Whispers in The Dark Ep. 51: Keith David Won't Sleep With Me

Rely on Horror: On the latest episode of the Whispers in the Dark podcast, the crew gets back together to talk about a whole bunch of things that have happened since our live episode. Kyle gives us the rundown of his PAX Prime experience, Whitney and I hook ourselves up to a dialysis machine, Zev becomes Microsoft's new CEO, and Rourke battles for more penises in media. And last but not least, too much talk about all of these damn video games that have come out!

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GameSpawn1687d ago

Seriously? Is that Miley 'shopped on Quiet?

What has become of society?

DarkBlood1687d ago

you know that puking reaction of vegeta when he was inside majin buu due to the worms? yeah thats my reaction to that photo

thereapersson1687d ago

A terribly crass photoshop that is disrespecting Kojima's artistic design, while simultaneously blowing the decision regarding Quiet's attire way out of proportion. Whoever designed that image shows their lack of taste and sense even within the realm of satire.

dredgewalker1687d ago

Cannot unsee now that I've realized it's freakin's rare for a girl to really gross me out

Kydawg1687d ago Show