Dear Capcom, it's time to put Mega Man Legends 3 on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has proved to be extremely with Mighty No. 9. It's time for Capcom to follow with Mega Man Legends 3.

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Godmars2901750d ago

They would need to attach a name with some experience with the franchise for it to mean anything.

Some other project on Kickstarter already has that.

AznGaara1748d ago

Exactly Mega Man without Inafune just seems wrong.

Ritsujun1748d ago

Enoughune? No thank you, aniota.

SonyNGP1750d ago

They're not gonna bring it back. As much as I hate saying it since MML is one of my favorite games of all time, there's really no point in trying to convince Capcom. If it's cancelled, then it's cancelled.

-Foxtrot1750d ago

Why the hell should we pay for it's development, I know people want it but it's not like it's from a company which have become broke or disbanded. Capcom are just greedy b*******

KwietStorm1748d ago

That's the first thing that came to my mind. I'm not paying a big ass publisher like Capcom to develop this game just because it's overdue. The money isn't the reason they haven't made it.

DVAcme1748d ago

EXACTLY. Capcom had the budget and the talent to make the game, they just didn't have the respect for that talent or the fans to make it, and Capcom's downright mean-spirited towards Megaman and its fans lately.

Use your Kickstarter money to fund Mighty No. 9 instead. Let every cent invested on that Kickstarter be a slap on Capcom's face.

Remy_S1749d ago

I could get behind a spiritual successor made by Inafune, but not Capcom. That lousy company can crawl into a hole and die for all I care, they have done nothing but destroy their own franchises this entire generation.

Donnieboi1748d ago

I agreed...but it's weird because your avatar is a Capcom character. But yeah, those days are over for cashcom. They suck now. The only good game they have in the horizon is deep down, and it's being developed by SCEJ, not so much by Capcom.

yewles11749d ago

Money's not the issue, their bitterness towards Inafune is...

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The story is too old to be commented.