Interview: Chris Satchell on XNA - 'No business model yet behind XNA'

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "Earlier this year, Microsoft announced plans to allow small independent developers - even individuals - to put homemade games on Xbox 360 using a new version of XNA Game Studio and the subscription-based XNA Creator's Club. The idea is simple: make a game with XNA, submit it to peer-review, release it on Xbox Live. At the time we were told that a beta test would go on behind the scenes in spring, with a full launch later in 2008.

That beta is now on the verge of beginning, and here Chris Satchell, XNA group manager, offers his thoughts on the motivations behind XNA, as well as some advice on how to tackle it, the business model behind the platform.

Q: What do you see as the long-term goal for XNA? Do you want literally anyone to be able to use it?

Chris Satchell: I think it starts with the development side but really the ambition is to be able to take all the people out there in the community with creative ideas and connect them with all the gamers who'd love to play those ideas. And we're doing a number of technologies to bridge that gap."

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