New Grand Theft Auto V Release Tipped To Rake in £1 Billion in Sales

IT IS the dark Scots vision of the American way of life set to create computer game history and make £1 billion in sales.

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Prcko1654d ago

GTA V's budget was £170 million¸ $265,778,000
Mother of God...

MrDead1654d ago

Holy jumping mother o' God in a side-car with chocolate jimmies and a lobster bib!

3-4-51654d ago

It will be one of the only games to actually be worth $60.00

For the amount of game you get to play, it's actually worth it.

And in comparison, every other game should be about $40-50 max.

You will get 100-800 hours of gameplay on this, and other games the same price you get like 7-10 hours of gameplay.

No comparison really, this is what a NEW game should look and feel like ( in theory, haven't played it yet).

RE_L_MAYER1654d ago

60 dollas for next 4 years)))

turgore1654d ago

That also includes marketing.

CaptainFaisal1654d ago

They anticipate that they will sell 18 million copies in the first year, meaning if each GTA V Game costs 59.99$ then they will get 1,079,820,000 $ ! Meaning as you saud the games budget was "265,778,000 $" they would have a profit of 814,042,000 $ !!! hope they double the budget for GTA 6 ! and have a budget of 250,000,000 $ for their next midnight game! :P

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Vip3r1654d ago

I thought it would have been more really.

Wouldn't surprise me if this is the highest and fastest selling game of all time. Especially if they release it on the PS4/XB1.

I'm getting it on the PS3 first then the PC when it's released. Hopefully to compliment my new GPU if I can finally afford one.

vishmarx1654d ago

i get ur anticipation for a nex gen version but are you actually suggesting that ps3/xb1 versions would be really that impacful in sales..
on the other hand this could help push nex gen console sales instead

Godlovesgamers1654d ago

Not to mention the most overrated and over-hyped. Need proof? Go back and play GTAIV and try and tell me that game is a perfect 10/10 the way so many reviews drinking the GTA Koolaid said it was at the time. Don't get me wrong, it'll be a great game but it will also be vastly overrated like the rest.

DoctorJones1654d ago

It will be overrated in YOUR opinion, and your opinion isn't the holy grail of opinions. It is not a fact, just your opinion.

GdaTyler1654d ago

I wouldn't call them overrated. When GTA IV came out my mind was blown. Same as GTA III since they made such graphical and technical leaps that it would be blasphemy to not appreciate their efforts. For its time GTA IV was indeed a 10/10, I also think GTA V can come close.

GarrusVakarian1654d ago

Every ounce of praise for R* and GTA is well earned in my opinion.

San Andreas
Vice City

Remember those games?

1nsomniac1654d ago

Again, in your opinion. Me and the millions of others who have a differing opinion which to be fair is backed up by the sheer amount of hours Rockstar has logged of us playing it.

It was an Epic game & still is to this day!

turgore1654d ago

I agree with you Jesus. GTA4 was crap, especially when compared to san andreas. People are just being snobs and in denial that this game was not fun.

nix1654d ago

there are quite a few people who are bold enough to say that GTAIV was not as great as the earlier franchises and i am one of them. GTAIV never deserved 10/10. never. it was the most boring game in the series.

Godlovesgamers1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Wow. Go outside, get a friggin life people. You're all up in arms because I said GTAIV was overrated/overhyped and then take to name-calling and playing offended as if someone just stripped you of your dignity and honor??!! Seem rational? It's a game, not an extension of your self-worth nor a part of your being, let it go.

As far as open world games go, I had WAY more fun with Just Cause 2, and from the way it's looking it seems like R* is going after that audience as well as Saints Row fans from what I've seen of GTAV thus far.

@fattyuk get a grip, mate.

@DoctorJones I like the name. I never said my opinion is the holy grail (ironic you use that term/your name) but it's a rational opinion that isn't biased by hype and it's one that I'm able to intelligently articulate and back up. Take it or leave it.

@GdaTyler I completely disagree. The shooting/aiming mechanics still sucked in GTAIV (unfixed from III) and the character and his story was so uncompelling it made the game's missions feel like a second job.

"it would be blasphemy to not appreciate their efforts"

and it would be ignorant not look at the game subjectively and employ some critical thinking instead of just worshipping everything that R* or any other dev does.

@Lukas_Japonicus Yeah, I remember those games, they were way better than GTAIV.

@turgore Funny, but I'm NOT Jesus.

bronxsta1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

IMO, Just Cause 2 has the bigger more fun world, but GTA IV has the living world with character and personality. I enjoyed Just Cause 2, for the over top action and the beautiful scenery, but the world was like a facade, just a big movie set for stuntmen and nothing more.

I explored Panau for the vistas and to find stunt oppurtunties. I explored Liberty City because it felt real and lived in. Both games have their strengths and weaknesses

aLucidMind1653d ago

It was a 10/10 to me when I first played it and I didnt follow any of the hype for it. While I would rate it an 8 in comparison now, I still think its a good game and I dont feel it was overrated myself despite having been rough around the edges at parts.

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zyphee1654d ago

Gta 4 had a budget of 100 million and raked in 1.2 billion in sales so id say they will be in business for a long time

CocoWolfie1654d ago

and itll deserve every penny ^-^ no matter who you are, i think an open world with as many possibilities as gta is one of the main reasons to be apart of gaming :p

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