Eight game series that got Millennials addicted to RPGs

If you grew up in the 90s and became a serious RPG fan around the turn of the century, these video game series were responsible for your enlightenment.

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PoSTedUP1685d ago

pokmon, elderscrolls. but Persona trully got me back into rpgs, i love it cant put it down. its wha i look for in an rpg/jrpg fully. i do like harvest moon too. fallouts a good on, just nevr playd the older ones.

delmartian1684d ago

I think I spent as many hours on Harvest Moon 64 as I did on Diablo 2, which is definitely saying something.

Have you played Persona 4 for Vita?

PoSTedUP1684d ago

oh yes, its incredible, i still go back to P3:P too. golden is my favorite game on the vita, i spend so much time on that game there is so much to do. i like p3p's music a lil better tho. but p4g just did everything right.

Roccetarius1684d ago

Diablo had me hooked for a long time. Too bad Diablo 3 didn't live up to its previous master.

Blachek1684d ago

I played Diablo 2 for soo many years, and my brother continued to do so well after me.

I could have an absolute nerd fest talking about Diablo online lol

delmartian1684d ago

How bout those Baal runs

Blachek1684d ago

I remember silly little balance shifts that changed popular build types to introduction of runewords altering how people mf'ed and even dumb stuff like finding an etheral perfect templars might & upgrading it on ladder... the game was seriously incredible in the amount of variety you could find and the time you could dump into a character and your account.