Xbox One Release Date & Console Power Differences Roundtable Debate [Gamertag Radio]

This week on Gamertag Radio:

*Nintendo Direct:Pokemon X and Y
*Xbox One release date announced
*Xbox One first TV AD aired during the NFL game
*Albert Penello On The Supposed Xbox One/PS4 Power Differences
*Microsoft making changes and people still hate them
*Don’t take our console debates too personal

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aceitman1744d ago

I like to know how ms will sell this after football season is over. do u think someone will buy this when u have a month left over for football season. x1 launch nov 22, football season is over dec. u have 4 weeks left of the regular season.

Kuse1743d ago

I could ask the same about the Indiestation 4...

Software_Lover1744d ago

It's called marketing. Letting people know about features before release. They will sell it after football season because there are games.

They will sell it after football season, because there will be another football season and another and another.

The thinking on this website sometimes

STANK081744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

@aceitman Sell what? I guess you're implying the console exclusive NFL Fantasy Football deal right? I think MS is eying Fantasy sports in general. Did you watch the entire X1 reveal?

The presenter was watching the Heat play on ESPN and stated that you can track your favorite player and receive a notification every time your player scores. Pretty neat feature!

waltercross1743d ago

Kinda sucks if you're not all into sports.

aceitman1743d ago

I can do that on my ipad .and my phone . its called apps .

TheXgamerLive1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Sony fans again showing your ignorance.
Fantasy Foitball and the Xbox One partnership w/the NFL was the basis of the Ad. There are other commercials that will play, some will focus on games some on the many many other features of the Xbox One.
Sony will try and do the same, so chill little girls its called ADVERTISING.

I've said it before sony fans must be jealous b/c MS and the Xbox One still gets the most publicity but seriously relax and enjoy Gaming. Chat but damn little boys pull your head out of your [email protected]$% and speak with some inteligence.
Both consoles can and will rock. Enjoy.

QuickdrawMcgraw1743d ago

Are you ever insulting.Sadly it is to be expected here on N4Xbox.

mitchell11881743d ago

@Xgamer I have no quarrel with you sir but truthfully you can't even spell intelligence.
True there seems to be a troll breeding ground around here lately but you don't solve trollish behavior by waving around your own troll fist.

dantesparda1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

I was gonna mention how he misspelled "intelligence" but you already beat me to it, oh the irony of he's (XGamers) post

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Software_Lover1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Power, meh?

If both games run at the same resolution and are over 30fps for multiplats, then subtle differences I do not care about.

The people that will only buy the ps4 shouldn't care that their version might have slightly better AA (if that is the case). The people who plan to only buy the X1 shouldn't care that their version might have slightly better lighting (if that is the case).

The only people who should care about subtle differences are the people who will own both, and even then, if the differences aren't Content related (one console getting extra stuff), most of us just get it on the system we prefer to play with friends on.

dantesparda1743d ago

sounds like damage control to me, cuz if thats the case than why pay $100 more for a inferior system?

Software_Lover1742d ago

You obviously do not have the mental capacity to understand what I wrote as you missed the entire point.

dantesparda1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Oh please kid, you are an obvious MS fanboy and think that you are smart and fooling anyone (except for yourself). Yet you wanna talk about "mental capacity" when you're the only idiot believing you're fooling anyone. Buzz off fanboy. Why would i wanna pay more for inferiority. And where do you get this better "lighting" bullsh1t from? Oh that's right, you pulled it out of you're hopeful fanboy @ss

Now buzz off and go pay more for your inferior product and think you're smarter than everyone

Rhaigun1744d ago

Albert Penello talk starts at 19:30

macethedon1744d ago

Dude be repeating Don Mattricks words.

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