Next-Gen.Biz: Stat-Attack: Best. Month. Ever.

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "Next-Gen digs through six years of game review scores to find out which months have hosted the highest-quality games. Here's a teaser: December 2007 stunk it up.

Last week we did heavy-hitting sales figures. This week we're having a bit of fun with review scores.

While many people felt that 2007 was quite possibly the best year ever for videogames as far as game quality, a feature we ran last winter showed that overall review scores were quite low historically speaking. What we didn't do at the time is look more closely at the correlation between review scores and the time of year.

Is there a "best month of the year" for games? Are there months when publishers dump crap games on the market? Is there a month with the highest review scores ever? Is there a month with the worst review scores ever? Did we go hopelessly nuts collating the data, crunching the numbers, and making an absolutely stunning visual aid that reveals all?"

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shine13963843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

feb? this data is just too raw..they should do one where only the best 20/30 games get counted...that way we'd get rid of stupid crap-ish games that are distorting the picture...that way we'd really see how good end of last year was...

3843d ago