Battlefield 4 - Patrick Bach Interview: Dinosaurs, Netcode, High Value Targets + MOAR!

Jackfrags sits down for an Interview with DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach - Battlefield 4 related things in this video; Netcode Improvements, BF4 Dinosaurs, Commander mutiny, High Value Targets, ADS sensitivity, Battlerecorder, esports, patches, spectator mode, submarines, new details about the game etc.

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Neixus1554d ago

For the people that clicked for dinosaur; He just said ''this game is a modern military game, however, you never know what may come in DLC''

ArchangelMike1554d ago

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is Dinosaur mode? It it like a Turok mode or something?

Neixus1554d ago

Nah, it's just the community begging for a dino mode for bf4.
It started because of a little dinosaur toy in the bf3 campaign.

Nitrowolf21554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

a dev from DICE told the guys who were making the yearly COD that it didn't have enough Dinosaurs. People then started speculating that DICE was prepping a Zombie like mode with Dinosaur. SO basically it's meant to be a hoard mode with Dinos

Pandamobile1554d ago

Pretty sure it was a 4chan post from a guy claiming to be an Activision PR dude asking what anon would like to see in MW2.

Anon wanted dinosaurs.

A DICE dev on Twitter made a remark about BF3 having dinosaurs (the little dino toy in the singleplayer) which was probably just a tongue-in-cheek reference to the 4chan post. The community latched on and has been joking (or seriously pushing) for DICE to add some sort of dinosaur game mode to Battlefield.

Nafon1554d ago

Panda is right. Nitro isn't. DICE had nothing to do with the forum post that started all this.

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Aleithian1554d ago

You anticipated me like Isaiah anticipated the End Times.

No...wait...That's wrong...

Mystogan1554d ago

I thank you good sir. For saving me time watching this video. Have a bubble.

We needs the dinosaur mode!

GarrusVakarian1554d ago

T-Rex roaming around outside while velociraptors chase you indoors sounds more appealing than the original game to me.

Aleithian1554d ago

Hell's yeah! Rain down some 64 player airborne death on dino bastards! That would be the best multiplayer experience ever!

AO1JMM1554d ago

I like the kick function for bad commanders but at the same time I can see it being abused

JaxLester1554d ago

Yeah the kick function sounds cool. Cant wait to see the games graphics though

Bolts1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

They should kick the game up to 128 players on the PC. That would be more epic.

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