GTA V is the Single Most Expensive Video Game in History - Budget is Even More than Hollywood Films

GTA V has the highest budget recorded in history even after adjusting for Inflation. Comparing GTA V to Top Hollywood movies we see that its budgets exceeds even the likes of Avatar. Comparison of Budget between GTA V and other AAA Titles and Hollywood Movies is given.

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mafiahajeri1443d ago

Almost 6 years in the making... 9 days left...

lnvisibleMan1443d ago

Has Rockstar released any info on the game's recreational activities. Loved poker in Red dead redemption. hopefully that makes a comeback.

Peppino71443d ago

It also makes a crapload of money so it definitely pays off instead of being a financial bust.

ZodTheRipper1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

265 Million ...that is simply insane for a video game. I hope it pays off for Rockstar in the end. People who pirate this should be ashamed of themselves.

Ezz20131443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

wow, that's alot of money for a video game

but all that money is not what makes it good game
i hope it's more like GTA:SA than GTA4
because i didn't like GTA4 at all

really the only game i loved the most from Rockstar this gen was RDR that was incredible game
i might be the only one though who didn't like the rest of their games this gen

Angeljuice1443d ago

Yeah, I loved all the activities in Red Dead.

Lets hope this game doesn't go the way of "John Carter", can't see it happening at all but they're gonna have to sell in unprecedented numbers to get that investment back (they must be slightly nervous).

Hydrolex1443d ago

this game is going to sell, they can easily double or triple the money

FamilyGuy1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Let's see, 10 million copies sold at $30 each (We know they don't get the full $60) = $300 million

I'm positive it'll sell more than 10 million copies, probably 10 million on each console PS3 & 360, if not more

Rockstar, that name seems so fitting...

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DoomeDx1443d ago

Source. Where did they say it took them 6 years to make this!?

mafiahajeri1443d ago

Too bad you can't report my comment for being "fake" eh!?

GarrusVakarian1443d ago

Dan Houser said they started work on GTA5 as soon as GTA4 was finished.

wannabe gamer1443d ago

it doesnt say 6 years, but the article that is the source to this article says 5 years. either way it all seems like there is no real source for any of this info

waltercross1443d ago

Just to add to this, GTA IV Made 310M on release day alone! A World record for any Game or Movie.

so I can only assume GTAV Will do better since it has more Advertising. Was watching the GB/SF Football game and there was a GTA V Commercial for the PS3!.

humbleopinion1442d ago

I wouldn't bother asking for sources. The "article" author didn't even make the obvious distinction between development budget and marketing budget, while comparing the dev+marketing budget of GTA to development budget alone for other games. Modern Warfare 2 for example already ecplised 250M$ total budget according to similar sources, split 50:200 between dev and marketing respectively.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1443d ago

red dead on pc next rockstar plz.

Shadowsteal1443d ago

Get a console, pc gamers like you whine so much when it comes to stuff like this.

Panthers1443d ago

Whats wrong with wanting an awesome game on your console of choice? Some people really prefer PC.

JetsFool35001443d ago

Nahh id rather have gta 5 being ported to pc & next-gen B4 Red Dead

0ut1awed1442d ago

I agree. I want it on my pc but owners of the PS4/X1 should also hope a pc version comes out.

If it does then it is highly likely they will make ps4 and xbox one versions since the architecture is so similar.

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Sony3601442d ago

Then another week or two until everyone calls it "over rated", and undeserving of any praise it may have gotten.

johndoe112111442d ago

The game looks awesome and I hope it does well but this is the problem with the gaming industry right here. No company should spend this kind of money behind a video game regardless of the title. When companies do this and the game does not recuperate the money it took to make it the public and used game sales get blamed. This is the argument devs and microsoft were using to justify all that DRM bs. Gaming companies must find a way to make quality games without spending this kind of money otherwise we will never see the end of them trying to shove DRM down our throats or trying to get rid of the used game market.

mafiahajeri1442d ago

GTA is a exception to the rule, which I agree with btw. GTA is a game that is released every couple of years, almost 6 this time. Look at COD they released like 6 games on different platforms while GTA was being made. The care that is taken into the devolpment justifies the cost of devolpment.

Don't worry GTA will make their money back and then some...

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ZBlacktt1443d ago

And it's not even a Next Gen game. They'll make it back easy being a multiplatform and having massive preorders.

mafiahajeri1443d ago

Their going to port it though...

SemRex1443d ago

Hopefully. But considering how they're treating GTA: Online almost like a separate game, I'm thinking they might let the the single player game stay on current gen and have GTA:O eventually carry over.

cell9891443d ago

Plus they have a big install base