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Gamers XTREME - Splinter Cell: Blacklist Review: “The Stakes Have Never Been Higher for Fisher”

R17: "Splinter Cell: Blacklist is truly a worthwhile, first-rate experience. It has its faults in certain areas, but it is easy to forget them while playing the adventure. Bringing back the classic Spies Vs. Mercs was a wise choice that is sure to please many SP: Conviction alumni. For $60, you are getting an above-average length single player campaign that encompasses a riveting plot and cast. All this, while welcoming gamers of all crowds, whether the stealth or the action player, you will find your niche with open arms. Blacklist is a summer blockbuster with value that will extend beyond the season. This a great addition for the Splinter Cell franchise, and a fantastic Wii U title. A special nod of recognition must go out to Ubisoft for their continued support of Nintendo, and their recognition in the Wii U’s potential on the world stage of gaming." (PC, PS3, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Wii U, Xbox 360) 9.0/10

level 360  +   220d ago
This simply is the BEST of all the Splinter Cell games in my opinion.

It's got everything that a fan ( me included ) of the game could have asked for. One word - variety.

Really thought when I saw the game play demo last year that this could likely be the sleeper game of 2013, quite the opposite. This game is just full of superlatives.

I actually play each mission in every possible way I can, whether it be full stealth or alerting the suspicion of the enemy, play it in different situations/directions.

I got the PS3 version and it's perfect, loading and game play is flawless.
Ezz2013  +   220d ago
after reading that
i will buy the pc version
thanks man
krazykombatant  +   220d ago
I wouldn't say its better than the original or CT, but it shows were back on track. Also I hope eric johnson gets better lines/improves his performace. As Sam Fisher felt like commander shepard.

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