The Last of Us – a 10/10 Movie – a 7/10 Game?

Despite agreeing that as an experience, the Last of Us is a truly fantastic videogame, Liam Pritchard at Brash Games argues that the gameplay might not live up to the truly spectacular world built around it.

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Irishguy951690d ago

Playstation fans love their movie games

Kingthrash3601690d ago

just like xbox fans love kinect games.

Eonjay1690d ago

Someone looking for attention. Just keep it moving.

Muffins12231690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

The irony is that hardly any kinect game sold well...your comment makes no sense lol.

Kingthrash3601690d ago

it made perfect sense....i was just clamping this trolls rather have have a "movie game" new ip than kinect games as new ips....

okmrman1690d ago

come on guys
act like grown men

are we still in elementary school?

Skips1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

"just like xbox fans love kinect games."

Story based games > Motion based garbage... IMO of course...

And WTF??? TLOU has awesome gameplay. There's a reason why I've been playing the MP non stop. lol

Some games don't have to have "ground breaking" gameplay in order for it to be fun... smh -_-

gaffyh1690d ago

Typical, good story = it's a movie. Games journalism is getting dumber by the second.

MasterCornholio1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

"just like xbox fans love kinect games"

If XBOX Fans didnt like Kinect Microsoft wouldnt have included it with their new console.

Like Microsoft said "Microsoft ‘strongly believes’ you’ll love the Xbox One Kinect so much that you’ll never disconnect it"

starchild1690d ago

Gameplay, narrative, likable characters, atmosphere, art direction, graphics...all of these things play a role in the enjoyment we get from games.

But the relative amounts of those ingredients don't have to be the same for every game. Some games can lean more heavily on graphics and narrative, some games can be mostly about gameplay, and some games can be more of an even mixture of all of those things.

There isn't just one recipe for making a good game.

BullyMangler1690d ago

the truth will hurt a fanboi

christocolus1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

@kingtrash360 and co

Dude what's with you?you must be either so insecure ,stupid, immature or just spineless...a journalist writes an article about a game you obviously like,instead of replying the guy you become so petty and drag the kinect and xbox gamers into this...where in that article did the author mention xbox?he played the game most probably he is a ps fan like yourself giving his opinion...can't you stand on your own instead of taking cheap shots in a bid to get support from others?deal with the article and stop being a wuss...gamers like you are why there are fb wars in the first place....

By the way TLOU is a great game.(I actually always looked forward to the cinematics).i enjoyed heavy rain too(but not on the level of tlou).but that's just my opinion..besides a ps3 i own an xbox 360 too and i love halo,gow,fable,dance central and kinect sports and im looking forward to the xbox one and so?...damn fanboys..grow up

Dee_911690d ago

Comment from the article
"sidedakan45 September 9, 2013
I couldnt agree more, you want to give the game a high score? Sure. But 10/10 just because the story made you feel stufff? Dont you think thats biased?"
LMAO what the fuark did I just read?

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GarrusVakarian1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )


If you only knew what you are missing out on. But i guess you can't miss what you have never had, right?

Kingnichendrix1690d ago

There must be a lack of games on the other console with a good storyline so that when they see a game think its a movie. No wonder Titan fall has no story line.

Rikitatsu1690d ago

Haven't played TLoU yet, but if the Uncharted series is anything to go by, then I can see what the author means.

They make games that stand primarily on Presentation/Story... The gameplay mechanics aren't anything special at all, in-fact some are pretty terrible, like the crappy automated platforming, extremely boring and tedious.

Irishguy951690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Naw the last of us is not as similar to Uncharted as some game play vids would suggest. This one is much more gameplay oriented than cutscene/gameplay cross over. It's alot better than Uncharted imo

Rikitatsu1690d ago

It definitely looked a lot better than Uncharted from the videos I've seen.

wishingW3L1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

just out of curiosity, if Uncharted's fluidity of gameplay with seamless cinematics, verticality and set-pieces is nothing special then what is?

I mean, have you played the Ship Graveyard chapter of Uncharted 3? Because there's nothing in gaming right now that comes close to that kind of level design. An entire stage built on physics with procedural water and objects reacting to it in real time. Can you mention a single game that does this?

Rikitatsu1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

That's not my idea of "Gameplay Mechanics"

I file things like seamless transitions and explosive set pieces under "Presentation"

Welp, I'm out of bubbles.

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slimeybrainboy1690d ago

Such a dumb argument. You act as if gameplay is 100% of the reason people play. Then why aren't we still playing Pac-man and Pong?

I love story, it gives me a reason to play and to enjoy it. Gameplay revolutions come by so rarely, that's why I don't understand your gameplay is everything point. Games are moulds of eachother for years until something comes and revolutionises gameplay. So whilst there the same the only reason to enjoy it is the story.

It's so frustrating that people like you dont see the clear fun in stories and characters.

Irishguy951690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

I neither said it was a good or bad thing. You just jumped on the defensive and assumed things which weren't in my post.

_QQ_1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

That's a pretty stupid argument,pong and pac man have extremely simple game play.and to answer your question more people play games for the game-play. Mario galaxy 9 million worldwide.

look at WoW,Mario Kart,StarCraft,Gran Turismo,Call of Duty,LOL,Dota.All those games either have an irrelevant story, no story at all or is played mainly for multiplayer. They also happen to be some of the best selling games in the world,so what was that about no one playing a game for the game play?

GribbleGrunger1690d ago


So if you intend to pick up the GTA5 bundle with TLOU for $199, don't read any further than this post.

It's a 10/10 for both story and gameplay by the way.

Xsilver1690d ago

how long has this game been out and now some random article smh must really be a slow weekend anyway if u rate last of us as movie then its the best movie i've seen all year.

HammadTheBeast1690d ago

Thing about Last of Us is that the gameplay mechanics are spot on. Aiming and shooting works very well, the cover system and animations are great, and the crafting system works well.

There's no flasw that I can see in it, other than friendlies not being spotted by enemies, but that's more of an immersion factor.

There's good variety, and overall I think it's a 9/10 game, 10/10 movie.

ape0071690d ago

" There's good variety, and overall I think it's a 9/10 game, 10/10 movie"

agreed 100%, the core of the game is great but not no a level of Resi 4, MGS4, half life 2, bioshock etc..

Skips1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )


"no a level of Resi 4, MGS4, half life 2, bioshock etc.."

LMFAO!!! You are MOST DEFINITELY in the minority with those who believe that.

TLOU is definitely on those games level, if not surpassing some of them.

scott1821690d ago

How people are hating on any part of this game is completely beyond me. When I played the game I thought "here is a game that nobody can hate on" WTF! The game play is fantastic and delivers as good or better than any top game...

come_bom1690d ago

No game deserves a 10... no game is perfect. I would give The Last of Us a 9. It's a great game.

scott1821690d ago

A 10 doesn't mean it's perfect, it means it takes the genre to new heights. And in every way it does! Scavenging to make tools and equipment while trying to survive in a completely unforgiving environment with jaw dropping white knuckle intensity, while giving players an unmatched story.... Aside from that I truly feel it was one of the best multiplayer experiences I have had.

HammadTheBeast1690d ago

Then why bother with the 10 rating? No game is perfect, after all, it's just code.

But a game that goes above and beyond what is defined as a 9, is a 10.

Stsonic1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Yes and xbox fans love their TV Games

if you skip to around 4 minutes you will see a famous Doritos ad

ape0071690d ago

they love their TV, their superior launch line up and their better online :)

Xsilver1690d ago

u like something haven't even had smh

dragon821690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )


Unless MS has its own internet that only MS fanboys can access your "better online" point is invalid. MS and Sony both have games with dedicated servers which is what makes online play run smoother. The rest is all up to the developers to make a good game.

Stsonic1690d ago

By superior launch line up you mean ryse and forza?
Forza looks like a basic driving game and ryse is an updated 360 kinect port that looks terrible so no.

CrossingEden1690d ago

No I think he means dead rising 3

LarVanian1689d ago

Come on man just give the Xbox fanbabies their "superior launch line-up". They seem to care more about that than the long run.

ABeastNamedTariq1690d ago

The game actually doesn't have too many cutscenes, if you actually played it you'd know that. There's like two long cutscenes, the rest were pretty reasonable and spaced throughout the game.

ginsunuva1690d ago

Yeah it has very few cutscenes, and they don't reveal much story, just character development.

assdan1690d ago

Yep, love games that also have good story and good gameplay. I know you xbox fans can only pick one or the other when looking at things like alan wake and Gears of war. The last of us had 9/10 gameplay, and 10/10 everything else.

hellzsupernova1690d ago

I feel as a game it's bang on I had no complaints with the game play

noctis_lumia1690d ago

at least we have them

what do xbox have except of laylos,gears and flopza's ?
oO right kinect wars kinect dance anyone ? lol...

Irishguy951690d ago

Is this comment aimed at me?

ZeV1689d ago

Typically a fanxbot sentence...Oh where's the games on Xbox360 recently ? Nowhere..I prefere a "movie game" than nothing...

The Last Of Us is probably the best game of this gen...Deal with it boy !

Irishguy951689d ago

Haha typical defensive sony fanboy response. I never said anything about the quality of anything. I like Last of Us alot

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pr0t0typeknuckles1690d ago

I agree,its got a great story but gameplay wise it was okay,it was just an average stealth game,people are gonna grill me for saying this I know it.

Kingthrash3601690d ago

i wont grill you....but IMO TLOU was a stelth/action/horror/survival game.....was it not? thats why this article is wrong...well its opinion and i have nothing against opinion, its just far more gameplay wise than some think.

pr0t0typeknuckles1690d ago

Thank you for not grilling me,and I also agree with your statements as well,but I personally found that the gameplay wasnt interesting to me but the thing that kept me playing the last of us was the story,and I always said that if the gameplay isnt amazing but the story is then it makes up for it, but by me saying anything negative about it people will get pissed.

Kingthrash3601690d ago

i think as far as gamplay goes in games opinions differ the most. im no fan of sim racers like gt but i like arcade like racers like mariokart and split second. not to say gt isnt amazing because it is...its just not my cup of tea....same with sports i love sim basketball (2k) but hate nba jam. only trolls feel like their opinion is truth but in reality not all people drink the same beer.

AnotherProGamer1690d ago

It does have average gameplay but thats not a bad thing.

many games that came out this year had average gameplay like the new Splinter Cell just a average stealth game but TLOU at least have engaging characters and dialogue

pr0t0typeknuckles1690d ago

I already stated that average gameplay is not a bad thing,and splinter cell is not an average stealth game,its got a lot of variety to it.

trouble_bubble1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

"..and splinter cell is not an average stealth game,its got a lot of variety to it."

What's the context though? It ain't survival horror. It's Tom Clancy.

Sam Fisher is a government agent with the weapons of tomorrow, today. Sticky shockers, turret hacking, retinal scans, emp alt fire, air foils, sticky cams, fiber wires, point & execute auto kills, thermal/night vision goggles, rappel gear, radio intel and VTOL extraction /insertion as needed. The man has bullets and tax dollars to spare, and also gets younger/faster with each game. Logic be damned.

Joel is also an older fellow but with no military training, no intel, no money, who has to -walk- across a post-pandemic country with little more than a brick and a 2X4 with a nail in it. If he's lucky to find some tape. And a nail.

Two different worlds.

Sam Fisher mechanics would break the logic in TLOU in some ways while TLOU would break Sam in others. Like as soon as he had to signature melee-elbow his way out of a Clicker nest. Not happening. It's about finding that balance. I never used half my tricks in Splinter Cell, like the JCVD split-jump. No context for it.

ILive1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

@ trouble bubble

Exactly! Some people cant seem to fathom that. Joel has no stealth training, so calling it a stealth game is out of the picture. There are elements of stealth, but grounded in reality. The game is more of a survival horror/ action. You cant expect joel to be a sam fisher when he is not. The gameplay fits perfectly when you think of it in that context.

noctis_lumia1690d ago

i LOVED it

story wise u expected the cliche thing but lol DOSE twist...just loved it

gameplay wise i loved it also "survivor" mode
reminded me of manhunt but IMO 100better

wishingW3L1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

GOTY 2013 for sure. But I think this was already posted....

GarrusVakarian1690d ago

Don't forget about GTA5 and Beyond 2 souls.

Kingthrash3601690d ago

i agree....but its a strong front runner..gt6 out this year too.

chestnut11221690d ago

Both 10/10 Enough Said. Game of The Year IMO.

noctis_lumia1690d ago

it should be GOTY but i think ppl will choose gta5...

anw TLOU is my GOTY

dragon821690d ago

GTA5 will get it because it is a multi platform game in the last year before a new generation starts.

ThatCanadianGuy5141690d ago

95 positive reviews.95 on metacritic.
It's a 10/10 game.A masterpiece, really.

No doubt it would be 10/10 movie as well.
Feels good to have fresh, new IP's this late into the gen.Thanks for not abandoning your consolebase Sony!

Rikitatsu1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

It's kind of sad you're using Metacritic to prove a point.

You must be missing out on a lot of great games.

Ezz20131690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

i think the point he's trying to make here is that if you look at the metascore for this game on both MC and GR and look for user scores on any site including here

it's pretty clear that this game is getting alot of love from gamers around the world
and on forums as well like neogaf , GT, GS. IGN etc and youtube as well
so he's not the only one who feel like that about this game
i think this the first game in a while that didn't have backlash from gamers after launch
after 3 months it still getting loved by gamers and hailed as game of the gen contender

ThatCanadianGuy5141690d ago

To call TLOU a 7/10 game when 95 separate reviewers give it perfect or near perfect scores is just hilarious.In this case, yes, using metacritic, is completely fine.It is after all, weighing the opinion of many vs the opinion of this blogger.Why not?

And not quite sure what you're trying to say about other games.This has nothing to do with other games.

It's as if you're trying to make some smarmy point, but it just fell flat.

Rikitatsu1690d ago

Since you are blindly following the opinions of 90-something reviewers/bloggers on the internet, you must be missing on games that you could potentially love that those reviewers hated on Metacritic.

I'm surprised you didn't get that the first time.