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Sony Promising The News We've "Been Waiting For" Tomorrow

Sony are set to reveal something big tomorrow morning at their pre-TGS conference, something that they're describing as "the news you've been waiting for" along with an image that they shared through their Chinese social media service. (PS Vita, PS4, Sony)

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abc1233  +   692d ago | Well said
daggertoes83  +   692d ago
think I read not to long ago that it was on hold. could be wrong but i doubt. hopefully. Gaikai maybe. who knows?
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abc1233  +   692d ago
Think Tretton said that but it was later retracted. If the reason why there hasn't been much news about TLG is because it was moved to the PS4, then now would be the perfect time to fully reveal it.
christian hour  +   692d ago | Interesting
Yup, TLG went in to radio silence around the same time FFversusXIII did which was also around the same time Mark Cerny was work-shopping ideas with developers about what they'd like to see in a nex gen console from Sony. FFversusXIII has since resurfaced as FFXV and is now a nex-gen title.

Throw on top of that the fact that TeamIco said they were having trouble getting the game to run on current tech and you might get a slight feeling of Dejavu.

Back in the 90's, TeamICO were developing ICO for the PSX and ran in to trouble with technical limitations. The game eventually found its way on to PS2.

It's all just a little bit of History repeating :)
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abzdine  +   692d ago
The Last Guardian no doubt!
i'm so hyped now
MysticStrummer  +   692d ago
The most recent thing I saw was that it was still in development. (TLG)
Quicktopick  +   692d ago
Team Ico was focusing on Knack and Puppeter thats why they stopped TLG
ZHZ90  +   692d ago
The Last Guardian would be awesome. :)

I'd like to see another Sony's AAA title PS4 exclusive aimed for Japenese Audiance from as well and gets localized.
abzdine  +   692d ago
"The news you’ve been waiting for, and the information beyond your expectation will both be revealed officially."

The Last Guardian will be the news we've been waiting for.

Beyond expectation? TLG available day one with PS4 in Japan.


Shenmue 3 PS4 exclusive
here's why: http://gematsu.com/wp-conte...

Now i'm going to bed so tomorrow can come faster :D
aksmashh  +   692d ago

Shenmue exclusive would be huge!!!
Graphics on the dreamcast were amazing, ps4 would be.....
UltimateMaster  +   692d ago
It'll surely be good news.
Insomnia_84  +   692d ago | Funny
"We are pleased to announce that we have managed to move our release date to October 15th" BOOM!! MS DROPS DEAD!!

That would be epic!! lol
Jaqen_Hghar  +   692d ago
he said it was "on haitus" That could mean on hold in development or just wasn't being shown at E3 (where he made that statement)
PickAShoe  +   692d ago
I think the Japan studio was focusing on knack and games for ps4 according to mark cerney.
DigitalRaptor  +   692d ago
I would have a heart attack at either The Last Guardian or Shenmue III.

This is me right now: http://31.media.tumblr.com/...
BattleAxe  +   692d ago
Hopefully they're going to announce that PS+ is no longer required to play online, because that's the news that I'm waiting for.
ThanatosDMC  +   692d ago

Same here. It would be nice even though I'll stay as a plus member on the PS4.
Gamingcapacity  +   692d ago
Batteries will come with the controller.... oh wait! :)
pedrof93  +   692d ago
I don't wanna be a negative but the last 2 teased announcements were:

Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus.

Cory Barlog Returns to Sony Santa Monica Studio.

So, we better keep a low standard .
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starchild  +   692d ago
I can only hope that it is The Last Guardian. I have been wanting that game on my PS3 for years. ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus were two of the best games I ever played.
gatormatt80  +   692d ago
As much as I'd love it to be news on The Last Guardian, which would be freaking awesome. I'm not gonna get too excited about this yet. My heart says TLG, but my brain says it's just the PS4 Japanese release date and price, considering that's probably the news "they've been waiting for."
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Withdreday  +   692d ago
Whatever it is, they need to get to it. The conference is a snoozefest thus far.
The_Infected  +   692d ago
"The news you’ve been waiting for, and the information beyond your expectation will both be revealed officially."

Who is excited? I know I am!
scott182  +   692d ago
Where can I watch the stream and what time? Anybody know?
slimeybrainboy  +   692d ago

7amm UK time http://www.dualshockers.com...
scott182  +   692d ago
Cool, thanks!
MizTv  +   692d ago
Agent ps4?
Withdreday  +   692d ago
And it was nothing but the release date and the announcement of the PS Vita TV.

I guess we should have known it wouldn't be anything ground breaking or they would have shown it at E3, but whatever.

I am interested in seeing if they bring the PS Vita TV to the US though. That thing would be perfect if it played PS2 games too or something.

For only 95 bucks US, I want one!
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ArchangelMike  +   692d ago
PS4+PSVita bundle? Naughty Dogs PS4 game?
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fattyuk  +   692d ago
Naughty dog at Tokyo games show, don't think so. that'll be an E3 thing
awesomeperson  +   692d ago

No, that will most likely be a VGA thing. Their past 2 games (Uncharted 3/The Last of Us) were revealed at VGAs. So I assume Uncharted 4 for PS4 will be revealed then aswell.

By all means, that could however be a wrong prediction.
kayoss  +   692d ago
It's either the last guardian or monster hunter 4 is finally coming back home to the playstation.
schlanz  +   692d ago
Doubt it, but I'm hoping for a vita/ps4 bundle..priced at $499. That would be a nail in the coffin for xbone and breathe life into the struggling vita.
moparful99  +   692d ago
I wonder if this has any relation to that Playstation Blog article asking the fans what they wanted to see from Playstation. If so could it be the most requested item from that survey.. Call me crazy but i've got this really funny feeling that they are not only announcing TLG will be coming to PS4 but that it will be this year!! Be still my beating heart.. *Faints*
PSjesus  +   692d ago
yes or Persona 5
Game4life  +   692d ago
this. We all know this is gonna be announced within the next 9 months. Why not do it now?
DJMarty  +   692d ago
No, Jap PS4 bundles/release date/prices:)

FFXV PS4 Jap Exlusive

MGSV PS4 Jap Exclusive

Yakusa Jap Exclusive

English is most spoken language around the world. And yes it will be Jap specific, just showing round the world keeps Sony and PS4 in the news.
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abc1233  +   692d ago
None of those are really things which people have been particularly waiting for, especially considering how it'll be streamed in english so it most likely won't be a Japan-specific reveal.
LoveGaming  +   692d ago
Yes that's news we've been waiting for, I will jizz if they announce that!! OMG just imagine if those games were exclusive in Japan!!!!!
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grimmweisse  +   692d ago
Nope that would be Chinese, the most spoken language by total number of speakers, English comes in at 2nd. And the most widely spoken language across the word again is Chinese, then Spanish and 3rd English.

Sorry a little off topic, but I get annoyed by the misconception that English is the world's language.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   692d ago
Guess you can't spell Japanese..

I would never call Chinese the Chi's. lol

Either way sense may not be your main concentration over ignorance.
smashman98  +   692d ago
Is that really what would make you happy...

That's kinda sad
first1NFANTRY  +   692d ago
yep either TLG, an exclusive rpg from Level 5 or gameplay from Deep Down.

any of these would be welcomed news.
user7402931  +   692d ago
last god damn guardian.
LoveGaming  +   692d ago
Lol having to wait so long for the game, now having to buy a new console for it ohh the irony.
stuna1  +   692d ago
Want to talk about irony!? One word "RYSE"!
Genuine-User  +   692d ago
As much as I would like to believe it's about TLG, I think Sony is indicating the PS4's release date in Japan.
AzureskyZ  +   692d ago
As much as I want it to be tlg or legends of dragoon 2-- being a tgs announcement i think it might be the release date of ps4 for japanese folks-- they have been in the dark for quite some time--- anticlimactic i know but more than likely its something along those lines.
christrules0041  +   692d ago
If it was just the release date for Japan why would they have a livestream and it be translated in english. It wouldn't make any sense.

I'm kinda thinking they got more stuff to show. Deep down is said to be playable at TGS. Maybe gameplay of it?
Withdreday  +   692d ago

I strongly doubt it will be The Legend of Dragoon 2 as much as I want it.

They waited way too long and JRPGs are minimal these days. The time for that would have been 2002-2006. At this point, they might as well do a full blown remake.
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christrules0041  +   692d ago
A while ago someone in Sony said that The last guardian is in development but other games such as Knack comes first.

I know Naughty Dog is known for being at VGA but they could be there. Or Santa Monica could be showing there game. Chances of The Order: 1886 gameplay being shown is pretty high. Housemarque also teased a Dead Nation sequel. http://ca.ign.com/videos/20...

Since there has been a lot of talk about Oculus Rift maybe there VR headset to be shown.

There is a lot of stuff these announcements could be.
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Agent maybe?
Elated_Blackman  +   692d ago
Doubt it.
ABizzel1  +   692d ago
The Last Guardian or Atlus Buyout. Either way I'm happy.
Killzoner99  +   692d ago
The Last Guardian 100%. It has to be that and I am so hyped right now Im not going to sleep until the announcement. This will be the best game ever made. Better than The Last of Us which should be impossible but we all know Team ICO is the most talented dev out there.Sorry Xbots but this ones for our eyes only.
Long Live Play
DigitalRaptor  +   692d ago
Although I don't agree with everything you said, I am definitely super hyped. This is me: http://31.media.tumblr.com/...
Volkama  +   692d ago
Got my attention. I'm old and wise enough not to be excited before hearing what the news actually is, but Sony have my attention.

Don't even know what I want the news to be, so I can't be disappointed :-)
ssj27  +   692d ago
Bs you are as hyped and waiting for it! You know what you want and you will be disappointed if they don't show it!

I want to see the last guardian running on the PS4 with a release dat!
ssj27  +   692d ago
B/s you are as hyped as anyone and waiting for it! You know what you want and you will be disappointed if they don't show it!

I want to see the last guardian running on the PS4 with a release data!

Only that will make me happy and every else will be a huge fail!!!

Well I never play them but shemune trilogy will be the only other game that will please me if the last guardian is not showed jet.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   692d ago
If they did, they would win next gen for many people hands down
3-4-5  +   692d ago
Just watched the 2009 E3 trailer for Last Guardian.

I didn't even know what this game was until you all just mentioned it.

Looks amazing!
Gamerx1  +   692d ago
The last Guardian on PS4?
Voice navigation?
a game from Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, or Media Molecule?
PS4+Vita bundle?
Playstation TV?
ajax17  +   692d ago
I might create another account just to agree with you twice!!
thehobbyist  +   692d ago
I'm really hoping for a PS VITA Monster Hunter
YNWA96  +   692d ago
Its, we support arabic!

Too much to expect humour here....
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stuna1  +   692d ago
Oline will be free on PS4! At least one can wish! The Last Guardian was one of my most anticipated games when it was announced, but as of now, I'm more in the frame of mind, if it comes it comes, if it doesn't oh well! Due to fact that there will always be the possibility of something taking it's place as far as anticipation goes.

But if Sony even hinted at Online being free! That would be the final nail in Microsofts coffin, the Xbox1 would be DOA! Although I understand why Sony went the paid Online route.

Something else popped to mind, would be a Heavenly Sword sequel made by the Santa Monica team who made God of War! That would be a heart stopping event! Think I should go out and buy a personal defibulator just in case.
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Sarick  +   692d ago
It might not be a game like THE LAST GUARDIAN. It could be their VR headset. Then again we've all been waiting for a few game announcements.


If it is the VR headsets then a lot of interesting workable games could be created for the hardcore audience. It could even remove the TV from the equation if it has pass through cameras.

From a gamers perspective VR gaming is one gray area that no console maker has really succeeded in mass marketing. Pulling it off would be a miracle.
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MizTv  +   692d ago
Gta5 ps4 would be nice
JustPlay4  +   692d ago
TLG or that all ps4 games will be localized all the world no matter what country it come from

That be interesting
IRON883  +   692d ago
Hopefully a nice exclusive game
Iceman_Nightmare  +   692d ago
The Getaway or Agent !
JoSneak  +   692d ago
That's not happening any time soon
lilbrat23  +   692d ago
Ps3 game transfer through Gaikai?lol wishful thinking I guess.
otherZinc  +   692d ago
SONY will say and do nothing.
SONY has said nothing all summer and will say nothing significant or innovative tomorrow.
stuna1  +   692d ago
Just like Microsoft has to much to say, and it all turned out to be nothing!

Have you heard the old saying: "It is better for someone to think you a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt!"
SkippyPaccino  +   692d ago
It might be The last guardian announcement and them playable at Tokyo game show?...
irokster  +   692d ago
Its a PSVita Re-design. Its live now.
alb1899  +   691d ago
Wao SONY is talking about last guardian since 2006, this game is like a dream, hope is not a bad one!
EXVirtual  +   692d ago
Persona 5? The Last Guardian?
LoveGaming  +   692d ago
Don't see the reason to announce a multiplatform game like Persona 5
AzureskyZ  +   692d ago
Well its hard to say whether its a multi or not-- more than likely it will go multi <catherine as a indicator> but previous iterations of personas has been ps exclusive also.
EXVirtual  +   692d ago
I highly doubt it'll be a multiplat.
Otoshigamisama  +   692d ago
Dude Persona games are a Playstation Exclusive not mulitiplat, and persona 5 is not any different probability of it being a ps game is still high
fattyuk  +   692d ago
Persona 5 multiplat lol

Considering the Xbox doesn't even sell in Asia what's the point in having it multiplat!
ABeastNamedTariq  +   692d ago
Persona is all PlayStation, sir.
TheGreatGamer  +   692d ago
It's been 4 years so please be TGL
yellowgerbil  +   692d ago
PR bull. Sony you failed again. There is no way you can give "information beyond my expectations"
Because I expect the Last Guardian to be announced for the PS4 with a summer release 2014.
I expect Hot Shots Golf to be announced and be a surprise launch title addition.
And Finally I expect you to bring back Ape Escape, Jak and Daxter, Crash Bandicoot, Sly Cooper, and even make an Xtreme 4 for good measure.
Now don't you feel foolish Sony for thinking you can out do my expectations. Bad form man.
TrevorPhillips  +   692d ago
You sir need to relax
yellowgerbil  +   692d ago
it's a joke. bad that I have to explain that to you all.
adventureghost124  +   692d ago

If that's a joke, than that's one really bad joke
grimmweisse  +   692d ago

At what point was I was supposed to laugh?
Just remind me for future reference!
jmac53  +   692d ago
I thought it was humorous. Trevor Phillips needs to relax and untwist his panties.
waltercross  +   692d ago

I Don't see what was funny, care to share? I wouldn't have even replied to this post but you said that what the OP said was funny, I Don't get it. :)
christian hour  +   692d ago
It's not their fault you have incredibly unrealistic expectations :P
Cable2kx  +   692d ago
Really guys he being sarcastic.... No one picked that up? A bunch of Sheldon's on n4g today.
Quicktopick  +   692d ago
Sheldon cooper is a bit uptight in the pants =)
tarbis  +   692d ago
You want some of those leaves. I'll give you lots of crab grass.
#4.4 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
AzureskyZ  +   692d ago
I will laugh if all of those becomes true--- if you want the true definition of PR bull perhaps you should look at microsoft news as of late.
yellowgerbil  +   692d ago
I wouldn't laugh I would cry with joy. I would love to see another Ape Escape. They were the game that showed the world what could be done with 2 joysticks. They should now be the one to show what a trackpad could do.
iMixMasTer872   692d ago | Spam
SkippyPaccino  +   692d ago
Thanks for douching the vibe...
NarooN  +   692d ago
Everyone should've known you were joking the moment you mentioned Xtreme 4 (should be 4 Xtreme, but whatever lol)

Those games were fucking horrible, LOL.
grassyknoll  +   692d ago
Demon Soul's 2 please!
#5 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
user7402931  +   692d ago
i would die of greatness if they made demons souls 2
grassyknoll  +   692d ago
Yoshida made a of hand comment about it, I really hope From Software / Sony make a sequel.
Deadpoolio  +   692d ago
They already made one it was called Dark Souls....You know that was the sequel to Demon Souls right?
Sharius  +   692d ago
no, it's not

beside of art style and using similar battle system there is nothing relate between dark soul and demon's souls in story wise and lore

that why dark soul was called a spiritual successor of demon's souls not a sequel, the sequel only happen if sony allow it because they own DeS's IP
grassyknoll  +   692d ago
It's a spiritual sequel, not a official one! Dark Souls is incredible, but like some of the concepts of Demon's.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   692d ago
Sony owns the IP to Demon's Souls I think, so it's not really a sequel. Demon's Souls 2 would be a sequel.
TrevorPhillips  +   692d ago
I have to say The Last Guardian :D
Angeljuice  +   692d ago
1) Jumping Flash (or is that just me)?

2) I expect the new VR headset to be bundled in with PS4 at no extra cost!

Beyond my expectations eh? We shall see. /Jk
#6.1 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
iiwii  +   692d ago
At this point, I would be happy with "dedicated servers for all PS4 games"
isarai  +   692d ago
I Want To Believe

but i don't want to be hurt again
user7402931  +   692d ago
just have a 40oz ready if worse comes to worst.
gamertk421  +   692d ago
Milk was a bad choice...
Fergusonxplainsall  +   692d ago
I'm in a glass case of emotion!
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   692d ago
Last guardian!

If we see gameplay I will need multiple pairs of pants ready..... Scratch that I need them now
Prcko  +   692d ago
i want to belive,but i can't belive because i don't know in what should i belive!!!
FlunkinMonkey  +   692d ago
That is one outrageously sexual GIF.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   692d ago
That looks like me trying to use Kinect 1.0 to swipe left but it goes both ways lol. I get sweaty and flustered. Long live controllers.
Ggame  +   692d ago
I need more than the announcement of PS4 launch date !!!
- FFXV (PS4-exclusive in Japan and Asia)
- Last Guardian
- Yakusa (recently announced)
- PS4+PSV Bundle

IHassounah  +   692d ago
MGSV is looking to be shown at Microsoft TGS , not Sony
Ace_Pheonix  +   692d ago
...Microsoft at TGS? I'm kinda thinking that's not likely. Am I wrong? I haven't heard anything about MS trying to be successful elsewhere, especially now considering how hard of a time they may even face on home soil.
grimmweisse  +   692d ago

MS is returning to TGS this year after their hiatus.
#10.1.2 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Or agent
sherimae2413  +   692d ago
gravity rush 2 for vita is what ive been waiting for!! ^_^
Hicken  +   692d ago
I get the feeling that'll be upcoming, as well as The Last Guardian, and a handful of others. And, of course, the release date for Japan.
Williamson  +   692d ago
Me too! Hopefully its announced
BLAKHOODe  +   692d ago
GTA V on PS4?
HeyImBen11  +   692d ago
Do you really think they will announce a next gen version so that no one buys gta v for ps3 the next week? -_-.
#12.1 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
thehobbyist  +   692d ago
Hey man, they are putting that discounts if on next-gen versions of certain games if you own the current-gen version
mafiahajeri  +   692d ago
Dont disappoint me Sony!! Finally a conference that isnt in the US that messes with my sleeping schedule because of time zones, its 2 a.m in America! Suck it! Americans! ;P Your time to stay up xD

EDIT: Someone posted this on the site 'Its obviously the Japanese release date' I feel inclined to agree with him!
#13 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
pwnsause_returns  +   692d ago
Last guardian ps4, holy sh**t, I want to believe!!
KillrateOmega  +   692d ago
PS4 + Vita bundle? The Last Guardian?
lazyboyblue  +   692d ago
Vr headset surely?
SIRHC13  +   692d ago
This. It's been rumored to debut at TGS anyway.
Pancit_Canton  +   692d ago
Legend of Dragoons
The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy VII (Publish by Sony)
Shenmue 3 (funded and publish by Sony)
Legend of Legaia 3
Folklore 2
Dark Cloud 3

#17 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
tdogchristy90  +   692d ago
So according to this it's 7am uk time...which would be 2am eastern here in the us?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   692d ago
Yup... I (we) have to stay up. Too bad I also have to go to school tomorrow. :( So what? I can sleep when I'm dead!
rainslacker  +   692d ago
I'll be getting home from work around 1:30am, so just enough time to make a snack and settle in.:)
Otoshigamisama  +   692d ago
I wish they announce that they bought atlus but one can only dream,xD or LOCALIZATION plans maybe?New IP's etc can't wait for tomorrows announcement :)

Edit:If they announce 64GB memory card for Ps vita I'm gonna be a happy man
#19 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DarkLord1003  +   692d ago
I don't want to be guy who destroys your expectations..
but the news "we've" been waiting for could just be the release date for Asian markets. The news comes from an Asian site... so....

God - I hope I'm wrong..
Angeljuice  +   692d ago
Then why the global live stream and local translations? There has to be more than that.
DarkLord1003  +   692d ago
Because not everybody in Asia speaks Japanese..
So they are broadcasting it in English
Angeljuice  +   692d ago
Going back to your first post;

Don't worry, you ARE wrong!! ;-)
DarkLord1003  +   692d ago
Man - I hope you've right and I'm wrong. I want to be surprised :-)
rainslacker  +   692d ago
Not sure how that's beyond our wildest expectations though....unless it's releasing tomorrow in Japan.
forcefullpower  +   692d ago
FF 7 :)
Ggame  +   692d ago
I really do hope for it !!!
Nekroo91  +   692d ago
CPU speed
The last guardian
Uncharted or a new IP from ND
Deep Down Gameplay
HeyImBen11  +   692d ago
You can play Deep Down at TGS so they will shows that anyway.
christrules0041  +   692d ago
The Order: 1886 gameplay as well =)
Quicktopick  +   692d ago
The Last Guardian baby!!!
pyramidshead  +   692d ago
Someone, hold me.
user7402931  +   692d ago
im here danny
pyramidshead  +   692d ago
Never mind, panic over, it's the Asia launch date.
MasterofMagnetism  +   692d ago
The hype just went through the roof. Damn you Sony.
Cable2kx  +   692d ago
The Last Guardian, Socom HD or Black 2 (I know EA owns it but it would awesome If they brought that back)

#26 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
1nsomniac  +   692d ago
Japan release date to be ahead of (expected) schedule maybe same date as EU release.
fsfsxii  +   692d ago
Persona 5.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   692d ago
The Last Guardian on the PS4!!! OMG my head will explode PS4 FTW
Felonycarclub8  +   692d ago
I hope they make TLG for PS3 & PS4 to give it more sales and for those that can't experience it on PS4
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