The Problem With Master Chief

Murderous alien invaders and saving the world he could deal with, but when it came to map reading, the Master Chief had a serious problem.

It was one of those silly things he'd never bothered to mention to his superiors during training.

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VigorousApathy3836d ago

Yeah... it's hard to be funny. One trick. Don't force it.

Citizen Cook3835d ago

... one of the dumnest gaming characters around... his IQ is lower than Phill Harrison's!

Still, could be worse, he could be workign for sony...

Could be worse still, sony could have fired him...


FAT MAN GO BOOM3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

How the hell does the man take a piss in the aromr of his...
I mean he is in it 24/7???

I was going to ask about taking a dump but I mean come on....damn

maybe there are little drop down doors on his front and backside...

It would suck if it was rusted shut...LOL

Now how could master chief bot be cool he is one of the most bad ass character around I think...

JadeTyrant3835d ago

Master Chief is cool and all, but the Baddest around? That honor goes to Kratos.

Stubacca3835d ago

Damn straight Bruce_Lee!

Chuck Norris3835d ago

Most badass? That honor goes to Chuck Norris. Even Google is afraid of Chuck. Type "find Chuck Norris" over at Google and click "feeling lucky".

Mr_Bun3835d ago

I heard he was dyslexic as well as an under achiever in high school

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