Major Nelson doesn’t like the Xbox One being nicknamed “Xbone,” thinks it’s disrespectful

Major Nelson doesn’t like the Xbox One being nicknamed “Xbone,” thinks it’s disrespectful

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Angels37851439d ago

Frankly I don't care what this guy says..I think what their company attempted and represents even after the change was not only disrespectful, but an out and out disgrace to the gaming community.

Tony-A1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

I gotta agree with you there. People don't like that the third Xbox is called Xbox One. Therefore, you get a nickname as silly as the actual name.

Why would you think it's disrespectful? What respect does a console have? Especially one that isn't out yet and has gotten nothing but negative attention. Besides, the rules of nicknames are that you don't get to pick them. If it sticks, you're stuck with it.

black0o1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

they shouldn't named it xboxOne to began with .. infinity was way better or even x720

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BitbyDeath1439d ago

Should just do a 180 on the name then, one more 180 won't make or break anything at this point.

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sincitysir11439d ago

This guy is too much. He needs to get away from the social world because he is tainting the Xbox more and more. It's like dude go home already. No one likes u.

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ZodTheRipper1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

I don't like the Xbone, I think in it it's inital state it also was disrespectful. And he's the last one that should be talking about disrespectful if you look at his comment history.

cvflyboy1439d ago

let's ask the Rock what he thinks about all the name confusion..........

FlunkinMonkey1439d ago

I honestly think he is the most unlikeable person i have even seen attached to a console... ranging from his lack of knowledge of the system he represents (thinking MGS5 was an exclusive and 'the switch'), to his name 'Major Nelson', to his slimy persona.

Shut it Nelson, know one gives a furrrk!

ohiostatesman1439d ago

I won't ever purchase a PS4 based on what Sony did to the PS3. Released it at 599 with no games for the first 3 years. Told people to get two jobs to afford one. The arrogance. The entire basis of the PS4 is damage control for the PS3 but it is too late for Sony. I'm an Xbox fan now.

_FantasmA_1439d ago

Mitt Romney would say: "Consoles are people too!" If you say screw M$ corporate anti-gaming policies, he would say "Corporations are people too!"

mistertwoturbo1439d ago

Let's respect Major Nelson here and stop calling it the Xbone.

Let's start calling it the Xboner.

Army_of_Darkness1439d ago

If you say Xbone 3 times in the washroom alone while looking in the mirror.. . Kinect will watch you whenever you step in your house! It will withhold video entertainment from you until you give it your lunch money! And It will force you to keep what you have forever and ever! Wohahaha!
But that my friends is only a myth.. .. .. . So they say.. ..

FragMnTagM1439d ago

Xbone is stupid anyway regardless of what Major Nelson thinks.

It should be Xone if anything.

It is just as stupid as calling the PS4, PlS4.

Brix901439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )


Just stop you sound stupid the ps3 isn't perfect but to say your Xbox fan because of price, lack of games for three years, you sound like hypocrite look at Xbox higher in price range and haven't really supported the console for three years only a few AAA titles. Not to mention an Xbox Exec said if you didn't have Internet buy a 360 when the X1 had its 24 hour check in. Point is both made mistakes and your company have committed the same crimes you hate Sony for.

On topic:
How many Major Nelson articles are we gona get. We get it Nelson you like the X1 now get off the sack man and shut up already. Xbone Wow!

gaffyh1439d ago

I prefer Xbone, it's easier to say and is more differentiated from the first original Xbox. I can't count how many times I've said Xbox 1 and meant the first Xbox, and I hate having to make that distinction. So Xbone it is.

pyramidshead1439d ago

Laughed out loud when I read the title for this article, no wonder it's three pages deep with 180 comments. I've loved this generations console build up, it's brought out some hilarious memes. Xbone ftw!

badz1491439d ago

What's next? He thinks he owns the internet or something? I think this is the perfect time for #dealwithit

Yeah STFU and #dealwithit

Ritsujun1439d ago

Aww, Mehjurr Pelsuhn's mad.

ravinash1439d ago

Surely when the managers, PR and marketing people sit down to think up a name for their product, they road test it to make sure people can't twist it round to make bad names out of it?

DragonKnight1439d ago

Would he prefer Xboned? Xboner? Xbox 180? The name Xbox One is stupid, the nicknames are better.

darthv721439d ago

I wont take credit for it but after it was initially revealed...xbone was the first thing that came to mind when i commented about it. i guess from there it set a trend in motion.

No offense major but...whoever came up with the "xbox one" name was an 'xbone' head.

Rainstorm811439d ago


It does work the same way Playstation is one word yet its called PS1-4 not P3 or P4.

No one including Sony writes out it out as Play Station

Silly Mammo1439d ago

Just like in real life, you rarely get to pick your nickname. rather its thrust upon you.

ShinMaster1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

@ Reinstorm81

Actually it's not "Playstation". It's PlayStation.

Withdreday1438d ago

Oh sooo disrespectful to Mr Nelson... Maybe we should all just stop...or maybe we should just Not buy the Xbox One.

Decisions, decisions....

YNWA961438d ago

pOSTEDuP comment says everything about this site. Its an insulting piece, has no place anywhere, brings nothing good to an article and is totally childish. Look at his agrees, yet people offer well thought comments, and they get hammered with disagrees. Whether or not you agree with them, it deserves a little more respect.

crxss1438d ago

The people @ Microsoft who came up with Xbox one and thought XBONE wouldn't come up are idiots.

Rainstorm811438d ago

@ shin

...Or like Microsoft its not MicroSoft.. yet we still use MS

rbluetank1438d ago

LMAO! very funny and true.

ColinZeal1438d ago

Major Nelson seems like a boring guy to bring to a party.

The_Con-Sept1435d ago

Next thing you know we will be calling it the bone console. You know... Bare bones when it comes to games? I will not feel any regret forgetting this console in a year. The bone console can rot in the deserts of new Mexico along with every copy of ET for the Atari 2600.

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Godmars2901439d ago

I would have said consumers, point out that the original and some of the still current policies exclude and even punish anyone who puts down $500 for something they'll mistakenly think they'll own outright, but otherwise I agree with you.

"Nelson" has proven that he only says what MS wants him too.