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PAX Prime 2013: Interview with Red Barrels on Outlast

Rely On Horror's Kyle Campbell attended this year's PAX Prime, and had an opportunity to interview creative director David Chateauneuf regarding their newly released horror game Outlast, as well as Red Barrels approach to survival horror. Matters such as what the initial idea behind Outlast was, and more, are addressed in this brief yet all-encompassing interview. (Culture, Dev, Industry, Outlast, PC, PS4)

Doctor_Freeman  +   661d ago
I'm thinking of buying Outlast on Steam, I've heard great things (I mean scary things).
Benjammin25  +   661d ago
It's actually very good and well worth the asking price. There's only two problems I have with the game. 1. That you can finish it in about 5 hours, and there isn't much reason to play it again. 2. The second half of the game isn't as terrifying as the first half. Mainly because you become accustomed to the enemies and how to outsmart them. If they patch in a hard mode or something similar though, i'd happily play through it again.
Thirty3Three  +   661d ago
It's a phenomenal game, Freeman! You should get it! FAR more than worth 20 bucks :) It feels very AAA-esque!

I beat it (played through it 2 times so far, on my third time now! Doesn't get boring. Think of OoT. You do the same thing every time, but it's always amazing and never gets old!)

No idea why you got a disagree...
dirty_dv  +   661d ago
When the hell is out for consoles¿¿¿
RaptorGTA  +   661d ago
Only coming out for PS4...least last I heard..I haven't heard of a release date either. Its a good game though.
dirty_dv  +   661d ago
Well i hope red barrell brings it out soon. Can't wait to play it!

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