PlayStation 4 — Voice Messaging Confirmed

Last month, during Sony’s presentation at Gamescon, Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida had unveiled the User Interface of the PlayStation 4. While the demo was impressive, there was something that people may have missed that should catch your attention.

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M-M1721d ago

In before someone says the 360 had this first. Great feature to have though, wish the PS3 had it.

Ezz20131721d ago

both copy from each other
like every company do

monkeyDzoro1721d ago

When does voice messaging features implementation is "copying" ? Why people (Sony or Xbox fans) like to use that word ? Phones have been doing that decades ago...

HammadTheBeast1721d ago

It's a useless feature overall. BARELY anyone used messaging on consoles, even less will use voice messaging.

shoddy1721d ago

At least on ps4 you don't have to pay for this feater

Irishguy951720d ago

Its a useless feature on Xbox because you have X game chat.

ShinMaster1720d ago

From previous experience on 360, people mostly use it for verbal abuse.

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STANK081721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

And still to this day people have the audacity to say that PSN is better than Live. LOL. How did you guys send voice messages on PSN? Two cans and a string?

Edit: @ABeastNamedTariq Since you're civil, I'll bite. Yea I own both systems. I've played both religiously. IMO Live is better hands down, also the connections are smoother. Also I praise MS for their forward thinking. MS bought Netflix, ESPN, TV apps to systems first. MS is Pioneers to this online sh*t. The fact that It took Sony a entire generation proves it.

ABeastNamedTariq1721d ago

What do you mean better? Connection times? Lag?

Have you ever played an online game on PS3? It's virtually the same as Live, except quieter.

What are you getting at?

TKCMuzzer1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

I think this is due to the limitations of the PS3 not the PSN otherwise the PS4 would not be able to do it.
In other words, if your going to be a wise guy at least think before you comment.

A disagree? I wonder who that was. If it is a PSN issue it would not be possible on the PS4, it's a simple as that.

@STANK08 , Microsoft are pioneers, they bought you apps like Netflix and then charged you to use them. Do you work for Microsoft?

Thisisjuju1721d ago

Both Live and PSN have their own advantages.

I really like the easy of use of the Xbox interface and party chat. Its so much easier to organize games with friends on a 360.

I chose to use a PlayStation however for the metric f**kton of games and content I get for a pretty low price of their Plus service.

christrules00411721d ago

It had nothing to do with PSN. The bandwidth from the RAM was allocated on the PS3. It has 25GB/s of bandwidth. 12.5GB goes to the GPU, 6.25GB for the OS and 6.25GB for the CPU. Since it's allocated they couldn't change how much memory goes where so they had no room in there OS to add new features. That is why party chat never came to the PS3 as well or being able to listen to music in the background while playing a game.

Things that does have to do with PSN is stuff like the lag on the PS3 compared to the Xbox 360. The download times where extremely slow and when you sign in it etermines how fast you can load the friends list(which can be quiet slow).

That is all stuff that happens on the "cloud" for the entire past generation.

twinspectre1721d ago

and still to this day people have the audacity to say that XBOX is better than PS.
LOL. How did you guys pay the live for P2P servers Hosted by third parties company like Activision (cod) EA (BF), PSN is Dedicated Server and it WAS free

christrules00411721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

Edit: Sorry I thought the first one was cancelled LOL

kneon1721d ago

I've never had the urge to send a voice message on PSN, and I doubt I ever will even when it is available. I have a full size bluetooth keyboard for my PS3, on the rare occasions when I want to send someone a message I just use that.

stuna11721d ago

And how did you send voice messaging!? Ohh I know this one! By paying $60 a year.
The fact that Sony has heard what gamers wanted and included it into the PS4 DNA is a good thing regardless if it wasn't included in the PS3, it will be included in the PS4? From the look of things the Xbox1 won't be catching a break anytime soon, because every time they announce anything even close to good news, there is Sony and the PS4 to 1-up it at every turn.

Thomaticus1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

Hands down live is better.. pick your hands back up. Resistance Fall of Man had 32 player online matches, DAY ONE for PS3. I don't think a 360 game has done that to this day. If you prefer Xbox live, that's fine, but don't try and pretend that there was something wrong with PSN. We've been playing and enjoy games for almost SEVEN years now. After SEVEN years I can say that PSN great. The PS Plus goodies made it a lot better than live. Oh yeah, please Thank Sony for their PS Plus service which will help you get better bonuses from your xbox live service.

HammadTheBeast1721d ago


It took MS a whole gen to implement Blu-ray, a feature they mocked at Sony as "useless".

Therefore we have double, even triple-disked games on Xb360.

Online quality is the same pretty much, as someone who played CoD 4/MW2, Halo 3/Reach,and MAG/Metal Gear Online/Killzone 2 (pro) and tons of others I can safely say that both offer the same quality of online play.

A few less disconnects and maintenance issues on XBL, but not enough to warrant $60.

I'll give them credit for the apps, however, the apps on PS3 (mainly Netflix) are updated more frequently and are more user-friendly.

AceBlazer131721d ago

didn't dreamcast or some one of those old timers have online capabilities long before xbox? you ppl that bring up copying claims should really check your facts.

bsquwhere1721d ago

The only stank around here comes out your cake hole.

CGI-Quality1721d ago

If you weren't so biased about it, you'd have a point that I can understand. I agree that LIVE had better comm features, but the only reason they were ahead of Sony is because of the generation prior. Then again, it's like saying Sony "pioneered this HD movie shit, since MS is an entire generation behind and FINALLY decided to adapt to a winning format".

Yes, sounds silly, much like your comment, but your point was made.

FamilyGuy1721d ago

Why would you need to voice mail people anyways?
Sending a PM is just the same as text messaging and everyone in the world send texts all the time without complain.
I understand it's convenient but I never considered the inability to send a voice mail a problem. If I had something long to say I just plugged in my usb keyboard or invited them to a voice chat when we were both online so we could talk. On top of that someone said it was limited to 15 seconds or so? If that's true I really don't see what the big deal was about.

Party chat is one thing, very convenient and makes sense but who really cares about leaving voice messages?

DatRealBoy1721d ago


um reason why xbox online may look smoother is the dashboard not the online itself 360 use P2P servers but did you know ps3 exclusives used dedicated servers hmm the more you know :/

nunley331721d ago

stanko,you couldn't think of a better troll name than that lol? its feature that's useless that i won't use but it'll make all 360 converts comfortable so i'm good with it along with cross game chat.

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Thisisjuju1721d ago

Looking forward to this.

One of the features I missed moving from 360 to PS3 was the voice message hate you could get. Was always a good laugh.

Sitdown1721d ago

Contradiction/ironic..... you didn't beat yourself to the punch.

FACTUAL evidence1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

Omg thank you sony, thank you!!! Now all i need is a feature to magically skip to Nov 15 2013, and a psn id change feature!

JunioRS1011721d ago

So... anybody else gettin the PS4?

UnholyLight1720d ago

Welcome to 2005, Sony...Only 8 years late to the game. For something so simple it just is kinda funny it took this long.

PS4 day 1 for me!

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Rikuson11721d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they do something with the speaker on the dualshock 4 since it comes with that ear-bud mic now. Obviously this is yet another feature in from of the Ps+ pay wall which is great. I know some people out there that really wanted to voice message on PSN because text chatting is inconvenient and slow. Great news if you were wondering if PSN on Ps4 was going to have it or not. I wonder if the Ps Vita will have some sort of software update it's possible for that handheld since it'll have cross platform party chat with the Ps4 (Ps3 though obviously not)

deviouslight1721d ago

Its already confirmed that vita would have cross platform chat

Rikuson11721d ago

what has already been confirmed? the dualshock 4 using the speaker to play of the voice messages?

joeyisback1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

found this video other day figure they would of posted this closer up than but good now everyone else can see it closer who wasnt able to

PositiveEmotions1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

Cool new feature now i can send voice message to my psn friends.

I dont think the voice message is behind the ps+ paywall i think is a free feature.

Kayant1721d ago

It wouldn't be seeing as party chat isn't.

AngelicIceDiamond1720d ago

@Positive it is a free feature.
Trust me, if its free on Xbox it'll be free on PSN.

bornsinner1721d ago

it required a next generation console for sony to do this but well done on their copy & paste mission :thumbs up

Majin-vegeta1721d ago

Just M$ required a next gen console for Blu ray *thumbs up*.Sit your @$$ in the corner kid.

fattyuk1721d ago

LMAO Well said majin


bubbled up.

joeyisback1721d ago

PS2 eye toy saids hello my younger brother Kinect

KwietStorm1721d ago

Take some time to learn how the consumer industry operates, then report back.

BluEx6101721d ago

MS still using AA batteries, and a power brick.... Maybe they should copy and paste Sony and get with the times already.... lol

AceBlazer131721d ago

required microsoft a next gen console for upgradeable hard drives. oh wait they still don't have it

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