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"Along with the Firmware Update 2.30 came the new PlayStation Store. Lets face it, it would have been difficult for them to make a crappier looking/functioning store, but I think we all hoped for something fantastic. I don't know if I would call the new store fantastic, but it is a massive improvement. Navigating the store with the D-Pad is now quite easy, but the biggest improvement in my opinion is the way its actually set out. There are now categories that are easy to get to, including All Games, Game Add-Ons, Videos, PSP Games, etc. Unfortunately there seems to be some problems with thumbnail images loading in, but I a sure that'll be fixed. All in all, its a step in the right direction. Now…how about that in-game XMB? Or perhaps some Home?"

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sonarus3897d ago

no doubt about it, the store is a HUGE improvement. They need to fix the issues with the loading images though. Maybe their servers are just overloaded with so many ppl. Whats the deal with the easter eggs for every 50 members, anyone figure out what it is yet?

Scarfy3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Yes, I agree about the image loading thing.

Tell you what I thought was weird though,

Go in to the store and let it download images, etc. Exit the store and then go back in.

Why does it re-download all the data??? Surely this should be cached on the hard drive..? (And no, it wouldn't take up very much space. A few MBs at most).

Caching that data would make the store even faster.


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masterg3897d ago


I tried the same. I was expecting it to cache the images for a while (Like a week or two or even longer) but it has to reload the entire thing.

I was sure I read somewhere they would cache the images for faster load speed.

gaffyh3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Big improvement, but honestly they need to sort out the caching of the images, it takes forever. Plus the EU store layout is messed up compared to the US store

Foxx773896d ago

Keep in mind Sony said the store would be down for about 24 hours, as noted in this post:

They also went on to say the reason it would be down is to get all of the new images out to the servers, I would think this would be the answer to all of our problems so everyone should just calm down for a bit. I think the new store is Fantastic. Cheers Sony

Cryos3896d ago

I, for one, am upset that there is STILL no new content. I was under the impression that there would be new content (including COD4 maps) when the new store was up, and another update Thurs. I'm actually very annoyed that they didn't update last week to prepare, and no update once it's up and running. Thursday better have a hell of a lot of stuff.........

But overall I like the new design ;)

GutZ313896d ago

The day of store restocking is every Thursday.
You cant be serious in thinking a newly implemented store would just come up with, not server strain tested, and updated with new content right out the blue?

You think microsoft would do this?

Cryos3896d ago

But what I'm saying is the intentionally missed LAST thursday's update to prepare. So, I was expecting (and I'm not alone) SOME content once the new design was up.

And as far as the "would MS do that?" no, probably not. But what they would probably do is an update as seamlessly as possible, without missing a beat. But what do I know, i don't own a 360.

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duarteq3897d ago

Looks really sweet and nice. I like it. Confirm problems with thumbnails.

Regarding Home and XMB, give it time, don't want everything for the day. Sony is doing a great job. Remember, with great power comes great responsability.

I know Sony will not disapoint in the end. That's why i choose this Brand.

mariusmal3897d ago

i can confirm that problems too.

ps - portugal allez. eu escolhi duas marcas meu fanboy ehehe (tou a reinar)

Elvfam5113897d ago

with great power comes the b!tches i had to do it but i love the new store anything new inside the store though

thehitman3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Is that even something thats in place that every 50 thing??? Also its an improvement but the load speed on images is not... Takes like 15secs for all the images to load...

Blackcanary3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Like always the UK get screwed the New store in europe is more F!cked up than the Old was. we get a new look with same old style.

No preview button, Demos are now mixed with full games.
PS1 games are now mixed with PS3 games and Demos and PSP games.
Don't get the option to find a game in Alphabetical order.
Addons are mixed with Full games PS1 games and Demos.

So the UK gets screwed we get a Dumb down version of the USA store with Slower Loading times to. For the UK its the same old store just with a paint job.

Jinxstar3897d ago

Sorry to hear it man...

Blackcanary3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Sony do this to europe all the time we still don't even have Super street puzzel fighter HD yet god thats never gonna come to us sony don't care about the europe store at all. Now trying to buy something is gonna be harder to find than it was before because there isn't a secation for demos or PS3 games or PS1 games. Why would you put PS1 games into the PSP secation i would understand if there was a icon saying PS1 games but there isn't lol Demos are mixed in with Full games there isn't even a icon that says demos like you guys got damn sony what you playing at.

Kleptic3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

its not 'Sony' exactly...its SCEE...there is an entire arm of SCE dedicated to your territory...and they fail at everything nearly all the time...

and people in other territories shouldn't think this won't effect them either...guess who is in charge of firmware updates...Home...and Killzone 2?...there is no question that Home and in game messaging/invites taking this long is entirely proportional to being developed almost single handedly by SCEE...

honestly...they don't really do a single thing right...the PS store everywhere is nearly flawless now...yet the European/UK store is a joke in terms of logical organization...Look at thier advertising/marketing division...They were running ads for a PS3/Haze bundle for a Christmas release last year...oops...and shat, their "This IS Living" campaign makes absolutely zero sense to every single living person...

the contracted firm handling fimrware updates have blatantly missed what updates people want on a montly basis...since day 1...'where is our in game messaging?'...still not hear...we have every single other thing the point now where we need one single more firmware update...and thats it...after in game xmb...there isn't a single thing to add aside from new codecs and streaming support as technology increases...they have done every single other thing imaginable...

what sense does that make?..."ok, so everyoneis asking for this feature that we basically lead them to believe would ship with the lets give them all kinds of features for all kinds of other stuff first...then give them a new store thats faster and prettier...then wait another several months to a year...then give them what they were originally asking for...lets constantly dodge questions on Home's publich beta release, and give no concrete evidence of it comin anytime soon...lets push for big announcements for E3, as if everyone will be excited to wait that long...and lets constantly screw our own territory to the point that they know we will never get anything right...ever"...

SCEE needs to go away...SCEA and SCEJ together could easily make everything better for Europe and the UK anyway...SCEJ can take over the firmware and development support side of things...and SCEA can take over Home...and contract Insomniac to finish development and network implementation...we would have Home by Friday of this week if that was the case...hell even SCEJ was better at worldwide localization for games than SCEE is for THEIR OWN TERRITORY..with SCEJ running European game development support...Europeans would still get the game sooner than they do now...thats obviously a problem...

I recommend emailing SCEE to raise hell...

[email protected]

level 3603897d ago

It's good really the "new" look PS3 Store, it's more user friendly - easier to browse thru.

But the loading times take awhile - quite slow exactly. And I know a lot are experiencing this as well.

Hope they fix it soon...