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Submitted by Abriael 881d ago | news

Microsoft's Mehdi Explains the Whole XboxOne Strategy, Expects "Tens of Millions" Sold in First Year

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Yusuf Mehdi goes into great detail in explaining Microsoft’s strategy with the Xbox one to an audience of industry analysts and investors.

Needless to say, shots are fired, and a lot of elements that may baffle several gamers are detailed, including many of the why’s and the how’s many would like to know. (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Yusuf Mehdi)

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US8F  +   881d ago
Is it me or every single Microsoft representative looks so angry recently. I too predict 10 million Xbox strategy guides sold on the first year too. Less than that systems.
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Abriael  +   881d ago
The strategy guide is to wade through all the rules and regulations and caveats?
US8F  +   881d ago

What's more funny is that it took them years to think about all the features they need to put inside the Xbox one, and how it will define gaming, and they predicted that exact figure. Then 180 degree reversals happened and with in a month or two, they have the same predictions.

from original to a complete inferior copy.
abzdine  +   881d ago
the TV guy stikes again.
i feel so ashamed that a guy like this who has no knowledge about games talking about a "gaming console"
ZodTheRipper  +   881d ago
They reversed a lot but this didn't get a reversal
- TV
- Call Of Duty
- Sports
- Halo

Wow, what a strategy.
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devwan  +   881d ago | Well said
"we’ve had the best lineup of any console of games" - highly debatable.

"we’ve been sold out on preorders for the Xbox One for several weeks now" - untrue and means nothing without exact numbers.

"there’ll be tens of millions of buyers in the first year... for $499, our price point, we think the value we provide for that is a very good deal" - >20m xbox ones sold at $499 in year one? Dream on!

"we can cost-reduce our box, as we’ve done with 360, we’ll do that to continue to price reduce and get even more competitive with our offering." - how about not including that expensive camera hardly anyone wants?

"We wanted to break the barrier of being able to voice control your television, and to do that we added a lot of capability." - oh... right... that's what gamers want, is it? To be able to control a TV with voice command and gestures?

"And if you look at the games we have, according to most industry experts now, a better lineup of games" - in what time frame? I don't see it day one and I don't see it early next year when SS drops. So flat out lied to investors?

"one of the things that we can do with our first parties is we can ask them and say, “Hey, we would like you to really showcase Kinect.” “We would like you to showcase how the future of interactive TV might look.” And so let’s build some shows. Let’s build some entertainment. Some games that differentiate that." - You'll have to speak up, Mehdi, it's quite apparent none of them have heard you because so far we've seen nothing that does either.

"we’re going to to continue to invest in Xbox 360 and the two devices can work in concert" - Didn't you just pinch 2 or 3 360 exclusives and turn them to xbox one launch titles? That's not what you call supporting the 360, that's abandoning it as you panic to compete with ps4.
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ZodTheRipper  +   881d ago
This guy is a joke ...but who's to blame him, he's just doing his job. I'm more than sure that he doesn't believe the stuff he says himself.
The thing is, he raised the bar of expectations the investors now have to a point where it's just delusional. "Tens of millions" will never happen in the first year and he will have to take the responsibility after that statement.
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CerebralAssassin  +   881d ago

I agree with most of what you responded to in regards to the quotes you posted. As a gamer, I agree with you completely. As a consumer, not so much. Im glad we are getting more then a basic console with the xbone. If I wanted a basic game system, id get a ps4. Or stick with the current gen systems. I want a system that can do more then just play games. Im glad they are trying to break that barrier between core gamers and casual gamers. If we dont take a step forward somewhere and improve on what it can do as a system, whats the point of a new system? Just so it can do the same shit but faster?

I think we are past the days of being wowed by graphics. Sure they will improve and look better, but at some point people will begin to say it looks TOO real and it will become a problem. I still think we are a ways away from that scenario but it will happen.

I might be by myself in this but, I need my system to do more then just give me a better picture and load faster.
devwan  +   881d ago
@CerebralAssassin If you want a system that can do more than play games there's this thing called PC ;)

Also, ps4 does more than just play games, you know? Sony just don't push it to the fore when speaking, part of their strategy, and it's not replying on hardware gimmicks to appear different... but look at Sony's VR work in the past and the rumours of the future and there you have something that has real potential to push the envelope.

I'm personally not past being wowed by graphics as you seem to be. I remember my jaw dropping when I played Oblivion, when I got to the end of the tunnel and was set free into that world... that was a defining moment for me. That was when I realised things had moved on more than I thought possible on console (coming from ps2). I refuse to believe I won't ever get that same kind of feeling again. Hell, I came close when I saw the 1080P raw footage of resogun (not the compressed yt footage, but the direct feed from the press pack). If a pack-in free shooter can do that for me, I know those times will return for sure within the next year!
TrollCraftTales  +   881d ago
The strategy guide is really just a book filled with ads...
UltimateMaster  +   881d ago
I don't see how any console could sell 10 million in the first year since it took 2 years and Halo 3 to achieve 12 million and the PS3 only sold around 5 million the first year.

Aiming for 10 Million is quite unrealistic.
Go Microsoft, produce 20 Million, you're on the right track!
JokesOnYou  +   881d ago
Good Mehdi definitely is one of the better PR guys, he was clear and concise about microsofts Xbox plans. I read the whole thing and the only thing I would question is the "ten's of millions sold in the 1st year", it will be interesting to see what microsofts official projections are. I do certainly think 10 million is a great goal, I think that would beat 360 by about 4mil so we'll see. All in all good read.
Army_of_Darkness  +   881d ago
I have to admit, I admire their confidence and determination no matter how grim it may look currently
P0werVR  +   881d ago
Well, just finished reading it and it seems like Microsoft is now going to invest more in i'ts first party studios, FINALLY!

And I wouldn't be surprised by his claims of millions of consoles IF it happens. The consoles does have the best games right out the gate from launch and launch window. FACT!

And if you think that The Order can compete with a new Halo next year well I doubt that.

Hope they truly pull through with Black Tusk Studios new IP. Since they claim that'll use the full potential of Xbox One.
The_Con-Sept  +   881d ago
I think the only option they have left to achieve such a goal is to include a PS4 with purchase.......
cemelc  +   881d ago

And by fact of course you mean opinion...

OMG 12 month and halo whatever the ps4 is going to do? go back to your cave will ya?
P0werVR  +   880d ago

Far from an opinion when Xbox One does have more exclusive IPs than PS4 and well grounded exclusives at that.

And yes, you are pretty much stating Sony's very sentiment when so far after launch all they have is The Order.

No one boasts a title to be bigger than Halo, especially Microsoft. And given the gaming stamina from launch alone that'll last us the next 2 years, well enough to bring out even bigger titles.

So far I don't see why most Sony backers are even celebrating...where are the games? SERIOUSLY?!

You better hope tomorrow isn't another dud!

"go back to your cave will ya?"

Yeah...cave, sure!
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cemelc  +   880d ago
Didnt in 2007 xbox fans called sony for not having games? how did that turn out? Cos 360 been dead for a year now, my bad 3 exlusives rotated every year so...

The order is a new IP has more value than halo 8 and since youre taking the xbox cool aid you might want to consider infamous?

Xbox has nothing on ps4 even if it did considering ps3 and 360 im pretty sure whos going to end up with a paperweight first
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P0werVR  +   880d ago
How does a new IP which hasn't proved anything yet have more value compared to Halo???...What value are you on about anyways?! LOL! Seriously, what value on a game that hasn't released a gameplay yet are you talking about.

Both current Gens had nothing at launch. Xbox 360 only had Gears of War. Nothing much to boast about, or at least I personally don't know that Xbox fans were boasting such claims. Since I wasn't a console gamer, till now with Xbox One.
cemelc  +   880d ago
"How does a new IP which hasn't proved anything yet have more value compared to Halo???...What value are you on about anyways?! LOL! Seriously, what value on a game that hasn't released a gameplay yet are you talking about. "

Cos is not a rehash with tropes that comes since 1998? If you cant see the value on a new IP is your loss seriously... i dont know why you are picking on a game that not much is known, try to compare it to killzone launch game btw.

"Both current Gens had nothing at launch. Xbox 360 only had Gears of War. Nothing much to boast about, or at least I personally don't know that Xbox fans were boasting such claims. Since I wasn't a console gamer, till now with Xbox One."

It is good that you will own an XOne but given that there is a precedent of Microsoft dropping console support twice with xbox and 360 youll probably be better not calling ps4 a console without games b4 the machine launch this is sure come to bite you later on for sure ps2, ps3 are the proof of that.
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JustPlay4  +   881d ago
So there strategy is TV TV TV, because that all he talked about where are the games and the thing about first party being important to them was kinda funny

And so was this: "Cloud gaming is another kind of implementation on top of that digital platform. We think cloud gaming is something that’s very exciting, very compelling, but it still feels like it has a way to go technically before it works."

Is that contradicting what they have been saying all this time about the cloud being so great, I don't get it.
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Angeljuice  +   881d ago | Well said

Throw enough PR Bullcr@p at potential customers and some of it is bound to stick.
Drewidian  +   881d ago
And the reason they talked TV so much is that they are probably planning to leverage their partnerships with those cable and satellite companies to sell the XBox One. Think about it, its designed to work WITH cable/satellite TV networks. Microsoft has not only long standing relationships with Sky, Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and Time Warner, they even built Media Room which they recently sold off to Ericson (see list here which I think they sold off so they wouldn't be in competition to any of their partners.

I believe they did this so they could have their partners sell the XBox One at a subsidized price on a 2 year contract. Imagine how many people would prefer to have one device that not only does media files, disks, gaming, web browsing, movies, music, and TV interactivity for say... $99 - $199 on a two year contract. A lot of people not only have cable in their homes, but aren't planning on switching provider anytime soon. It would be easy to sign up for this and have a cheap XBox One. There's a ton of reasons to do this but this post is long enough. if you want to read more look here.
KYU2130  +   881d ago
Drewidian, The XB1 is not an anyway a cable box, it is an add-on to a cable box. While you will probably see a few cable providers selling it it won't be a big push because the customer still has to own a cable box to use the XB1 TV features. Now if MS did integrate Cable box functionality into the XB1 it would sell like crazy and your theory would be correct.

But as an add-on to a cable box its expensive.
n4rc  +   881d ago
Its probably because they want to lash out and call people morons.. But they have to remain professional... Lol

We can say it.. They can't ;)
3-4-5  +   881d ago
I feel like Microsoft is doing a disservice to it's own employees.

It's like they won't actually let them learn the things they should learn.

It's too compartmentalized, and everybody THINKS they know what is going on but nobody does.

Hence all the internal confusion.

Appears to be a company full of "know it alls" who don't actually know much about gaming.

But in the coporate "elite" world, everybody just lies and BS's eachother because of their egos.

They don't understand that they aren't as smart as they could be.

They could have won people over with more intelligent decisions that benefit ONLY the gamer.

They played their cards, now deal with the consequences.

Love my 360, but not sure I can buy a XB1.

I don't trust them anymore.
Eddie20101  +   881d ago
The more I hear from Microsoft reps the more I don't want an Xbox One.

And that's saying alot, since its pretty low on my list already.
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Eddie20101  +   881d ago
Non gamers are not going to pay $499.99 for a glorified cable box. Once the hardcore xbox fans get theres the sales will drop, plain and simple, oh, I just described an Xbot.
ATi_Elite  +   881d ago
"Second of all, the gaming market today, depending on how you count it, is $11-12 billion of profit. About $4-5 billion is CONSOLE GAMING".

So where is the other $7 billion in profit?.....PC GAMING!

anyway that briefing was very informational. Microsoft has ALWAYS wanted to control your Living Room and the XB1 looks to do that.

I see MS and partners providing great Live TV content from New or Special studios giving XB1 owners great interactive entertainment.

PC's, Internet, and TV's are merging and Microsoft is on top of this along with Apple.

The Xbox Brand since day 1 has ALWAYS been about more than just Gaming. Yes the Games are important but MS has put together a great DIVERSE package that does MORE than play games for $499.

Some of you Gamers gotta look at the BIG PICTURE. Consoles have evolved and playing games is expected like a cell phone making calls. You gotta look at the other features of your Game Box to understand it's Value.
cemelc  +   880d ago
"So where is the other $7 billion in profit?.....PC GAMING! "

You do realize that 7 billion figure comes from facebook games and casual stuff right? not from the harcore pc games i dont see how could you be proud of that.
TBONEJF  +   880d ago
He should EXPLAIN bout the over price PRICE TAG on the xBOX1
Thepharaoh  +   881d ago
Yeah okay then.
ZodTheRipper  +   881d ago
Delusional. Somebody should remind those guys that it's not 2006 anymore. Xbox does not have advantages in price, release timing and architecture anymore.
STANK08  +   881d ago
MS has a superior internet infrastructure with Xbox Live. Price and release is irrelevant, People buy what they want, or what they're used to.
LoveGaming  +   881d ago
I felt the same way when Sony projected the Vita sales haha
Salooh  +   881d ago
Vita have advantage in price and architecture. It just need unresistible AAA games and put more apps for the OS.
OlgerO  +   881d ago
Tens of millions is at least 20 million in one year, thats just absolutely rediculous. Then that means PS4 is going to sell 100 million ?
Magicite  +   881d ago
could be so :)
snake_eater  +   881d ago
Someone should duct tape every single ms representative, I'm tired of these guys...
nick309  +   881d ago
But when sony talks youll like it? Just companies trying to make a living
Hellsvacancy  +   881d ago
That's because Sony doesn't talk total bullsh!t

Everyday, MS has something to say
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thrust  +   881d ago
Hells your funny.
fsfsxii  +   881d ago
Try to split between what Sony says and what MS says. Come talk then. Oh, and trying to be unbiased is making you look like an idiot.
HugoDrax  +   881d ago
Exactly! Fanboys on this site are hilarious.


"That's because Sony doesn't talk total bullsh!t
Everyday, MS has something to say"

MONEY TALKS! Not sure if Sony is in any state to talk bullsh*t. Sony can talk BS once they lower the price on their proprietary accessories, and $2,000.00 wearable TV head mounted displays lol.
Magicite  +   881d ago
Yes I totally enjoy when Sony representives are talking and its not sarcasm.
Magicite  +   881d ago
they are like clowns, annoying, yet doing their job
Foxgod  +   881d ago
And they will pull it off.
Got mine reserved, looking forward to it.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   881d ago | Funny
Foxgod has his reserved, tens of millions of Xbox Ones sold is now confirmed..../s
LoveGaming  +   881d ago
I've got mine reserved to, but don't get too upset that people are buying a console you hate :)

*wipe tears*
n4rc  +   881d ago
Had my x1 ordered since e3 along with 2 coworkers (we went on lunch Lol)

Don't be upset.. Lol
Az1mov  +   881d ago
Well good news, at this rate it will be sold out in no time, sparing so many people from making a huge mistake acquiring a piece of hardware that might turn against them in the near future, meaningless spring updates or integrating more ads in your X1 dashboard although you're a gold subscriber (BTW the other day I found a shower gel ad in the my 360's dashboard can you believe that? for Lynx/axe depending where you live)people will be disappointed that's the future I'm reading ;)
Studio-YaMi  +   881d ago
Can I have your crystal ball Foxgod ? I want to know if it will show me the future too !

It's not fair that ONLY you have a way to know the future ! :(
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Sitdown  +   881d ago
So you look past every other post that reports that it will not happen to comment on Foxgod because they stated it would.........classic.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   881d ago
Hey I'm not sad at all, I hope you guys have a great time with your Xbox One. I actually think it has some decent games on there. Tens of millions sold in one year though? come on that's never going to happen.
n4rc  +   881d ago
well... lets be real here..

tens of millions in marketing terms is 10,000,001. lol

but its entirely possible to sell 10m first year for both... gaming is only getting bigger imo..

its too early to do the math.. but overall console sales are up im sure even if they are evening out.. like 260m this gen?
torchic  +   881d ago

not even Sony will sell 10m PS4s in 12 months. they might, but history tells us otherwise.

Xbox One will be lucky to sell half of that.
thrust  +   881d ago
Funny how you say not even Sony can sell that many, hahahaha
No_Limit  +   881d ago
Mine reserved with 9 games at launch. can't wait!
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HugoDrax  +   881d ago
Damn! hahahaha, and I thought I was doing something. So far my household will contain at launch.

1-XB1 console (Myself)
2-XB1 console (Nephews) although I'm a bit upset at MS taking away my family gold account, so now I have to pay $80 a year for two accounts instead of four.
3- Dead Rising 3, FIFA14, Forza 5, Watch Dogs, Killer Instinct (Myself)
4-COD:Ghosts, Battlefield4, AC4 (Nephews)
5-Extra XB1 controller (Myself)
6-PS4 day one (Myself)
7-KILLZONE (Myself)
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Gamer666  +   881d ago
2 X1's reserved, but I'm buying all my games digitally now!
christocolus  +   881d ago

same here... i actually believe they can pull this live alone will pull in new users..halo and titanfall too..just ignore the fbs in another xbox insecure bunch they are...
Clarence  +   881d ago
It's M$, and Xbox fans that are insecure.

The moment that M$ announced the Xbox 1 and its policies, M$ has been lying and back peddling. Lies and coverups all summer long. It's like watergate all over again.

Mehdi with his remote in his pocket.

Lying Larry BF4 running on Xbox 1 but not really.

Albert I don't know who this guy talking about the PS4 is more powerful
I've never heard of him.

Yeah we're really insecure.
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DragonKnight  +   881d ago
"xbox live alone will pull in new users."

No it won't. Xbox fans may be gullible enough to think paying for free services and ads is a value, but no one else is.
DeadlyFire  +   881d ago
10 million is possible. 15 million is possible. 20 million is not likely. Considering PS4 hype I expect 1box to top out at 10 million while PS4 takes 15+ million in the first year. :)
DJMarty  +   881d ago
@Foxgod - Your a MUG.

PAYBOX ONE is a RIPOFF at $499 + Cable fees + Online Gaming Fees. Getting damn expensive to watch TV(which I do for Freeeee using my PS3)

CocoWolfie  +   881d ago
to be honest the amount of things they say, from minecraft being an exclusive, to fifa being only available with day one editions weeks after the announcement, i hope this is not true, they dont deserve that many sold.. js :/
HeyImBen11  +   881d ago
Tens of millions in the first year? lmao.
5h4h4b  +   881d ago
Well he is technically correct bro because x1 will only last that long. After that it will be extinct!
LoveGaming  +   881d ago
Can I have your crystal ball please? need a lottery to win :)
christocolus  +   881d ago
lmao...sonys ken kutaragi said same thing about the xbox and again about the xbox 360 once(said the consoles would die even before they were launched)...but what do you know the console is now a household name,sold millions.....and little playstation papa cost sony a loss of billions of dollars over the cell development and lost his position at sony too.....dude learn patience so you dont eat your words or end up looking like a fool.
#6.1.2 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(12) | Report
Lucy18  +   881d ago
Thank God for M$. I really need a good laugh today. Tens of millions sold in first year lmao
Benjammin25  +   881d ago
I'd love to see what they're smoking over there. They didn't even reveal their pre-order numbers, which obviously means they're a lot lower than the PS4's numbers. If the One is going to sell ten's of millions in it's first year, how many PS4's are going to be sold? Hundreds of millions? They seriously need a reality check.
Nicaragua  +   881d ago
There's a strategy ? Could have fooled me
sAVAge_bEaST  +   881d ago
Flip-Flop. until eventually just Flop.
OrangePowerz  +   881d ago
MS sales strategy is to try and mimick the sucess of the Wii by selling a lot of units to non gamers. That's the reason for all the TV features. It either way pays off and they sell a lot or it backfires because they spent too much time developing those things instead of making it the best games console they could make.
HugoDrax  +   881d ago
Wrong! The reason for all the TV features are due to statistics. Every time a gamertag watches Netflix, Xbox Videos, IGN App, Gametrailers App, UFC app, HBO GO app on XBOX 360 those numbers are recorded. I know, as according to my profile...

Entertainment: 85%
Gaming: 15%

I wish those numbers could be reversed, but at my age and profession I don't have much free time to dedicate to gaming as I once did. So once I usually log online to game, instead I click Netflix or HBOGO because I'm already tired once I do receive some down time from work.

What I'm saying is, Microsoft didn't just attack entertainment market because they had a hunch, this was determined from pure numbers being logged from existing members of Xbox live.

For example, I just checked ( wards) my logged stats are

My Most Played Game Last Month: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell® Blacklist™
My Achievement Points Earned Last Month: 655
My Most Used App Last Month: Hulu Plus (See TELEVISION!)
#9.1 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
C-Thunder  +   881d ago
I'm not surprised by those numbers, I use my systems a lot for video apps, but that doesn't mean I'm looking for a new, more expensive way to get all of that same content again.

What gamer out there cares at all about the TV features of either system other than to know the major apps are there?

What non gamer buys a $500 machine to stream with when there are so many cheaper options available?

No matter the stats, these are gaming machines that gamers will buy based on games and power, both of which Microsoft is outnumbered on.

I'm getting both, but that's only because my Xbone will be free. No one I know in real life is buying both consoles and most of them are switching to PS4 after only having 360's this gen. I know that's anecdotal, but if Microsoft looses the hardcore early (like it looks like they're going to) then they're in trouble. The early adopters entire circle of friends are much more likely to buy the same system they did than a system they can't use to play with that friend.
WeAreLegion  +   881d ago
Those apps are the reason people are dropping cable though.
deadfrag  +   881d ago
All that after you pay for xbox live!You know in the ps4 is free to get acess to all those features and apps you pay on X1.SO WHO IS THE DUMB the guy that gets the X1 and pays to see hulu plus...or the one that gets a ps4 at cheaper price and gets it for free?
#9.1.3 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
C-Thunder  +   881d ago
Ding,ding,ding,ding! We have a winner!

This is exactly their plan and I don't think it's feasible at $500.
pyramidshead  +   881d ago
Good luck lol.
Studio-YaMi  +   881d ago
Well,good luck with that.
clmstr  +   881d ago
I don't understand why MS is so agressive at marketing. They had failed at the unveiling, now they are failing with their advertising campaign. What's next?
cunnilumpkin  +   881d ago

keep telling yourself that guy

xbox1 and ps4 will NEVER sell close to what ps3/360 did

that was 2005 man, it was a whole different decade, a different market, a different world

if, in 8 years, the xbox1 or ps4 manage to sell more than 50 million units I will be very, VERY surprised

the only people I know who want one are hardcore gamers

I work in an office with over 240 people, most of them 20-somethings and 30-somethings, none of them besides myself and 2 other guys are even considering getting one

no one in my family wants one

not one of my friends I know is considering getting one, the kids I talk to at gamesstop even say they don't want one in the first year

neither the ps4 or xbox1 will sell more than 3 million units in the first year
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meatysausage  +   881d ago
Sorry, I got bored as soon I started reading

You were saying?
Studio-YaMi  +   881d ago
The polls & pre-orders beg to differ on the PS4 at least.

I agree
#13.2 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
meatysausage  +   881d ago
True, although we dont know the numbers of Xbox.
Both are beating the pre orders and interests of last generation if I can remember correctly, as sony stated themselves. Although it doesnt give that much of an indication it does show that the public interest is still there
moparful99  +   881d ago
Well let's look at precedent here. Microsoft sold 8 million units in the first year of the 360 without any competition. So now that they have launch competition that are not only predicting more than 10 million but ten(s) of millions? Microsoft and their typical hyperbole. I honestly don't think either of them have a chance of breaking 20 million in the first year. What was the Wii's first year sales? Like 12 or 15 million I think?
mike32UK  +   881d ago
You must know the wrong people I know at least 10 people getting a ps4 and a couple getting X1 on respective launch dates and that's not including family members or work colleagues
Angeljuice  +   881d ago
He's a PC only gamer (he doesn't have friends).
dredgewalker  +   881d ago
So you're basically a casual player if you're saying only the hardcore will buy PS4's and Xbox Ones. Thank you for clearing that up. Yeah I'd rather be in the minority playing real good games than the majority who plays crap games.
Studio-YaMi  +   881d ago
Actually he's a PC fanboy.
fattyuk  +   881d ago

That is without a doubt the stupidest comment ive ever read on the internet.

It's not even worth pulling your comment apart to reply to.
MasterofMagnetism  +   881d ago
If preorders are any indication, the PS4 should easily sell over 3 million units in the first year.
devwan  +   881d ago
(maybe even by the end of 2013!)
#13.6.1 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
bjmartynhak  +   881d ago
You have a point. I know ONE person that MIGHT buy one of the consoles (and it will be a PS4, if it will).

I'm getting close to 30 yrs and it's hard to find gamers at my age.

At the same time, why are the pre-orders so high? Higher the previous gen? My guess would be that people that grew up with Atari and SNES now have the money to buy. During the PS360 launch I was just a poor intern with no money whatsoever. But at the same time (again), I can't find gamers at my age. Can't explain or predict what will happen.
#13.7 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   880d ago
I am 33 and i have about 40 ppl on my friends list my age or older, i have a friend on my list that i play BF3 with on the ps3 thats 61.
bjmartynhak  +   880d ago
Well, I didn't have the same luck. My friends stopped playing, even the ones that always had all consoles of generation.

The new friends I make look as if I was a child for still be playing.
fsfsxii  +   881d ago
Your family and friends > The whole world.
Nice logic.
Benchm4rk  +   881d ago
Very interesting read.The ability to access all digital games from other consoles is great. I didn't think they were doing that day one but I'm glad they are. Also at least he is being honest in saying that the whole cloud thing still needs a bit of work to be a realistic option in gaming. All in all I'm looking forward to next gen for both platforms. I expect huge sales from Sony and hope that the Xbox One sells well also. We need healthy competition in this industry as it forces companies to strive to outdo each other and in the end we the gamers benefit from it.
#14 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
devwan  +   881d ago
It won't be as simple as going to a friend's house, signing in and playing there and then - games on ps3 are around 15-20GB - that's a hefty download/install before you're up and running, even if it allows you to play the initial levels/areas before the full install is complete. That hardly compares with pulling a BD out of your bag and sticking it in the drive with a potential minimal install.
Theendgame  +   881d ago
Not to mention that games are only going to get bigger. Can you imagine a 75gb download?
Benchm4rk  +   881d ago
Yeah being realistic it wouldn't be as instant as people are lead to believe. But like you said there will probably be an install/download but hopefully with the talks they had with the play while you install instead of having to wait hours to play the game maybe you.only wait 20 mins and then the menu and first level is accessible. Then while you set up your game/settings and play the first level most of the game would be finished downloading/installing. Hopefully they can improve times though. Took a half hour to install the HD texture pack for blacklist alone before I could even start playing
mhunterjr  +   881d ago
The Xbox One is going to sell a ton of consoles, especially after they start subsidizing the cost with cable subscriptions.

The gloom doom and hatred is misplaced. They've spent 1 billion dollars on first party games being released in the first year. Stop pretending we aren't talking about a game console.

Sure Sony will sell more. But that doesn't mean the end of xbox. Just like the wii and 360 outselling ps3 didn't kill Sony...
meatysausage  +   881d ago
I think the reality is we are only a small portion of overall sales. It all comes down to advertising and getting those casuals to buy the consoles to get those decent number of consoles sold
devwan  +   881d ago
Good luck at $499.
mike32UK  +   881d ago
The 360 didn't outsell PS3. It doesn't effect me either way, but please stick to the facts. You are correct though X1 will be perfectly fine they garnered a big fanbase this generation I'm guessing a 60/40 market share split in favour of Sony. Xbox isn't going any where and I don't understand why anyone (fan boy or not) would want it to, competition drives innovation. Monopolistic markets lead to stagnation in advancements
mhunterjr  +   881d ago
It did initially, and then the ps3 came down in price, got some killer games, and picked up the pace. That's the point in trying to make. The 'console wars' aren't over at launch. 7 years from now, people are going to forget that Xbox was ever 'doomed' .
Studio-YaMi  +   881d ago
The Wii was the champoin of sales last gen.
Xbox360 didn't outsell the PS3 worldwide though !

America =/= the World
by that logic,the PS3 KO'ed Xbox360 with a fatality in Japan.

Use some logic,friend.
mhunterjr  +   881d ago
The 360 initially outsold the ps3. Then the ps3 picked up pace later on. That's the point. The war isn't over at launch.
Muadiib  +   881d ago
The mistake you made was expecting an objective opinion on a site renowned for being a Sony fanboy haven. The chance of a grown up conversation is naught.
mike32UK  +   881d ago
Please elaborate which of the replies he received were even slightly biased. I see no fanboyism whatsoever. Simple facts do not equal fanboys
#15.4.1 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report
Muadiib  +   881d ago
Of course you don't, you are that far beyond objectivity you cannot see clearly at all. I have no interest in talking with you, I have better things to than beat my head against a wall.
mike32UK  +   881d ago
You idiot haha you know absolutely nothing
RE_L_MAYER  +   881d ago
Tens of thousands first year-next year we releasing xboxe one plus with only 1 AA, 20% faster processor and 2 cameras
EdoubleD  +   881d ago
All this PR nonsense. They had a concrete plan and were ready to make the whole game industry bend over to their will and within a month they switched.

You really believe that Mehdi?

kingdip90  +   881d ago
Gaming as a service, thats the problem in Microsofts plan. I dont want gaming to be a service.
buynit  +   881d ago
Whats wrong with having games as a service? It can lead to great things, look at ps+.. I think thats a great service..
#18.1 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
kingdip90  +   881d ago
I see benefits there too just not for me. The only limitation I want on my games is the initial purchase price and the electricity I need to run the system. Required internet or pay to play schemes are just not for me, neither is digital.

Gaming has a lot of people who have gamed for the past 30 years and for the industry to decide they want a digital gaming service style medium and call it innovative where its just money hungry ir wrong in my opinion. Its the consumer who decides what the future of gaming is and if the industry keep pushing whats best for them instead of the gamer then they will loose custom. Thats what the backlash on microsofts old policies were all about, at least sony seems to recognize people want to play offline in an old school style, yeah they have ps+ but the ps4 embraces the new while respecting the old and without being slapped in the face first either....
buynit  +   881d ago
Your understanding of ps+ is right and wrong... Yes if you cancle the service you lose access to those games but if you still have service you can play them off line, of course only if its made to play off line.. Like i said before i completely agree that you should not have to be online at ALL times to play your games that you paid for, thats where ms fvcked up huge! Yes you have to pay live and plus to enjoy some great services and will run you 110 or a lot of the times much cheaper with deals per year on top of needing the internet to enjoy it. Your complaint tome, seems to be coming more from you cant afford it rather than anything else... So why should i have to suffer and many more because you can afford it?

You are right The buck doesnt stop with gs i meant used games in general so you only prove my point by adding the others. Yes money doesnt go back to the consumer but you use the word property a bit strong here... I mean, lets put things in perspective... These are video games they lose a tremendous amount of value the moment you rip open the plastic wrap, its not like buying a house where you should make money back games dont have equity. So again if your biggest complaint is about things being cheaper so you can afford it or get money back for another game then your best bet is to wait for the price drop its no secret, it happens.. I dont mean to offend you at all i would just hate for great tech to be held back because some ppl cant afford to game.. As a gamer id rather see the dev get that money and deliver another great experience i dont want games to suffer because you want fleamarket prices, gaming isnt cheap so buy your games wisely. Its not like the price of games are out of this world, the console is your biggest price tag for a new gen..

"its a scam" lmfao!

Yes a game should never be behind a paywall, the company that does that will comit suicide i can guarantee that! I dont care if i already paid for the console already they cant force me to keep supporting them. In other words a sold console doent mean guranteed success..
#18.1.2 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
buynit  +   881d ago
Pay to play what, online? Or pay monthly to play your games? I dont think anyone is trying to make you pay a month to play games you either DD it full or you dont.. If its to play on line the ps4 will be doing it as well, next gen..

How is it money hungry? They are trying to keep the money in house for devs, do you realise how much money gs makes off used games..

I agree with you 100% i shouldnt HAVE to be online to enjoy any game i DD, to me thats what took it too far.. But imo i think sony really didnt try the same thing was only cause they dont have the tech to do it yet..

I couldnt care less talking about innovation because in my opinion, on n4g innovation is as subjective as the what controller is better debate... So i will leave that conversation alone.
#18.2 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kingdip90  +   881d ago
Its my understanding that *free* game downloads on ps+ require plus to continue working you pay for the service but if for whayever reason you can't afford to maintain ps+ OR loose access online those games become inactive. Its also my understanding that microsofts all digital vision would have worked similarly even with games you paid full retail for meaning that I wouldn't only need the disposable income to afford games but also to pay for the internet and both of these systems perspective premium memberships (ps+ and xbox gold)

The enemy isn't gamestop believe it or not it used game sales in general in so far as always online goes. Ebay and amazon also have huge amounts of 2nd hand game sales that put money back into the hands of the consumer way more than gamestop ever did, I like to believe most gamers are smart enough to realize this. Villainizing gamestop is much easier for devs and villainizing there consumers, we would just get offended.

This shift to digital does two things,

1) it insures that money flows to the developer and not back to the consumer for them selling property they themselves purchased (I understand that there are things in place to sell digital games in the works but if that is money thay can only be used in the ps4 xbox one marketplace then its balogne, if it doesn't translate to real life money then its a scam.

2) it keeps games behind a paywall, an extra fee to play games you have already payed for and an additional internet fee if you don't feel like high speed internet is a justifiable purchase without factering in video games.
zoroman   881d ago | Spam
True_Samurai  +   881d ago
If they can produce it then they can sell it
sAVAge_bEaST  +   881d ago
ET for Atari,- proves you wrong.
iMixMasTer872   881d ago | Spam
swishersweets20031  +   881d ago
10s of millions... yeah after 10 years when its 199$
yellowgerbil  +   881d ago
10s of millions... NO WAY I call bull****
Even the better selling ps3 will only sell in the 10 of million (18 by their forcast)
If MS is lucky it will sell 12 million first year, but I predict closer to 8 or 9 million.
nostragerbil has spoken
buynit  +   881d ago
I hope all 3 consoles sell 10s of millions.... It will only bring great things to gamers.
thetruthx1  +   881d ago
Not even a Sony payroll site like this will stop the Xbox One

When MS shows multiplatform games at the Eurogamer conference you better hope the Xbox One games don't demolish the Ps4 versions and something tells me that's exactly what's going to happen :)

I can't wait to enter this site on the day we find out the One is superior on the spec front too

A lot of gamers want the most powerful system and when the secretive AMD chip is revealed expect a lot of preorders to be canceled but not on the One :)
5h4h4b  +   881d ago
Thanks for making me laugh bro :)
WeAreLegion  +   881d ago
Do you do birthday parties?
modesign  +   881d ago
its good to see the Microsoft PR team is taking advantage of Washington states legalization of marijuana. they most be smoking some good stuff.
scott182  +   881d ago
That's a shiz ton of consoles, good for competition. More power to them.
SpideySpeakz  +   881d ago
The pre-orders tell a different story. Maybe in the next 3 years, I can see around 10 million sold. Not in the first year though.
oscarcat59  +   881d ago
It will sell out in the beginning and if Kinect, operating system and tv integration works as well as Ms says then I will believe it will sell very well. Games are not the only reason people buy a console and both will have fun games to play.
HarryB  +   881d ago
I don't care about 10's of millions. I just want good games. Ps4 got me because its cheaper. I can care less how powerful the systems are. My pc is for power. Gameplay is on console.
MicDude  +   881d ago
I'll be honest, I'm excited for the Xbox but that perdition seems a little ridiculous. We shall see, though.
MicDude  +   881d ago
Wow...that's an awful spelling error; I just noticed it.
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