Puppeteer Review (Gamerhub)

Sony puts on quite a show with its latest.

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awkward1444d ago

This reminds me if KungFu Chaos. Both are great games.

cell9891443d ago

Everytime I see something about this game it's all positive reviews, this has been under my radar up until now

sAVAge_bEaST1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

This is how you support a system, -Launch right around the corner, but Last Of Us, Puppeteer, and GT6 in Dec. .. great games, some say the best- all while launching next gen..

(take notes xbox, while you abandon the 360 and soon the xbone)

r211443d ago

True, not that much exclusives coming up for the xbox 360 recently. After Puppeteer, PS3 gets Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, GT6 for owners who arent ready to go to next gen pastures.

jagiii1443d ago

Sony has a lot of impressive quality games.