Sony Japan’s PS4 Press Conference with English Translation: Ustream Channel Now Open

On Monday at 3 PM Japan Time (that translates to 2 AM on the east coast of the United States, 11 PM on the west coast, 7 AM in the UK and 8 AM in Central Europe) Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia is expected to unveil the Japanese release date of the PS4, and will possibly make some pretty big announcements as well.

The conference is to be livestreamed globally with English translations, and the Ustream channel has now been opened

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Muerte24941751d ago

already have this in a tab opened up. Prepare for Japan to blow up.

Studio-YaMi1751d ago

That was wicked ..
funny .. but so damn black humor !

OlgerO1751d ago

Less then 24 hours to go. Come on sony its time to go in for the kill

Game4life1751d ago

just curious, will i be able to watch this after the live stream on u stream/ i'll be at work at 2am so i wont be able to watch it

itBourne1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Dark Cloud 3, I will ask for it every press conference for the rest of time!

Oh and a new Hotshots Golf, its like a tradition for a new Sony console, come on man.

Studio-YaMi1751d ago

Hotshots Golf I can live without(still a really good golf game though without a doubt).

I will though back you up on a new Dark Cloud game ! or maybe a new Harvest Moon ? how I miss that game ! :'(

bujasem_891751d ago

ok question... if this isn't TGS... When is TGS going to be??? and what in gods name are they going to obliterate at TGS???

Sci0n1750d ago

The waiting music is so soothing ahhh

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5h4h4b1751d ago

I am so hyped for this ^__^ lots of good news on its way.

WeAreLegion1751d ago

For you fellow 'Muricans, that's

2 AM Eastern (Monday Morning)
1 AM Central (Monday Morning)
Midnight (Monday Morning)
11 PM Mountain (Sunday Night)
10 PM Pacific (Sunday Night
9 PM Weird Hawaiian/Alaskan People Time (Sunday Night)

MasterofMagnetism1751d ago

Not trying to be a smartass but that is not right. Its actually like this:

12AM Mountain
11PM Pacific
10PM Alaska
9PM Hawaii

Just making sure no one missed the conference because they got the wrong time.

SwordandShield1751d ago

Yeah thanks, I was wondering why there was a 2 hour gap between Central and Mountain time.

WeAreLegion1751d ago

Haha. I'm an idiot. I wrote "Midnight" without including Mountain in it. Sorry about that!

cell9891751d ago

Oohh tomorrow night nice!!

FamilyGuy1751d ago

Hey thanks! I was really unclear if it was going to be 11pm on monday or 11 pm on sunday out here in california. I was just about to search the time zone differences.

Very helpful, but mostly I'm just glad it's tonight cuz if it was tomorrow night I'd be at work.

itBourne1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I am sort of offended, you including everyone except weird Arizona people time = (

WeAreLegion1750d ago

I didn't know they had a different time zone. :/ Sorry! Will bubbles make up for it?

itBourne1750d ago

Lol well I think I need two bubbles, you offended me again, not knowing Arizona doesnt do day light savings, so we are the same time as different time zones through out the year.

arm17261750d ago

ITs actually 8 oclock Hawaii Time. Hawaii doesnt take daylight savings time into account. I live in Honolulu so I should now. We are 3 hours behind Pacific Time right now.

MasterofMagnetism1750d ago

Didn't know that. I knew that Arizona doesn't observe DST but I had no idea that Hawaii doesn't either. My mistake.

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Elvfam5111751d ago

Its not working for me.

Elvfam5111751d ago

Yeah just reread it and legion comment. Just got off of work tire as hell. Thanks again.

Army_of_Darkness1751d ago

@ELVfam "Its not working for me. "

LMFAO!!! sorry bro, but that literally made me burst out laughing!

jhoward5851751d ago

Is anyone experiencing the same thing...the screen off air?

Abriael1751d ago

It is. It didn't begin yet. It will on monday.

jhoward5851751d ago

Thanks U for the info. I look forward to watching Sony Japan’s PS4 Press Conference tomorrow.

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