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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 883d ago | news

Microsoft's Albert Penello Responds to Former People Can Fly Dev's PS4 Claims: "Don't Know 'Em"

"It wasn't long before Director of Product Planning Albert Penello was asked about the 50 percent power difference that Chmielarz was touting, which then prompted a response." (PS4, Xbox One)

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US8F   883d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(22)
M-M  +   883d ago | Well said
So you're pretty high up in the Xbox gaming division, yet you don't know who developers are when they've previously worked on 360 titles? Damage control?
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NukaCola  +   883d ago | Well said
Not damage control, just a bold face lie from a slimeball corporate weasel.
slimeybrainboy  +   883d ago
What's wrong with slime?
JP1369  +   883d ago
Oh slimey, you know he didn't mean it like that.
NukaCola  +   883d ago

I love slime!

EDIT: Scumball*
slimeybrainboy  +   883d ago
@JP & Nuka

Ahh I see now! Thanks for the retraction ;)
THC CELL  +   883d ago
Like I said time and time again nobody will trust ms now, the 180 stunt might help a little but before that damage has been done. beg all you want.
DEEBO  +   883d ago
lol he will never admit the x1 weaker specs.unless he wants to joint don at his new gig.
5h4h4b  +   883d ago
Shame on you all liars! We are fed up of your arrogance and your nonsense MS. Now come to your senses and accept that it's weaker and stop deceiving consumers that it deserves to be 100$ more than ps4
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jay2  +   883d ago
Hahahaha! Keep buying that timed DLC.
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5h4h4b  +   883d ago
And timed exclusives too hahaha
sincitysir1  +   883d ago
Wheres belking!?
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EXVirtual  +   883d ago
This pretty much confirms it. I read the article and he literally say 'What devs?' and 'Don't know em'.
Well, that just means him and Major Nelson were lying. Blatantly. Then a dev exposes them and Penello brushes them off. Not to mention that People can fly worked on Gears of war Judgement. Arrogance and damage control are very large factors in the Xbox division I see. Wait till ya see ReviewTechUSA's vid on this.
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DigitalRaptor  +   882d ago
Well of course they are lying. Microsoft are a factory of deceit.

They use smoke and mirrors to present their products, to fake demonstrations. They faked their UI demonstration at E3 (Mehdi was using a remote in his pocket ). They put their game demos on PCs and lied about them being on Xbox Ones. They lie about its capabilities, they've lied about Kinect for the past few years. They've lied about exclusivity statuses, when you don't even have to look far to see the truth. Their marketing is all PR buzzwords will little to no substance. They lied about their reaction to the Xbox One's anti-consumer policies. They've lied about listening to consumers. They've lied about their console having more value and options. They've lied about PS4 having any power advantages (or any advantages whatsoever). And the list goes on and on. They will do anything to get people to buy their products, whilst slating the competition who they know are a big threat.

All of this lying and deceit comes before all the DRM, always-on, restrictions and anti-consumer practices, things they still chose to lie about. They lied about not being able to "flip the switch", and the next thing we know, they did it. The DRM still being in the XBox One console when it ships and needing an online patch to remove it - something they can disable any time they want, because it's only a patch away.

They've done nothing but belittle their fans, consumers, gamers, developers, journalists who question them, with arrogant attitude of, "you're just not ready for the future" or "consumers are not intelligent enough to understand what we're offering them". The next thing will be them telling us that the "developers don't have all the details". It's disgusting that an anti-consumer corporation just expects us to believe what they're feeding us.

And the only ones lapping up this PR garbage or defending them or willing to support them are the scummy Xbox loyalists and apologists that cannot face facts, or the ignorant masses.
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EXVirtual  +   882d ago
Bubble vote.
Also, does anyone else think this could lead to 3rd party exclusives (mainly Japanese), like Deep Down because they won't be able to run on the XB1?
Gamingsince75   882d ago | Spam
MRMagoo123  +   882d ago
@gamingsince75 (sure you where)

The difference here is (which im sure you already know but saying it would make your point moot) that the ps4 dev kits where actually dev kits not pcs running very high end nvidia cards nothing like the console itself like the xbone.
gaelic_laoch  +   883d ago
M$ not giving a crap what Dev say or think is the half the problem!

Dev's come home to PS4 the room is warm and the kettle is on!
first1NFANTRY  +   883d ago
kaz cakes for everybody lol.
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GenericNameHere  +   883d ago
For the past week, it seems this Albert guy has been the face of Xbone PR. He's been spouting off stupid things since then.

I know you work for Xbox and Microsoft, so you gotta defend them and make your product look good. But effing A man! Saying you don't know a developer that just released a brand new Gears of War earlier this year, back in March?? Stop doing damage control!

Say something like "But the Cloud will help improve the AI and physics of the game!". The way Microsoft is using Cloud on Xbone is not proven yet if it will greatly help games, but at least it's better than sticking your fingers in your ears and saying "Blah blah blah didn't hear you!"
I agree wit your comment but laughed at the effing A man! part,at first I read it as effing a man and was like WTF.
Gamer1982  +   882d ago
Larry Hryb has already tried to cover it up with a half truth but at least he said wait and see as we know 3rd partys try and do parity so you cannot see difference. This guys just looking like a fool. Larry Hryb is gonna be making a call to upper management after this no doubt..
Angeljuice  +   883d ago
Well he had to say something and couldn't really state "yes he's correct but there's nothing we can do about it".

"Don't know 'em", it hardly answers the question though does it?
first1NFANTRY  +   883d ago
shameful lie and deception from one of the most monopolizing corporations in the world. Somehow his answer doesn't faze me. we've heard them all.

how anybody can blindly support such a douche bread company is beyond me.

Hey M$, why don't you make like Sony and keep it classy.

the hole just doesn't end smh
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n4rc  +   883d ago
Am I the only one that sees the obvious business end of this?

"Under the supervision of epic games"

That's not working for Microsoft... That's being contracted by epic.. Microsoft dealt with epic and not them... Its very likely he doesnt know them

Plus when some virtually unknown guy takes a shot at your product, you can get defensive.. Plus let's not miss the "former" part..

If he was let go, he could have some animosity towards them
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SniperControl  +   883d ago
That's a totally naive point of view.

Not knowing who your sub contractors are, is business suicide and bad management. Before any work is outsourced, all contractors and sub-contractors are thoroughly vetted. Every single company that i have worked for does this.
I am sure at some point Epic must have told MS, we have outsourced this to People Can Fly.

He would have been getting daily updates from Epic regarding progress of the game, he would have known exactly who was working on what part of the game.
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ZodTheRipper  +   882d ago
I'd be pretty p***ed working at People Can Fly after hearing the higher execs saying they don't even know you ...yet you developed a game exclusively for them.
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Angeljuice  +   883d ago
If "some virtually unknown guy" gave out BS about my product, I would call him out and correct his comments.

If the same "virtually unknown guy" told an uncomfortable truth about my product (and I was a spineless Microsoft mouthpiece), I'd react by saying "don't know 'em".
Baka-akaB  +   882d ago
More like anyone that isnt a big name saying those stuff would be claimed to be unknown . That's too easy .

Besides , wich big name of the industry that remains neutral would be willing to go on those landmined subject ? None . Only those already "owned" by either MS , Nintendo or Sony would . Making their claims irrelevant
abc1233  +   883d ago
They should have still had an idea who Epic were using considering how they were working on one of MS' biggest series. Even if he genuinely didn't know them, using that as an excuse to avoid responding to what a dev has said comes off terribly. But I don't see how he could have been so stupid considering this was on twitter and he could have just googled them.
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n4rc  +   883d ago
I didn't say he didn't know who the company was... (Edit.. OK it seems I did.. I meant to say he doesn't know him and his friends.. Not them as in pcf)

He said he doesn't know this guy and his friends.. Microsoft is too large to micromanage and theres no real reason he should know who a former employee of a sub contracted developer is

And sniper.. You have absolutely no clue how Microsoft operates and either do I.. ypu dont know thr arangement they have with epic.. Its their game that ms publishes... They dont need to justify who works on what on a daily basis.. Ms cares about deadlines, budget and end quality... Thats it
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abc1233  +   883d ago
How do you know he wasn't talking about pcf? If he recognised pcf then he could have simply googled the people to make sure that they used to work for them instead of saying that he doesn't know them. If this was a live interview then fair enough, but this was on twitter come on.
SniperControl  +   882d ago
LOL, Really, it is quite obvious you have never worked in a corporate environment before.

I work in the IT department of a well known car maker based in the UK, we have contractors that work for us on certain systems, sometimes those contractors will sub-contract work out to others.
It does not matter if the contractor recommends the sub-contractor, we still have to vet the sub-contractor. it's just makes good business sense to know who is working for you.

This is how the corporate world operates and that includes MS, i have done consultancy work for a ton of company's based not just here in the UK, but the US, Europe, Middle east. Everyone business operates the same, MS are no different.

He knew exactly who "people can Fly" are and the work they have done for MS.

It's a shame though, that he puts down a developer that made a really good game.
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isa_scout  +   882d ago
People Can Fly is owned by Epic, so by extension People Can Fly is Epic Games. Saying that he probably didn't meet the creative director for the second largest exclusive on the 360 seems more than a little far fetched doesn't it???
Elit3Nick  +   882d ago
Yep it could be the exact same thing as that one indie dev how had a grudge against MS saying bad things and suddenly he's a hero here.
fooltheman  +   883d ago
I must say: We have a source who isn't biased or is payed to say anything.

If microsoft would have had the most powerful console, they would've said it. When they would've been asked how...then they could've said that it's something they can't talk about (nda rumours).
grassyknoll  +   883d ago
He doesn't know the developer who made a Gears of War game!?!?!
Talamak  +   883d ago
This is why I cannot mess with MS as a gaming company, it's as if every last one of the people working for them is some cut-throat used car selling twat...from a philosophical vantage point they have no respect for the average gamers intelligence as proof by the lies and P.R. spins...the gaming community had to waterboard these motherfucker's just to get interviews out of em'...MS didn't answer questions after the reveal nor E3, and just spun away all evidence of their ill-intent toward consumers...just think about Don Mattrick's "fuck em" response when asked about the XONe's always connected/camera toting and intrusive DRM
wishingW3L  +   883d ago
MS's slogan: When in doubt deny.
Talamak  +   883d ago
MS's slogan: When in doubt deny, bring halo and try your best to fuck em' into submission...
byeGollum  +   883d ago
I wish Penello would ignore the media\fanboys . . There are folks who've lost their jobs engaging with fanboys/media.
SniperControl  +   883d ago
"I wish Penello would ignore the media\fanboys"

These are the very people who can make or break a product.

"There are folks who've lost their jobs engaging with fanboys/media"

End of the day, it is down to the individual to give proper responses and not fain ignorance regarding a matter.
Bathyj  +   883d ago
There seems to be a lot you don't know
fghtrer3fb5erg  +   883d ago
If sony went with drm i wouldnt mind at all, you know why? Cause i hate having friends to borrow my games, it just gets annoying every time, and, when i want to play a game, the person who has it isnt home or lent it to another person, just like one of my games, it costed me 60 bucks to begin with! Thats why the same guy recently asked me for new games and i told him i had none (which i do have lots).
Angeljuice  +   883d ago
Get some better friends then, who show more respect!

This is so off-topic btw, you must have been aching to get that off your chest. ;-)
bobtheimpaler  +   883d ago
What does this have to do with the article? and you can't you just say no to your friends?

That's your own problem.
#19.2 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kwiksilver99  +   883d ago
just tell your friends you bought them off the psn store.problem solved.:)
Spontogical  +   883d ago
Everytime Microsoft comes out with a statement they put me off further and further from an XB1.. It's like they don't want me to purchase the system, and are doing their absolute best to ensure it doesn't happen.

MasterCornholio  +   883d ago
Sure you dont..........


Have an issue heres a tissue.
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Foxgod  +   883d ago
Yeah, turned out that yesterdays article about 50% more speed, was once again part of the hate campaign of lies.

People, look at the games, if the X1 was weaker, then why does it have the best looking games, and on top of that, its the only console that got single player experiences on 60 fps.
(Forza, Killer instinct, Halo 5)

If the ps4 where more poweful, the ps4 would have these features, instead of the X1.
kwiksilver99  +   883d ago
just because a game runs at 60fps doesnt mean automatically it looks better,just saying
which looks better-cod or bf3 on the 360?
there are many other variables involved and if your gonna compare visuals,its best to talk about it after the release and back it up with proof:)
Foxgod  +   883d ago
Yeah, i see a lot of people here waiting until after release, instead of making blatant assumptions....
Clarence  +   883d ago
Come on man it's a PR disaster for M$. Every idiot that works for M$ keeps shooting themselves in the head.

Larry the lier, BF4 being played on PCs instead Xbox 1s.

Don leaves

Lil. Albert says he has no idea who this developer is, yet the guy work on one of M$ biggest franchise.

Devs telling the truth about which console is more powerful.
It's a wrap for M$.

It's like watergate,everything is recorded.
EasilyTheBest  +   883d ago
Foxgod you are totally wasting your time in here, like you have said, how come when you look at the games PS4 games DON'T look better.

This isn't the Cell it suppose to be easy to program.

If there was a 50% difference you would be able to see it onscreen and that's fact.

The original Xbox was more powerful than the PS2 and you could see it onscreen in a high percentage of games.

The evidence is there right in front of your eyes.

Specs don't mean anything until reviewer's have tested them.
Angeljuice  +   883d ago
Back on Microsoft's side of the fence now eh Foxgod? You were mocking them 5 minutes ago for arguing about such miniscule performance differences compared to you superior PC specs. You must be really squirming now.
Foxgod  +   883d ago
My arguments where targeted at sony fans, they are the ones who act like their miniscule difference in performance is a big deal.

I always played my multi's on pc.
And Xbox for exclusives.
Angeljuice  +   883d ago
That's funny because I distinctly remember you using the term "console gamers", but then you were talking to another PC gamer at the time, so I suppose that explains it.
sic_chops  +   882d ago
"and xbox for exclusives" hahaha
bobtheimpaler  +   883d ago
the specs are out there for all to see. xo's specs were leaked more than a year ago with no changes but a few tweaks to clock frequencies that dont amount to anything. I overclock my pc and 9% isn't noticeable. There's really nothing to assume.

A considerable factor to consider is that the ps4s ram was doubled just before it was revealed back in february and devs didn't get more recent dev kits until later.
SniperControl  +   883d ago

Forza has static backgrounds, baked lighting, no day/night cycles and no variable weather conditions.
The fact that Drive Club is nearing 60 fps at 1080p is an achievement in itself regarding that it has everything listed above.

KI is a fighter, all fighters should be able to do that.

Halo 5, wow, how long have you been working on the game to know that.......i thought so.

You also seem to elegantly forget about Ryse and DR3 having sub 30fps issues.

So stop being a troll.
Sonysexual  +   882d ago
1) Killer Instinct is 720p, not 1080p.

2) Forza is a last-gen racer running at 1080p. It has static environments, pre-baked lighting, no day/night cycles and no variable weather conditions.
It looks like a cartoon compared to Drive Club. Technically, Drive Club is more impressive than Forza 5.

3) Halo 5 at 1080p 60 FPS will look like CoD.
kwiksilver99  +   883d ago
bottom line god of foxes ,is that xbx1 games will look good and will play great.
launch games dont really tap the true potential of a system anyways.btw the xbox1 has a great launch line up-a racer,a fighter and a hack and slash apart from others(very appealing to me).
if i had the money, i would definitely buy an xbox1 so as to play their exclusives.
a good game is a good game no matter the console its on.wish people would stop playing the consoles and play the games instead :)
#22.7 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
isa_scout  +   882d ago
I like laughing at people that don't understand that 60FPS has nothing to do with the graphics of a game... I dare you to compare COD to Uncharted or The Last Of Us...Seems kinda silly doesn't it? All the FPS is for is the smoothness, and it also helps with things like motion blur, but as far as eye candy most of the best looking titles this gen ran at a soft 60 or 30FPS. That is a fact.
GenericNameHere  +   882d ago
•first the Xbots say these are full on conspiracies
•then they say they bring the PS fanboys down to Earth
•then someone on NeoGAF said people in those PAX console polls were "coached" into saying the PS4
•THEN the Albert dude denies the existance of Gears of War Judgment's dev team
•AND NOW hate campaign of lies?

When will Xbots just admit that Sony is NOT paying off every media in the world, and that NO, Kaz is not taking over the world. You wanna know why the Xbox One was getting so much backlash? Because they tried to SCREW YOU OVER!! Why do you think the media hated the PS3 in the beginning? Was it because of conspiracy and hate campaigns of lies? Lol gosh no. It was too expensive, little games, and was hard to develop for. You're a desperate little Xbot, and I feel bad that you think the media is out to get the Xbone.

As for the games, HAHA WAT? The best looking games? 60FPS is nice and all, but why does Forza 5 not have day and night cycles? Why doesnt it have weather changes? Why is it using pre-baked lighting? Why does it not seem as advanced as GT6? And why use Halo 5? That game HAS NO GAMEPLAY RELEASED AND NO RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED WHATSOEVER. I might as well go ahead and name Uncharted 4, God of War 4, and The Last of Us 2 confirmed 4K 120FPS on the PS4 if you're going to bring up Halo 5. You're exactly like those people who bring up Titanfall as the sole reason to get an Xbone at launch, when that's not even releasing until next year.

Anyways, THESE ARE LAUNCH GAMES!! Come back in a few years time when devs are used to the then current gen.
RevXM  +   882d ago
Best looking games?
Have you even seen HALO 5? NO, Id be glad if you provided me real gameplay footage.

Killer instinct? SO "GOOD" LOOKING 2D SIDESCROLLING FIGHTING GAME IN A ULTRA CONFINED AEA. ALL 720p GLORY! Really looks like a 7th gen console game.

And I assume you compare forza to Drive club?
Baked vs Dynamic physics based lighting.
Static environments VS huge dynamic 3d environments.
Flat and grainy or plastic looking surfaces vs almost authentic texture details and naturally imperfect surfaces.

I could go on about how FORZAs visuals are lacking, objects, even the sky goes away QUITE appearantly in the mirrors of the car. Everything is flat and funny looking because the lighting and textures makes everything look like plastic.
The Sky in DC have Volumetric dynamic clouds that cast beautiful shadows over the landscape and Forza has... HURR POSTPROCESS LENS EFFECTS AND BAKED Lighting GOD RAYS!

What are these features the XB one games have that Ps4 games doesnt... just curious?
MysticStrummer  +   882d ago
"if the X1 was weaker, then why does it have the best looking games"

That's what we in reality call an opinion. Many people, including fans and journalists and developers, don't think agree with you.

Comparing launch games to determine overall power level is somewhat ridiculous, don't you think? A smart person wouldn't do that to judge a console's power, so why would they compare consoles that way?

I wonder why Forza's FPS is the only technical aspect of the game that matters...? In several ways, Forza is doing less than Drive Club, but for some reason that's ignored. CoD does the same thing (less visual effects in the name of FPS) and gets bashed for it by all sides.

KI is a fighting game. 60 FPS = not that special
Halo 5 is a long way off. 60 FPS = TBD
#22.11 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
FrigidDARKNESS  +   882d ago
I think the folks from the other side knows that the x1 games look awesome and are still stunned from E3. This is why the hate campaign will be in full effect thru next year.
@Fox: Ssssshhh! Looks like infamous SS shut your theory down!!!
"This game looks great—significantly better than anything I've seen on this generation"
CocoWolfie  +   883d ago
no wonder theyre not getting many games, they dont even know the devs! doh... silly microsft :3
#23 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   883d ago
Smear campaign and propaganda continues.

Here's a fact, he didn't have a big role in working on 'Gears' and he's never worked on Xbox One.

BTW, this whole story has already been discredited, so anyone still writing about it or taking it seriously lacks credibility.

Edit: Sadly this story has brought out the worst kinds of people. In all my years as a gamer I have never seen so much ugliness in the console wars. It makes me wonder if these PR creeps really understand karma, and if they really think this is a good way to sell their products.

(Pro-tip: Its not and all this stuff comes back to you in the end.)
#24 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(27) | Report | Reply
Foxgod  +   883d ago
Sadly, telling people here to believe in facts, is like screaming against the wind.
sic_chops  +   882d ago
Giving M$ more money and letting them rip me off again is like pissing against the wind.
ziggurcat  +   882d ago
the irony of your statement is that you've never presented any facts, just biased, subjective opinion.

i'm still waiting for proof of your AA/FPS claims about PS4 games, and concrete evidence (not hearsay from MS or the studio making the game) that there are actual games for xbone that run at native 1080p (not upscaled) @ 60fps.
abc1233  +   883d ago
Here's another fact, this was on twitter, Penello could have easily googled the developers and found out who they were if he didn't know already. Also, even if the dev hasn't worked on the X1, he's posting what he heard from other devs who have.
Foxgod  +   883d ago
Heres another fact, the story was false, it was about development time.
And i am pretty sure that is wrong too, as games for Xb1 only have to be cross compiled if developed for windows.

Cross compiling is the fastest form of developing on multiple platforms.
#24.2.1 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(29) | Report
abc1233  +   883d ago
What exactly about the story was false? Development time on the PS4 is reduced because it is the more powerful console and so will require fewer optimisations.
-Foxtrot  +   882d ago

Are you actually going to keep wasting your bubbles on defending the Xbox One and MS when they have shown time and time again that they are in the wrong.

Seriously you keep spewing out crap like "this is false" or "it's not facts" when the majoroty of this stuff is. You just don't want to believe it because you'll look stupid defending the wrong company.

Jesus...come on man, how much more do MS have to do before you actually come to your senses.
badkolo  +   883d ago
the dev said he heard from devs its fatser, get real, wait for real info not he said that they said
joeorc  +   882d ago

“Well, obviously PlayStation 4 is more powerful than Xbox One,” War Thunder developer Anton Yudintsev told Edge."


umm did you look at the link? look again this is a PC game developer bringing a game over to the PS4 and would love to also bring it over to the xboxone, not the same developer's there is more developer's saying this very thing that the PS4 has an hardware advantage over the xboxone!

you asked for real developer's, which developer's are you talking about? Huh?

what is it going to take for some people to open their d@mn eyes.
#25.1 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
badkolo  +   882d ago
here we go again, a dev who is pissed at ms and making a game for ps4 saying ps4 is more pwoerful,. good job, now lets wait for a real dev who is making games for both platforms and who isnt butthurt like every dev that has opened their mouth so far
porter470  +   882d ago
Surprised he even got a response, whenever I try to talk to someone on twitter I get nothing, talking to a brick wall most of the time
Letros  +   882d ago
Well the site conveniently left out one tweet where the question referred to one specific dev, it's pretty likely that he doesn't know one person who quit PCF.

Not even GAF fell for this one...
#26.1 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Evil_Ghosty  +   882d ago
That particular tweet they left out pretty much voids this article. I just checked his twitter to confirm, he was referring to "Ivan Espinoza ‏@Datownkidd 8h
@albertpenello Adrian Chmielarz and his "friends"" in particular, not PCF as a studio.
MRMagoo123  +   882d ago
never heard of him huh MS lmao, i bet when the ps4 kicks the xbones arse in sales they will say "whats a ps4 we arent even trying to win in consoles we are after the TV cable boxes"
jessupj  +   882d ago
I see n4rc was the only MS defender to attempted to defend this pathetic response from Penello.

It's telling how bad it is when there's only 1 apologist trying to brush this off.

Every time this little slimeball opens his mouth I want to punch him hard. Larry is just as bad as well. Completely out of touch with gamers.

I'm looking forward as well, when the console are in our hands and MS won't be able to hide from the truth.

Edit: wait, there's fox god right on queue.
#28 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
r21  +   882d ago
Now thats just rude, these guys made an exclusive game for your current console :L
DVAcme  +   882d ago
Yeah, "don't know 'em." It's not like the studio is majority owned by Epic Games, who are the creators of on of MS's biggest franchises, or that they created one of the classic shoot-'em-all FPSs with Painkiller. Totally unknown, right guys?

*sigh* Microsoft should just do a boot camp-style workshop in which they educate their executives and try to cure them of that foot-in-mouth disease they've been showing lately. I mean, it's just like picking on the crippled kid at this point.
isa_scout  +   882d ago
lol... Good idea, but just to be clear, by boot camp you mean, "Beat the stupid out of them" correct?
DVAcme  +   882d ago
That's exactly what I mean.
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