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Why Xbox One won’t sell ‘tens of millions’ in its first year

Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi recently said that the company's research tells them they will sell "tens of millions" of Xbox One systems in its first year. Gimme Gimme Games writes about how this an unrealistic goal even under the best circumstances. (Xbox One)

toxiichollow  +   722d ago
isn't microsoft only shipping 6.2 million units in the first year...
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Kingthrash360  +   722d ago
my 67 yo dad told me today that he has paid for a ps4 in full....he loves tiger woods not a launch game. he dosent even know when the ps4 launches...i asked him why? he simply said he seen both reveals and ps4 had games....all he remembers is the tv annoucements frm ms....he is the casual ms aimed at...and even they want ps4.

fun fact...my dad paid for his ps4 before i paid for half of mine....i consider myself hardcore.....smh
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toxiichollow  +   722d ago
It's a shame, i remember when the OG xbox launched and Microsoft really cared about the gamer. They had exclusives like Blinx,Blood Wake,Brute Force,Crimson Skies, and phantom dust. Even early in the 360 days there were some nice exclusives. It all changed when Don Mattrick took charge and wanted to turn a gaming console to a multimedia hub. Maybe with him gone xbox can become a gaming console first and foremost, but i doubt it...
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STANK08  +   722d ago
@Kingthrash360 Although you clued us in or your pops being uninformed, very believable story I might add. All old people care about is Matlock and Bingo. Inform your dad he can watch Matlock and play Bingo via snap mode. Best of both worlds eh?
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Kingthrash360  +   722d ago
yeah he's uninformed for sure....he didnt even know the release date...told me he thought it would launch earlier.
that said tho i played atari when i was a kid...who's atari? my dads...he has been playing video games before they were a thing. so i wont say he is a gamer...but i can say he knows what he wants....i mean he watched both the reveals amazingly and to my surprise. but not e3/gc/pax.
what i get from it is he is a simple gamer...something lost in many of us gamers today. all he cares for are games PERIOD. no cameras no tv no share button no interfaces no specs no controller comfort ...he cares only for games...he looked at who had the better first impression to him on whAT he wanted. sony appealed to him so much so that he is getting it day one....lol he doesnt want anything but tiger woods lol so no games. (i told him he could HAVE waited smh)
i guess his point is x1 was too complicated and drowned in tv/kinects/dogs....while ps4 was games games games...says it was less complicated....i couldnt argue with that.

my dad is a reader/ bowler...watches tv only to watch tiger play....ffffffuuuuu matlock
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malokevi  +   721d ago

"Microsoft has reportedly cut the number of Xbox One game consoles it expects to ship in 2013 from 7 million units to 6.2 million units due to some supposed issues with component yield rates, but the software giant called the rumor "innacurate.""

Probably more like 7 million... in 2013.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   722d ago
The price point might dissuade some potential buyers, methinks.
ape007  +   722d ago
STANK08  +   722d ago
I think tens of millions is a lil too ambitious on MS part but price isn't that big of a concern. People buy what they want, or what they think they deserve.
AznGaara  +   722d ago
Also people buy what everyone else buys or what's popular. We'll see how the "32 ps4 launch countries vs the 13 xbone launch countries" will help.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   722d ago
Why it won't sell tens, of millions,.. because friends, don't let friends,, xbone..\\

word of mouth, and what system your friends play on.. -enter the Ps4.
Hicken  +   722d ago
Yeah, that doesn't seem likely, especially with them not even having the launch in many countries.

And with most of their features not being available outside the US.

And with it having a higher price.

And it STILL needing internet to get rid of the internet requirement.
Belking  +   722d ago
It will easily sell that in the first year.
candoa  +   722d ago
Yeah you guys seem to think that United States it just another market lol. If microsoft puts enough xbox one for the American market, that would be crush sony. The United States buys the most console and buys the most games. look that the ps3 vs xbox 360, the 360 with only the U.s market took the playstation 3. Yes the ps3 sold more but the 360 was more profitable in having almost all AAA game getting better sales on the 360.

YOu get the United STates you win, simple is that.
Nicxel  +   722d ago
didn't he say there would be 10s of millions of buyers? I might be wrong but I thought he said that and not that 10s of millions of people were going to buy the system within the first year...
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MineHaxx  +   721d ago
Created by a rude PS Fanboy.
Iltapalanyymi  +   721d ago
immediately reminded me of this pic

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