First Game with 6 Platinums on the Playstation 3

Have you ever seen a game with 6 platinums (stackable) on the PS3?
I have personally seen 2~4 max, but “Legends of War” offers 6 in total !

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fattyuk1774d ago

First Game with 6 Platinums on the Playstation 3

guitarded771774d ago

How else are they gonna get people to buy it?

pixelsword1774d ago

That's a good idea...

...wasted on a game like that.

StraightPath1774d ago

Any sane person wouldnt play a shitty game just to get platinum trophies. Waste of time and life.

rodiabloalmeida1774d ago

I know a group of people that do such thing: buy shitty games just for the trophys. And I agree: total waste of time and life.

tubers1774d ago

Well, Trophy Bidding could become a trend?

Hakoom1773d ago

and then cry later when sony offers items for trophies... (bid for greatness)
and say its unfair bla bla
when sony offers a new event you will be the 1st 1 to say " o why didnt i waste time playing shitty games" ;)

i dont understand you ppl

Hakoom1774d ago

for some users who dont know wtf is going on :p

some games on the ps3/vita can be plated more than 1 time.. meaning you can re earn trophies in the same game from a different region..

and this game does it 6 times

i know some will find this bad and some will find it good

Parapraxis1774d ago

Keep kicking ass Hakoom!

mushroomwig1774d ago

Of course it would be Hakoom to find this out.

ZeroChaos1774d ago

Just throwing this out here but Hakoom didn't "find" this out. He just made a news article about it. People on PS3 Trophy websites most likely knew about this as they have a look over the trophy lists all the time when they get released.

Hakoom1774d ago

i never said i was 1st or even found this out :p
i just wrote an article about it and shared it since nobody else did

Goro1774d ago

I already knew this about a week.

Mio1774d ago

amazing 6 plats with the same Game and maybe 2 more VITA versions will follow.

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