10 Awesome things you’ll be able to do in Watch Dogs

PS4Home: "Of course “Watch Dogs” isn’t meant to be released until late November of this year; until then, why don’t we explore some of the things you’ll be able to do in game…"

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BullyMangler1719d ago

These 10 "awesome" things turn out to be 10 "regular" conceptions.

I choose MGSV

GarrusVakarian1718d ago


Screw that, im getting both.

BullyMangler1718d ago

nneh.. dont waste your time with this normality watchDogs . . instead get D.K. Tropical freeze and or Rime for ps4 . . this game here is so boring even my granny could have imagined it .

gwumper9871718d ago

Those games are so different, why are you even comparing them

skydragoonity1718d ago

While this game looks promising, i doubt it will be as good as GTAV

mafiahajeri1718d ago

No open world game will be better than GTA V

evilbart1718d ago

Yeah the graphics look great but the core gameplay looks like it could get really repetitive,will wait for a few reviews before deciding whether or not to pick this up.

RE_L_MAYER1718d ago

Well I gotta play something qhen ps4 comes out-might as well be watch dogs

thomasmiller1718d ago

This game looks very good, I will rent it first, and then make my decision on whether or not to buy it, but it looks promising, so it might be a purchase for me!

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