‘Dead Space 3’ and ‘Ni No Kuni’ discounted to under $20 by Amazon

Amazon has discounted two early 2012 video game releases, “Dead Space 3” (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) and “Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch” (Playstation 3), to under $20.

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Enemy1505d ago

Everybody should buy Ni No Kuni and prepare for Level-5's new PS4 IP.

3-4-51505d ago

If I had a PS3 I would buy Ni No Kuni, I love the art style in level-5 games.

Irishguy951505d ago

The art style is done by Studio Ghibli

Creators of:
Spirited away and Princess mononoke(awesome film)

3-4-51505d ago

Yea I know that, but Dragon Quest 9 & Jeanne D'arc both have the same kind of color/ art style and BOTH are Level-5 games.

I'm sure Studio Ghibli either did those or is an influence on whoever worked the other games.

You can tell in the greens they use.

They are great with landscapes and using different shades of colors to make it appealing.

dragonyght1505d ago

i third that can't miss out on ni no kuni

Irishguy951505d ago

****ing yes, I won a 50$ Amazon card on N4G about a year ago and could never use it due to horrible shipping costs to EU. Just got Ni No kuni


FlameHawk1505d ago

"discounted to under $20", its $19.99....

Irishguy951505d ago

"Free shipping on over 25$" = Price for me was 40$ but I basically get it for free anyhow

king_george1505d ago

Anyone who hasnt played ni no kuni owes it to themselves to do so.

Easily one of the best rpg games of the gen for me anyways

asiatico1505d ago

Just got it like a week ago enjoying it so much ! Hope studio ghibli and level-5 collaberate again

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