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My Eyes Are Burning - New CryEngine 3 Screenshots Full Of Lens Flares Effects

DSOGaming writes: "CryEngine modders and indie developers have posted some new screenshots from their upcoming projects and holy batman do they love lens flares." (Cryengine 3, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Lukas_Japonicus  +   470d ago
Lens flares are pointless in games unless the character on screen has something glass or plastic in front of their eyes like Crysis or Halo.

Its stupid when there are lens flares when playing as a character with no visor or helmet on, they must have glass eyes lol.
Unztayble  +   470d ago
I agree man. Like when they have the water drip effect. Water doesn't drip from our eyes as if they were a pane of glass. I even see some third person games do this for no reason. It takes me out of the experience a bit because then I'm thinking "so I'm the director of a movie?".

I like being completely immersed in the experience and escape, not feel like the cameraman.
ShinMaster  +   470d ago
I'm more bothered by particles on the screen. Seriously, clean your lens. Why does the camera need to be so dirty.
All it does is hinder visibility.

Speaking of water, I like the way Far Cry 3 handled that whenever you come out of the water.
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UltimateMaster  +   470d ago
The Screenshots looks great, really.
Timesplitter14  +   470d ago
Honestly I think the majority of these screenshots look bad. Enough with the bloom and blur. It's horrendous
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VaporCell  +   470d ago
Is it me or are these pics underwhelming? I see nothing special here.
starchild  +   470d ago
They are simulating camera lens effects.
ATi_Elite  +   470d ago
Wow makes me wanna go play Crysis 1 PC with the Virtual Reality High Texture Mod.

Great Pics.....now make a good game that looks like this!
Rumor  +   469d ago
we're looking at you dice
SatanSki  +   469d ago
First they arent stupid. Pepole can be stupid. Second they are there to add some fidelity to unreallistic rendering. They make the world feel more natural somewhat masking artificialness.
Pancit_Canton  +   470d ago
They called it CRYengine for a reason.

It makes you cry and go blind with all the shiny effects. LMAO
AKR  +   470d ago
It looks amazing!

Why hasn't this been added into the Wii U section? Wii U supports Cryengine.

DialgaMarine  +   470d ago
AKR  +   470d ago
Cute man, very cute.
It's not my fault that Crytek supports the system.
infamous-butcher  +   470d ago
If we can get those in a proper resolution it would be great.
ShinMaster  +   470d ago
Right click to open on a separate window/tab instead of left clicking the pics.
infamous-butcher  +   470d ago
I wouldn't say 1280 X 800 is an acceptable resolution to show off screens of an engine.
Giving the processing power that is available to devs these day I would be expecting at least 1080. Higher would be better.
ShinMaster  +   470d ago
But I think the main they were trying to show in these pics are the lens effects cause it's hard to see everything else in some of these pics lol
TopDudeMan  +   470d ago
Wow! Nuff said.
GamePeace  +   470d ago
Deep Down and The Last Guardian will crush this shit...
OpieWinston  +   470d ago
Where do you dumb fanboys come from?

We get it, you only own Sony systems. Refuse to accept the idea of PC or Xbox having better looking games.

Blind fanboys are missing out on the good stuff.
EdoubleD  +   470d ago
The irony..
starchild  +   470d ago
No, there is no irony. He is completely correct. The mindless fanboys are the ones missing out. Their loyalty to piece of plastic or a multi-billion dollar company is pathetic.

Good games can be found on every platform.
Hercules189  +   470d ago
The last guardian never heard of it.... Oh yeah thats the game announced way back in 08 that sony fans keep on their exclusive list to make it seem that they have more exclusives. Nothing but vaporware.
Salooh  +   470d ago
Are you kidding me ?. So ps3 don't have exclusives now ?. Don't be a fanboy . Ps3 have a lot , just look at this year exclusives :
Ni no kuni/God of war ascension/The last of us/Beyond:two souls/GT6 and many others.

These screenshots are good but not mind blowing to me. Even if it is , we will never get a great gameplay with that graphics on this engine so it's pointless, history proves this.
LoveGaming  +   470d ago
Those images are beautiful, my Geforce Titan is begging for Cryteks next fps
FlyingFoxy  +   470d ago
You seriously bought a Titan? GTX 780 is only 2-3 fps behind it and can be overclocked to be faster than Titan, it was just a rip off stop gap like the Mars cards from before.

Crytek games are also well known to run not that great even on good hardware.
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LoveGaming  +   470d ago
Bought it when it got released, Crysis 2 + 3 run perfectly find on my rig on extreme settings.
LoveGaming  +   470d ago
Also you said something about the 780 being faster when overclocked?

Kyur4ThePain  +   470d ago
Sorry, but I just don't see what's so wonderful about those.
5eriously  +   470d ago
Like your flag but that's not valid anymore

"Eendrag maak mag!"
Albie360  +   470d ago
Die goeie ou dae!!!
GentlemenRUs  +   470d ago
There's effects and there's too much effects...
There's gameplay and there's interactive art...

The effects are too much, Tone it down a little and its fine.
Scatpants  +   470d ago
The future is going to be pretty cool. In 5 years we'll probably be able to go into the matrix.
Elit3Nick  +   470d ago
looks like J.J. Abrams was working on this engine ;)
Excalibur  +   469d ago
Personally I can't stand anything that blocks my view of the game, I never finished BF3 SP because of all the blinding light effects, I got tired of getting killed by people I couldn't see.
Just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean you should.

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