PlayStation.Blog: Q&A with James Stevenson of Insomniac Games about Resitance 2 - 'New Tech isn't in the trailer, but you'll b

In the comment section of the latest Sony Blog post, James Stevenson answers some of your questions.

Q: In the last podcast you said there was "new tech" that left jaws on the floor. Is this trailer using this "new tech"? and could you tell us what it is or give us a hint?

James Stevenson: You haven't seen it yet. But it just went into a level for the first time and I was just as impressed. Can't wait to show you all.

Q: Have you guys play tested the 60 online multiplayer yet? How does it hold up (as far as lag goes). I would only imagine that it begins to get choppy if all 60 were to get into a single area all firing guns. And what about the voice chat? How will that work with so many players on the same team?

James Stevenson: Oh yeah, we're playing 60-player MP every day, and I play in our three-scheduled playtests every week and give feedback.
And we're starting to get some more internal Sony people playing to help us test our brand new online servers.

As far as voice chat, the game divides you into squads, which helps manage the 60-player battles.

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wAtdaFck3897d ago

*gigiddy gigiddy gigiddy gigiddy*

jkhan3897d ago

The guys at Insomniac are really nice blokes. I mean they keep posting information about the game. They will never overhype there games etc. They keep gamers involved so that we know whats going on with the game. Unlike Guerrilla Games that makes us wait in the dark:@. But I understand every software is different & GG doesn't want the massive hype this game is already getting. Can't wait for R2 & K2 :D

mindedone3896d ago

I hope there are ways to communicate with other squads, maybe through a communication soldier class.

Cyrus3653896d ago

I wonder what the "Secret tech" is, that we haven't seen yet.