Microsoft's Albert Penello Responds to Former People Can Fly Dev's PS4 Claims: "Don't Know 'Em"

"It wasn't long before Director of Product Planning Albert Penello was asked about the 50 percent power difference that Chmielarz was touting, which then prompted a response."

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M-M1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

So you're pretty high up in the Xbox gaming division, yet you don't know who developers are when they've previously worked on 360 titles? Damage control?

NukaCola1478d ago

Not damage control, just a bold face lie from a slimeball corporate weasel.

JP13691478d ago

Oh slimey, you know he didn't mean it like that.

NukaCola1478d ago


I love slime!

EDIT: Scumball*

slimeybrainboy1478d ago

@JP & Nuka

Ahh I see now! Thanks for the retraction ;)

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THC CELL1478d ago

Like I said time and time again nobody will trust ms now, the 180 stunt might help a little but before that damage has been done. beg all you want.

DEEBO1478d ago

lol he will never admit the x1 weaker specs.unless he wants to joint don at his new gig.

5h4h4b1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Shame on you all liars! We are fed up of your arrogance and your nonsense MS. Now come to your senses and accept that it's weaker and stop deceiving consumers that it deserves to be 100$ more than ps4