A Visual History of Box Art: From Original Xbox To Xbox One

The original Xbox was launched way back in November 2001, and today we are in the eight generation of video game console. This time around, Sony and Microsoft will go head-to-head against each other in November 2013 with their respective next-gen console PS4 and Xbox One.

Here is a simple but sweet visual history of box art from original Xbox to Xbox One

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Adexus1689d ago

I really miss the original Xbox, especially the dashboard, the dome was quite mesmerizing .

1689d ago
jaren921689d ago

I remember my mom saying forget it I'm not paying 400 dollars for a gaming system I just rember all my friends talking about how they were getting a 360 and just thinking to my self fml why can't I get one all my friends skipped school and I was just miserable the whole day. come home to a big ol green box sitting on the dining room table I don't think I ever have been happier It was only a core system but I didn't even care I ended up getting a HD on Xmas great memories :) :D

True_Samurai1689d ago

That touched my heart bro :-')
Come here man bring it in *bro hug*

Max-Zorin1689d ago

Since Don is gone maybe the Xbox can go back to what it was before.