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First Game with 6 Platinums on the Playstation 3

Have you ever seen a game with 6 platinums (stackable) on the PS3?
I have personally seen 2~4 max, but “Legends of War” offers 6 in total ! (HISTORY Legends of War: Patton, History: Legends Of War, PS Vita, PS3)

black0o  +   416d ago
fattyuk  +   416d ago | Funny
First Game with 6 Platinums on the Playstation 3
daggertoes83  +   416d ago
guitarded77  +   416d ago
How else are they gonna get people to buy it?
pixelsword  +   416d ago
That's a good idea...

...wasted on a game like that.
StraightPath  +   416d ago
Any sane person wouldnt play a shitty game just to get platinum trophies. Waste of time and life.
rodiabloalmeida  +   416d ago
I know a group of people that do such thing: buy shitty games just for the trophys. And I agree: total waste of time and life.
tubers  +   416d ago
Well, Trophy Bidding could become a trend?

Hakoom  +   416d ago
and then cry later when sony offers items for trophies... (bid for greatness)
and say its unfair bla bla
when sony offers a new event you will be the 1st 1 to say " o why didnt i waste time playing shitty games" ;)

i dont understand you ppl
Waste of time, life and money!
fattyuk  +   416d ago
how strange.
Hakoom  +   416d ago
for some users who dont know wtf is going on :p

some games on the ps3/vita can be plated more than 1 time.. meaning you can re earn trophies in the same game from a different region..

and this game does it 6 times

i know some will find this bad and some will find it good
Parapraxis  +   416d ago
Keep kicking ass Hakoom!
mushroomwig  +   416d ago
Of course it would be Hakoom to find this out.
ZeroChaos  +   416d ago
Just throwing this out here but Hakoom didn't "find" this out. He just made a news article about it. People on PS3 Trophy websites most likely knew about this as they have a look over the trophy lists all the time when they get released.
Hakoom  +   416d ago
i never said i was 1st or even found this out :p
i just wrote an article about it and shared it since nobody else did
Goro  +   416d ago
I already knew this about a week.
Mio  +   416d ago
amazing 6 plats with the same Game and maybe 2 more VITA versions will follow.
slinky123456  +   416d ago
But how do you get the EU version on the Vita if you use an NA account?
Mio  +   416d ago
sashimi  +   416d ago
Is the game good?
KwietStorm  +   416d ago
Lol you're asking the right question, but probably asking the wrong crowd.
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Hakoom  +   416d ago
strategy game
i enjoyed it 6 times :p
Bloodshedder  +   415d ago
I just entered this news cuz i saw kratos...

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