just fine with it
RACOOLDUDE  +   885d ago
Change your tampon - you'll feel better
NeloAnjelo  +   885d ago
Well said!.
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