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Simon Says: Has Hideo Kojima Lost His Mind?

GameNTrain Author Simon Marshal writes: With the release of previews of Metal Gear Solid V on the internet. Within minutes of the previews being released on the web, social media exploded with fans and critics alike claiming that Metal Gear Solid V looked as though it was catching up to modern gaming and shedding its skin that has served the series so well in the past. In addition to this, Creator of the Metal Gear series, Hideo Kojima, has made some uncharacteristic comment via Twitter in the past few days. With a shift in the way that the game mechanics work and what seems to be a complete change in tone of the game with regards to the “sexy cosplay” remarks, you have to ask, has Hideo Kojima lost his mind? (Culture, Hideo Kojima, Industry, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

Rashid Sayed  +   725d ago
Simon says that this article has lost its mind. Let Kojima do his work. Am sure it will be another master piece.
Abdou023  +   725d ago
I'm just amazed about the number of people whether devs or so-called journalists who criticise Kojima when they haven't even achieved in their lives half of what he did.

STOP craving attention you punks !
Anthotis  +   725d ago
I'm still in shock from the first game, where Liquid Snake was walking around the arctic with his coat open..
PoSTedUP  +   725d ago
lost his mind!?!?? Look at the game! it looks like he has GAINED Three! (minds). mr kojima, i salute you :' ).
GreatGamePlay  +   725d ago
Women-Hating critics just Hate the Sexy Female Character in Metal Gear Solid V.
Redrum059  +   725d ago
Ppl seem to forget that metalgearsolid is in a political/fantasy hybrid universe. Snake's opposition has supernatural powers. If yall don't like kojimas vision then get the hell outta here and play splinter cell.

Not bashing splinter cell btw.
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rodiabloalmeida  +   725d ago
Oh My God... How much bashing on this matter do we really need, huh? Trust Kojima. He knows what to do with his franchise. Enough with this articles, shall we?
wishingW3L  +   725d ago
no matter the explanation, Quiet is wearing a pantyhose and a bikini. Even if she can change the color of her skin her presentation/outfit is even more tacky and vulgar than the women in the Onechanbara games. She looks like a freaking hooker or stripper.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   725d ago
I agree, Kojima might come up with some convoluted reason as to why she wears those clothes (or lack of) but it doesn't change the fact that the design is made to get more sales and create fap material.
I'm really disappointed to be honest, I love the Metal Gear series but this design is just really lazy. Look it's a women an look she has boobs.
It's just lame. I know the series has always had pervy things in the games but "quite's" design just comes across as just bland and too obvious.
Metal Gear games don't need this kind of thing to push sales and "cosplay".
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JustPlay4  +   725d ago
Who really cares as long as the game doesn't suck I'm good
wtopez  +   725d ago
Hopefully it won't be another super long bad movie with some cool game-play sprinkled in.
Ace_Pheonix  +   725d ago
Hopefully you'll go shut up now and bother fans of another game
KillrateOmega  +   725d ago
Dude, it's Kojima. The game is going to be a masterpiece.

Just let this stupid topic die already.
EXVirtual  +   725d ago
Ok, GTA V is probably gonna have more sexual content in it than the whole MGS series. No one complains.
One character model from Kojima and people complain. Go figure.
wishingW3L  +   725d ago
not even in the same context. GTA has hookers and sex because the story is about gangsters, mafia and stuff. But Quiet is not a hooker so why does he looks like one? And the reason to that is this: http://www.polygon.com/2013...
Inception  +   725d ago
With your logic, Kitana / Mileena / Sonya / Sindel / Jade from Mortal Kombat should dress more appropriate rather than showing their naked butt and tits like a hooker. And it's a fighting game, not a hooker simulation game. But no one complain about them either.

Oh well, it's another big hypocrite day from the western media.
SSJBen  +   724d ago
So... you're from the future and you already know how the story will pan out in MGS5?

Do enlighten us please so everyone can avoid buying the game, run Kojima Productions down to bankcruptcy and force Konami to liquify all their assets.
310dodo  +   725d ago
The genius who created MGS,MGS2,MGS3, and MGS4 has "lost his mind" because he enjoys strong women dressed in thongs?

jesus dude.
jose1shot  +   725d ago
To all the people, who have an issue with sexy women, screw ur nuts on right you pantsies! ;)
blueberry  +   724d ago
Nobody has an issue with sexy women...but if it is the only way they are ever portrayed (90 percent of the time that is!) in games, it gets on your nerves.

Imagine every male character being like some Zac Efron doppelgänger, his chest moving up and down as he moves,and the camera always going down to your ass first. You just can´t take such characters seriously.

Once in a while it´s fun, but every single time...just come on.

Sarah, and Ellie in "The last of us", were perfect, because, in a way, noone even noticed they were women.
Donnywho  +   725d ago
I'm a little worried about the open world. I like to be trapped in a MGS game.
EximiusNebula  +   725d ago
Has Kojima lost his mind? No. Has the gaming community been corrupted with social issues and mainstream media? Yes.
SanMarco  +   725d ago
Yes. But is that bad?
Activemessiah  +   725d ago
It's not like he included tentacles...
TrollCraftTales  +   725d ago
Silly Simon, Kojima lost his mind years ago :P

Anyway I don't see why people are freaking out about this, she is a woman, in a fictional video game, wearing very little clothes... Games have done this for years, and to an even greater extent in some cases, look at Cortana from Halo 4

- http://www.hobbeslives.com/...

No one freaked out about that! MGS5 will be amazing, and a skimpy looking girl won't stop me from playing it, if you feel as if you "can't possibly play a fictional video game containing almost nudity" then don't play it, simple as that, don't complain, just wait until the actual game comes out then judge it if you must...
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IHassounah  +   725d ago
343 Industries' Designer started this , he encouraged developers to talk about Kojima's Metal Gear Solid V
breakpad  +   725d ago
who the f..k is Simon?? does any body know him to care about his opinion ...All i m seeing is a full frontal war against Kojima (the best representative (and for me the most talented) of japanese video game industry) from all the untalented stupid minded western developers.....Shut your mouths please you are to small to critisize Kojima and his team
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uncharted56  +   725d ago
I love the gameplay of both both Phantom Pain and Ground Zero from previews but srsly how can you all defend Kojima on this. He clear as day made the tweet and said the Quiet's design is to engage cosplayers and sell more units. I have problem with the design because she is in Afghanistan getting tortured and killing other people and all she has on is a fucking bra and panties on. Why not make Snake's attire just his underwear too. Having a sexy character is not the problem but generalizing woman as sex objects. He has made characters like Meryl, Eva sexy so u guys need to think and decide if u want gaming to go beyond what it is now because it has potential to be bigger then movies.
Ace_Pheonix  +   725d ago
uhhh.... have you ever played a Metal Gear title? http://images4.wikia.nocook...
uncharted56  +   724d ago
Have you considered that was 10 years ago and times have changed plus Raiden was not nude for the whole game now was he plus males have always had a different image then woman in video games which seems like Kojima wants to continue.
Dunban67  +   725d ago
why is this a big deal to anyone? every major entertainment company on the planet (maybe a few exceptions in the Middle east) shamelessly use sex to sell

You can agree or disagree that it is a good idea for the MGS game but to call it sexist is plain ignorant

Do gamers and gamer journalist even know what the term means? Do they (the guys) know that crying "sexism" every time a good looking girl is splashed across the web or scantly dressed in a game will not make you enlightened, cool or sophisticated and it WILL NOT GET YOU LAID.

Find something important and meaningful to be upset about- Real exploitaion exist across the planet were people (a high % of which are women and children) are harmed, abused and exploited- use your energy there- FYI Video games are not real, the characters are not real. They are rarely if ever intended to be taken as "real"
blueberry  +   724d ago
Just be a women for a week and you´ll know right away why that is bothering them.

I have three sisters, and the calls they get on the streets are just - low...just low man.

In that sense, five black dudes calling each other the N-word is totally different than four white ones calling a black one among them that same word - he will never know if some of them won´t mean it.
DARK WITNESS  +   725d ago
question.... how many gamers are not buying MGSV because of this?

The devs talking crap about this are hypocrites, how many games come out with sexy looking girls in bikinis ? we have seen it in almost every genre of game from sports to fighting to sandbox to action etc.... now all of a sudden they have grown a conscience and want to stand up for women's rights and women being sexualised.

Kojima should make his game exactly how he wants to and everyone else can go jump off a cliff if they don't like it.
Darkfist  +   725d ago
This is what happnes when japaness games come to the xbox, alot of those things(woman's cloth, sexuality) were also in metal gear 1,2,3,and 4 and nobody said a thing.

just like this games
devil may cry 4
resident evil 5

hell even Crash had a tattoo to appeal to xbox gamers.
blacktiger  +   725d ago
Why everyone is going nuts with this character "Quite" in MGS 5? I used to love MGS 1 and never followed but am I missing something or not understanding. Is everyone outrage because the female character looks so hot? Is this the same ideology of Muslim people would get outrageous? Can somebody tell me what I am missing?
Chapter11  +   725d ago
Throwing one of the best voice actors aside without even telling him, a naked woman we're supposed to take seriously, regenerating health, slow mo action kills.

Yeah, he's lost his mind.
The_Truth_24_7  +   725d ago
I don't see the big deal. You're gay if you have a problem with it.
sevilha82  +   725d ago
There is always some one that makes this article or this question every time Kojima makes a new Metal Gear,and always this persons make another articles prazing how brilliant the new game is after release and how Kojimas is a genius and a visionaire.

Let the man do is thing,i´ve been playing his games since 1987(i´m old i know)and never been disapointed once,never.

His my favorite developer and i have tottal confiance that MGSV is going to be another masterpiece in videogame history.

2014 is so close yet so far...


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