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Kotaku writes:

"As we approach the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV, we've learned more and more about the game, but the incremental updates have made it tougher and tougher to piece the whole thing together. So we've created a GTA IV compendium to get you up to speed on the game before its release. Because the last thing you want to be caught saying to the cashier is, "Wait, so this game has multiplayer??"

Extensive FAQ after the jump...

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chaosatom3333745d ago

• No load screens, ever (UPDATE: Stephen Totilo reports that the game indeed has sporadic, brief loads. However, there are no actual loading screens. Word fun.)
• Autosaving
• Liberty City will remember the damage you've caused.
• Euphoria engine brings AI physics to falling, getting hit, etc.
• Every street is named
• GPS support
• Targeting no longer sucks.

"Liberty City will remember the damage you've caused.'