The Biggest Step Ever In Console History

Amelia Craigie from Capsule Computers wrote :

Now with the date for Xbox One release announced, the world is on the edge of their seats waiting to see what the gaming industry has in store for us. Tens of thousands of us have already rushed out to pre-order Xbox One and PS4 consoles, and traditionally Sony and Microsoft are still pitched up against one another.

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nato251328d ago

Good read, ps4 for me all day!

ohiostatesman1327d ago

I'm getting an Xbox One. So are all of my friends. Gonna have a great time with Titanfall Halo DR 3. All games on Xbox One has dedicated servers with MS Azure cloud support.

Spenok1327d ago

This comment went from a friendly, "Cool, you're getting a PS4? I'm getting an Xbox."

To a freaking advertisement... really?

nato251327d ago

Come on ohio, both consoles are good but no need to advertise unless you feel microsoft arnt doing enough.

xHeavYx1327d ago

@ Ohio
You and your imaginary friends will have a blast

5h4h4b1328d ago

Ps4 is leading in preorders. Woohoo. It deserves to lead!

akaFullMetal1327d ago

At my BestBuy, preorders are at 94 ps4's to 43 xbox one, so 2 to 1 pretty much.
Hopefully for microsoft there isn't a 2-1 difference everywhere else as well.

PS4isKing_821327d ago

PS4 is the one console to rule them all.

YodaCracker1327d ago

Can't wait to pick up my Xbox One day one this November. Exciting times!

1327d ago
cityboy1001327d ago

If u like xbox one buy it, if u like ps4 buy it. If u like both and can afford it, do it. Bottom line stop being a Dam fanboy and grow up!!!!!!