Gamescom: Why Sony won the battle of the booths, hands-on with Ryse, our Game of the Show and more

Gameondaily wraps up its thoughts of Gamescom 2013 and what to look forward to at the Eurogamer Expo in London in a couple of weeks

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Belking1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

You can and you will.
Killer of the show.

Rimeskeem1594d ago

that so called f2p game wont compare to war thunder

LiinoMajire1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )



Blind sheep will be blind.

CGI-Quality1594d ago

Just like you'll be waiting for your X1, a week longer. Why even waste anyone's time with your trolling comments?

ohiostatesman1594d ago

Killer Instinct is awesome. PS4 doesn't even have a fighting game in their lineup.

Army_of_Darkness1594d ago

Because everybody first and foremost wanted to play a "free to play fighting game" on the their next gen console right?? ?. .. ..
Bro, by the time you have enough for all the characters stages, story mode, alternate costumes and shit, you'll be paying way beyond a retailed game guaranteed.

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TomShoe1594d ago

Very impressed with Sony. It's like they always know what they want to do or say when they come out to the public.

GrandpaSnake1594d ago

I think KI is good but it feels very unbalanced when i played it, i participate at evo every year at comic con and everyone who is semi pro or pro are not excited. I noticed these guys were also button mashing so if its mash friendly of course people will like it because its easy to do all the combos.

Belking1594d ago are full of it. Unbalanced? Give me a break.

christrules00411594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

The combos yeah. When someone starts a combo you have to time it right plus get it right if it's a heavy, medium or light combo. That won't be good for players looking to get into the game. If a casual player plays against a hardcore gamer the hardcore gamer can break the combo and the casual gamer won't be able to do anything.

I would say that makes it very unbalanced.

Proof is in the pudding. We haven't seen a fair match yet. Each one has been 1 sided from the demos we have seen.

CGI-Quality1594d ago

Oh so you've played it, Belking? Didn't think so.

GrandpaSnake1593d ago

You do know that MVC and SF took like 15 years to become balanced, actually to this day they are still balancing the game. I honestly dont think KI will be an actual evo contender(balance) especially with it being on one console only.

FrigidDARKNESS1594d ago

Strange other f
Olks and media says a different thing.

M-M1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

True, about 25% of them.

pyramidshead1594d ago

seeing what you want to see, clearly :p

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cunnilumpkin1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

ryse looks far better than killzone sf graphically

and both look boring as hell gameplay wise

bf4 and watch dogs look great, but I'll be getting those on pc

CGI-Quality1594d ago

"Ryse looks far better than Killzone sf graphically"

A matter of opinion, but I disagree. Especially not "far better".

B1663r1594d ago

Technically there is a lot more going on in Ryse than in KZSF. That is not opinion, that is fact.

The detail level of the models... Both the technical model, and the animation skeletons.

The various geometry shaders all running in Ryse, that are totally absent for KZSF

Also, the physics system for Ryse is ~obviously~ a much more involved thing, while physics in KZSF seem to be entirely arcade simulation...

CGI-Quality1594d ago

@ B166: False. It's YOUR opinion, not a fact at all. Have you got any sources to back both claims up? I have all day and will be waiting.

Frankly, I've seen no gameplay of Ryse that suggests it has more going on than Killzone. And the mutliplayer is nowhere near as chaotic as ShadowFall's.

B1663r1594d ago


Ok, first exhibit... Every frame of every Ryse demo. That hair/geometry shader at the top of his head.

Ok, your turn, what video and time code of KZSF has a hair shader in it?


Skips1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

"The detail level of the models... Both the technical model, and the animation skeletons. "

LMFAO!!!! Ryse looks like a complete joke for a next gen title... lol. There's no wonder all the impressions we've got have been either trying to defend it, completely disappointed with it, or just outright negative. And not to mention some of them even saying it doesn't feel next gen. XD

So I don't know where you're getting this whole...

"Technically there is a lot more going on in Ryse than in KZSF. That is not opinion, that is fact."

Especially not with these problems.

^Floating bodies. lmao

"That hair/geometry shader at the top of his head."

With all that focus on the main character, no wonder all the NPC's are just brainless rehashes with re used animations, and re used character models.
Don't even get me started on how terrible the environment is. lol

I'm sorry, but on a technical level. This game is NOT next gen...

B1663r1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )


That it is all very interesting, but not relevant to the fact that from a technical perspective, the hair/geometry shader that is persistent in Ryse, is a technology that is next gen, and totally absent in KZSF.

KZSF seems to take last generation tech, and push deeper into it, with obviously a very large particle count in its particles engine, but particle engines are a last gen technology...

On the other hand, the extremely high detail models in Ryse show off how next gen technology can be used to take skeletal animation deform to an entirely next level, and still run them real time, showing off the vastly enhanced possibilities of the X1's vertex shader units.

By contrast, KZSF is just last gen techniques, but more of it...

Oh and one more thing... See that reflective shine off the armor? Notice how it goes away on the PS4 once KZSF is out of the cutscene sequence, that none of the KZSF game time renders have that dynamic shine effect?

So nice try but it is still


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darren_poolies1593d ago

How can you think Killzone: SF looks boring gameplay wise and think BF4s looks great?

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