The GTA V map is 49 square miles in size

It has been revealed by early players of Grand Theft Auto V that the size of the map will be 49 square miles in size.

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lnvisibleMan1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Geez that impressive for a video game. Only 5 miles shorter than Manhattan. Manhattan surface area is 87.46km2= 54.34miles.

If they can do that with current gen, what are they going to give us next gen!!!!

TNTgamer1685d ago

Whole countries my friend... then... the world!

PoSTedUP1685d ago

operation flashpointDR's map was 107.2square miles, took 9 hours to run across. thi is incredible considering the level of detail, buildings, interaction, too much stuff to list. afterall it was all open terrain, nothing compared to gtaV

Pandamobile1685d ago

Minecraft's and Godus' worlds are the size of gas planets. Granted they're procedurally generated, but I'm just letting you know that we've already hit planet sized games =)

corbeaunoir1685d ago

They also look like utter ass because Notch is a con artist who convinced you to buy an ugly virtual lego set despite the fact that the exact same thing has been done by other people for free and with far better coding.

derek1st1685d ago

You say 54, the guy in the article says 23. Who's right?

TenBensons1685d ago

You might want to re-read the article. He says Manhattan island is 23sq miles. ;)

derek1st1685d ago

Yes but the guy i'm commenting on said 54.

lnvisibleMan1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

@ derek1st
First of all I wasn’t one of the people who disagreed with your comment, you are right to call me out man if my figure sounded a bit BS. Secondly the two figures that I and TNTgamer were based on desk research not physical field work so any mistakes made were MADE by others not us.

When I googled the area size of Manhattan the first result I got was 87.46 km². Get result in miles(y). 1km=0.6214, y=0.6214 x 87.46, y=54.347644. You can check conversion value km2 to miles here http://www.metric-conversio...

I assume TNTgamer got his figure from Wikipedia which states ‘a land area of 22.96 square miles (59.5 km2)’. But whoever submitted that conversion value on wiki was wrong. If you convert 22.96 miles to km http://www.metric-conversio... you get 36.951km2 not 59.5 km2. That not say that 22.96 sq miles is wrong but conversion value made on wiki definally is.

Not the most enlightening answer I agee but its the only answer I can give.

Jamesjdk1684d ago

@ lnvisibleman

The conversion factor between km2 and miles2 isn't the same as between km and miles. There are 2 dimensions so you need to square the conversion factor. 0.6214 x 0.6214 = 0.3861. 87.46km2 x 0.3861 = 33.7683 miles2

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ATi_Elite1685d ago

That's a nice size but many games are bigger like Arma 3 which is 168 Sq. Miles (270 kilometers) and that's not counting the seafloor area around Altis which is playable.

GTAV does have a lot of variable activities packed into it and I'm looking forward to it as GTA truly is one of the greatest series in gaming.

GarrusVakarian1685d ago

Yeah, there are many games with bigger worlds but many of those games also have very bland worlds or large areas with not much going on. GTA5 seems to have a massive world but with lots of detail (knowing R* the attention to detail will be amazing).

waltercross1685d ago

@ ATi

There are games bigger in size, but very few reach that size with so much detail.

GarrusVakarian1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

And im going to explore every inch.

That's what she said.

TrevorPhillips1685d ago

Dayumm that's huge! This week is going so slow and killing me! :(

derek1st1685d ago

Where are you getting this number from? Source please

inmusicutrust1685d ago

Ya I don't see how early players can accurately measure the map....especially with limited time to play and rockstar hovering over their shoulders

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