Rockstar Games: Time Travellers

The story of Rockstar’s journey through time to reach GTA V.

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zyphee1719d ago

What a sweet journey its been, LOVE YOU ROCKSTAR

Bob Dole1719d ago

He left out London 1969. Wouldn't it be sweet if gta 6 was there?

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1718d ago

London or Vice City , who knows!? :D

3-4-51718d ago

I would rather GTA go Europe than just London.

Have London, Paris & Maybe somewhere in Germany .

This would give 3 locations like the first GTA games, but also be something new and fresh.

SKULLFACE1718d ago

I really am hoping for san andreas stories , it'll NEVER happen but nothing wrong with hoping at least gta V is in san andreas.