MTV Multiplayer: Hands-On With More Of THQ's Impressive Wii Games: "Battle of the Bands," "de Blob"

MTV Multiplayer Blog writes: "Gamers, Stephen's right.

Some of 2008's most promising third-party (and non-licensed) Wii games are coming from a most unlikely source: THQ.

I don't think it's unreasonable to say I went into THQ's Gamer's Day two weeks ago with tempered expectations, but "Deadly Creatures" (which I wrote about last week), "Battle of the Bands" and indie-favorite "de Blob" turned my assumptions inside out.

And that's a very good thing for gamers wondering if Nintendo was going to be the only company who could figure out how to make the Wii work. My time spent with these three, however, convinced me that's not necessarily the case anymore."

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wiizy3895d ago

i love thq's support of the wii but there are a couple titles they can bring to the wii like saint rows.