Amazing Xbox One 3D model

NoShitShurlock: You just can’t wait till the new Xbox One becomes available? Are you all day looking at Xbox One pictures? Then this might brighten you day up, Mestaty has made this amazing 3D model of the new Xbox One. The model includes the new Kinect camera, the console it self and the new Xbox One controller, it even has all the rear connectors. (check out the URL to see and play around with the amazing 3D model)

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InMyOpinion967d ago

This is old and has already been posted here.

Pixel_Enemy967d ago

^Yeah there was a PS4 one as well.

a_adji967d ago

What's so amazing about a 3d rendered xbone anyway?,

PickAShoe967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

You could use 3D printer to printer the model, just for fun. There all kinds of things in there.

kayoss967d ago

They forgot o model the batteries. Maybe they can also model the rumored hidden gpu or better yet the the " cloud".

drsfinest72967d ago

we definitely need moderators that arent biased to get rid of the troll on this site. n4g isnt what i used to be 4+ years ago.. we cant even have mature debate about next gen console without someone acting like a kid