Metal Gear Online Beta: 'first in, best dressed.'

Atari has informed Gameplayer on the specifics of how the Metal Gear Online Beta keys will be handed out.

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kr90913895d ago

Hasn't this already been addressed?

sonarus3895d ago

I don't think they have for Australia yet. Konami and Sony are really going all out with this beta. Looks like every gamer in every region will get a taste of some early MGS action. Considering there will be no demo, some people might be judging MGS4 based on their online experience which really couldn't be farther off from the truth. If MGO doesn't hit properly, it could have a negative effect on MGS4.

mindedone3895d ago

It's funny how you say the opposite of what the article suggests. In fact, they say that Sony and Konami may have something to hide, because of they, in effect, buried the online beta in comparison to Halo's beta. But make no mistake; MSG is thankfully no Halo. You will not see it on the side of Mountain Dew bottles and you will not see it being paraded on MTV.

SlappingOysters3895d ago

I hope their sever can handle the ridiculous amount of traffic it's going to get slammed with.

chaosatom3333895d ago

looks like i'll will picking up gtaiv after the beta ends, which is may 5th.

SL1M DADDY3895d ago

Got my key and I'm in like Flynn. Good luck and good gaming to all who make it in the beta!

shysun3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

What does Atari have to do with this? Atari/Kanami.....I never knew that.

SlappingOysters3895d ago

they're the Aussie distributor of all the Konami games.

Alcohog3895d ago

I never knew that. Interesting. A bubble for your knowledge.

mindedone3895d ago

You should give a bubble to everyone who actually read the article, which explains the relationship between the two companies. I shall wait patiently for mine...

Mr_cheese3895d ago

sounds great! hope i get in this time! dont like missing out (home)