Edge Review: Dark Sector - 'Digital Extremes has created a Frankenstein's monster that actually works'

Edge writes: "Digital Extremes has created a Frankenstein's monster that actually works. Its mind is sound, its looks beautiful, its sutures invisible and its stolen parts functional in all the intended ways. It has no soul, of course, nor distinct personality, but that's the nature of the beast.

Its movement system is identical to that found in Gears of War, right down to the bounding 'Roadie run', the button-tap rolls and the magnetic cover points. Its hero, a nondescript pretty-boy called Hayden Tanno, is an over-the-shoulder military type with a cast-iron emo fringe. Its enemies have transferred, it seems, from the rank-and-file of Killzone, Rogue Trooper and Devil May Cry, with bosses ranging from Kojima-esque mechs to Capcom vaudevillians. And then there's the glaive, a limb-rending, tri-bladed Frisbee with Heavenly Sword-style aftertouch and elemental powers, much like those of BioShock.

The story runs thus: After a mysterious outbreak, much of the Soviet bloc has been quarantined, prompting the arrival of lone, reluctant clean-up man Tanno. He's reluctant, of course, partly because of some ill-defined traumatic backstory and partly because, being a videogame, this bears all the hallmarks of a suicide mission. Minutes into his investigation, he's infected – in this case skewered by an absurdly-armored samurai villain – which has the neat side-effect of giving him murderous mutant abilities."

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sonarus3843d ago

isn't edge supposed to be the super harsh magazine?

Cyrus3653843d ago

Yeah, it gave 6/10 to mario kart...It's one of the harshed if not thee harshest magazine out there. I believe they have given like 3-4 perfect scores before.

Scarfy3843d ago

I once read in the editorial that EDGE think that average games should be given an average score - 5, and not 7 as some think.


yanikins1113843d ago

Whens this out in Oz Land?

SL1M DADDY3843d ago

You are missing out. This game was fun from start to finish and the glaive get's my weapon of the year award as it is the coolest thing to bounce the glaive off of a wall and into the head of an enemy behind cover only to see it lopped off and heading for yet another victim. It is cool to run with the dual shotty handgun and throwing the glaive while walking through a level infested with crazy enemies and causing a ruckus. If you have not played it, you should IMHO. It's a great rental and for those that can get into the online, it is a definite buy.

RealityCheck3843d ago

I agree. This game is my best gaming surprise of the year, did not expect the single player game to be this fun.

3843d ago
Dark General3843d ago

I agree with this review for the most part. The game is just incredibly fun, the story isn't epic or really explored all that much but the action is well thought out. Even though Dark Sector does do things from other games (namely Gears and Resident Evil 4 with a bit of a twist) it still delivers. It doesn't have it's own "soul" but it does have a freakishly nice human husk.