TITANFALL - The next big thing?

JackFrags gives his commentary on TitanFall. He finds out that it was much better then he originally expected.

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Tooly1718d ago

Yall can call me a hater but i honestly think this goin be a cod with jet packsand mechs but if or when it comes to ps4 i might try it

Eddie201011718d ago

Looks really good, can't wait to play on PC.

luisvideogames1718d ago

It may be the last game I play on my Xbox 360. (Getting GTA V for PS3)

Spinal1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

This game is going to sink a lil while after it's release no one will be talkin bout this game next year mark my words.

These cod like games won't go far. Even cod is going to lose its hold. Terrible games.

Anyway bring on GTA 5, bf4, watch dogs and destiny.

UltimateMaster1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

@Tooly, waiting for PS4
@Eddie20101, Playing on PC
@luisvideogames, Last 360 game

Is there anyone playing this game on Xbox One?

Reply Below if you are.

CRAIG6671718d ago

Why does this dude pronounce TITAN - TIE TAN?

P0werVR1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

He's speaking English.

Allsystemgamer1718d ago

Because that's how it's pronounced

CRAIG6671718d ago

@P0werVR- Did you even watch the vid? obviously he is speaking English but he pronounces Titan differently almost every time to the point where I found it difficult to watch as I was so intrigued on how he would put spin on it next time he said it!

Besides that I must say I enjoyed him sharing his experience, especially when he thought he had that kill in the bag and a TIE TA landed on his head!

P0werVR1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )


That's how you pronounce it in true English...because his an English man, lol!

But I understand where your coming from.

Day One

Irishguy951718d ago

Sometimes it feels bad to be a part of the human race.

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P0werVR1718d ago

So are you hinting that it's a bad thing that this might be a COD with jetpacks and mechs?!

You have to be more objective in how you post your comments, because you reek with "hater" even if you claim otherwise in your comment. Sad.

It would have made more sense if you just stated that it looks like COD with jetpack and mechs and without all the other jargon. But you just put your true intentions on a silver platter and served yourself up to how much of a mook you are, which renders your comment useless to this post.

MysticStrummer1718d ago

Not everyone likes Call of Duty, so CoD with jetpacks and mechs won't necessarily win people over. It's possible for that to be an honest opinion.

Tooly1718d ago

You Givin me a paragraph on The Word Hater stfu.Even though said i might give ita try you still talk a whole bunch off bullshit keep quiet

cleft51718d ago

For me it's more about this just being a mp game that is the problem. I am bad at the online fps part of shooters like CoD, BF3, etc. I have some fun messing around in those modes but my main draw for a fps game is the single player campaign. I play the single player on Veteran and mess around in the mp for a bit.

No single player campaign is a deal breaker for me because I am just not good enough at the mp element to really have fun. Despite what people say, getting crushed in the online part of a game is not fun. I like to win.

While I am sure Titanfall will be great, it just isn't for me.

Bennibop1718d ago

I think destiny will be the next big thing!

RedHawkX1718d ago

the only way titanfall becomes the next big thing is when it comes to the ps4. the devs are leaving to much money on the table with the choice of timed exclusivity. they are pretty dumb for this lol.

3-4-51718d ago

Killzone, Destiny, Battlefield 4, Titanfall are all going to show people what a good FPS can really be.

COD players, ( I was one until 2 months ago), try these games out and THEN go play COD.

That is all I ask. I'm sure you will see what people have been talking about.

I spent years " Not wanting to hear that BS", because I was a COD fan only. Literally own every one.

Then I played BF3, and even with it having only a few good maps, is much more enjoyable to play.

There is actual strategy in the game.

People actually use tactics and team work and people lay down cover fire, and use classes appropriately, and communicate, and it's balanced + there are 4x as many options for guns.

It's just a more complete FPS experience and BF4 looks to improve on that in every way possible.

spicelicka1718d ago

Isn't that what killzone is? Cod with jetpacks and mechs...that aren't actually even useful, at least this game has mechanics based around it. And if killzone is fun that i'm sure this can be too.

Either way, I think this game's gonna be big, but the sequel is gonna be the real deal because they'll def make a campaign for it.

mediate-this1710d ago

(Does Dr.Evil impression) Rrrrrrrrigggggggggghhhhtttt

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dethpuck1718d ago

Standby for Titanfall! day 1 x1

luisvideogames1718d ago

I'm going to love this on my Xbox 360. Athough, my 360 is going to be really dusty when the game comes out in Spring.

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